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June 2017

Havana: Impossible to imagine the city without its “Malecon”

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Original post – The Havana Malecón: The longest bench in the world ? | / Granma Cuba

Imagine, just for a minute, if Havana didn’t have a Malecon. Try to picture the city without this wide six-lane avenue and long wall which stretches for eight kilometers along the capital’s northern coastline.

The Havana Malecon, with its bare concrete wall, construction on which began in 1901 and was completed 50 years later in 1952, protects the city from the onslaught of the Gulf Stream. It is Cuba’s most famous coastal avenue, crowned by a long wall which serves as a place for thousands of people to contemplate the city, the sea or the ships sailing by.

It is a place where early risers come to run, where loved-up couples watch the sunset, where friends share an afternoon together, and where others dive down to the reefs to fish.

The Malecón belongs to everyone. Cubans from all over the island feel like it’s theirs, while tourists enjoy the perfect mix of the breeze, sun, warmth, architecture, history, tranquility and the sea.

Imagine, just for a minute, if Havana didn’t have its Malecón. Impossible, right? After all, the longest bench in the world is the Cuban capital’s most emblematic landmark.

Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 5)

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APK @libreriavirtualcuba share Cuban content


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#mondayblogs #share via @MillenPolitics: / The American Dream: How Your Success Relates to Privilege

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The American Dream: How Your Success Relates to Privilege / By :

Achieving the “American Dream” has been a goal for many people in the U.S. for a very long time. Politicians, parents, neighbors, and friends often tell people that by being/coming to America and working hard, you can achieve success. However, this is just the oversimplified version. Achieving the American Dream is more complicated than the typically told story. Hard work, of course, makes success possible, but it is not always probable. Additionally, how much of one’s success comes from being privileged? Many people are angered by the word “privilege” as if it is a personal attack.

Often, the response to someone being called privileged is: “I never had anything handed to me, I worked hard to get where I am today.” The term “privilege” is not meant to disregard the work someone has put in to succeed but, rather, it is meant to explain that there have been more factors working in one’s favor rather than against. Privilege is typically determined by race, ethnicity, gender, class status, geographical location, sexual orientation, and many other factors. Some people are limited the moment they are born while others may face battles throughout their life that makes this dream a constant battle.
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Looking towards Cuba, despite the new-old policies


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Compilation of articles of interest on the reactions of several media and intellectuals on the relations between the United States and Cuba after the declarations of Trump the past 16 of June.

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Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 4)

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Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 3)

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Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 2)

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Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 1)

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