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The Private sector for accommodation in Cuba has increased according to American company Airbnb, specialized in tourism in private homes as a reflects of the growing spiral of the recreational industry on the island.

Airbnb, based in California, has already sent more than 560,000 visitors to Cuba since it presented its service to the island on April 2nd, 2015.

Some Facts:


  • Airbnb sent more visitors to the Caribbean nation last year, than all it managed to host in the United States in its first year of operation (2008-2009).
  • The level of monthly visitors to Cuba in 2017, managed by the firm, exceeds 70,000.
  • Cuba is the fastest growing country in the world, based on the existence of 22,000 accommodations linked to Airbnb services, for 70 Cuban cities and towns.
  • Havana is the seat of the largest number of spaces with Airbnb contracts, about 13,000 (more than Austin, Houston, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego and Chicago). Other popular cities are Trinidad (2,000 accommodation in list) and Viñales (about 1,000).
  • Demands to travel to Cuba continue to rise, the nation was in 2017 the ninth most popular destination on Airbnb for U.S. travelers, above Australia, Germany, the Netherlands or Thailand.
  • The states with the most reserves were: California (21 percent), New York (20), Florida (11), Texas (4.3), Illinois (3.9) and Massachusetts (3.1).