For children it is this newspaper, and for girls, of course. Without the girls you can not live, as the earth can not live without light. The child has to work, from walking, studying, being strong, being beautiful: the child can be made beautiful though ugly; a good, intelligent and neat child is always beautiful. But he is never a child more beautiful than when he brings in his strong man a flower for his friend, or when he takes his sister’s arm, so that no one is offended: the child grows up then, and looks like a giant … Jose Marti / La Edad de Oro (The Golden Age)

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In Cuba there are always motives every 1st. June to celebrate International Children’s Day / By Yuniel Labacena Romero 2 the Rebel Youth

The youngest of the house wake up today with a happy heart. Arts, literature, games, science, sports and new technologies fill the Cuban archipelago in such special day for the children.

Since 1954, the General Assembly of the United Nations has recommended that a Universal Children’s Day be instituted in all countries and suggested to the State governments that they should celebrate this day, on the date that each of them seems appropriate to promoting understanding and Brotherhood among the children of the world and to seek their well-being, Cuba choose June the 1st for the celebration.

Every year every school and park throughout the island becomes a big party and it’s because Cuba shows tangible achievements in the protection of their childhood and ratifies their support for world conventions defending children’s rights.

For Cuba, those small makers of happiness are a “golden heritage”, as Marti called them at the Golden Age.

He stressed that since 1959 in Cuba, unlike a few countries in the world, there is a strong will of the State to ensure the adequate development of children, for which comprehensive policies have been drawn up to collect and safeguard the children rights.