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Much of the beauty of old Havana on the Caribbean island is owed to the city historian and director of the restoration center that has dedicated his life to rescuing the patrimonial values of the oldest area of the Cuban capital.

Eusebio Leal, is also a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations system and an adviser to the United Nations Development Program’s Poverty Eradication theme. Doctor “Honor is Causa” of several universities in Latin America and Europe and most important a beautiful human being.

Born in  September 11, 1942, self-taught training achieved the title of Bachelor of History at the University of Havana.

Eusebio has been lately involved in getting the replica of the statue of the island’s national hero, Jose Marti, located in Central Park in New York to be transferred to Havana as a symbol of brotherhood between our countries

He is a man who with his ease of speech can take you by the hand through history leaving you, at the end of his fantastic talk, with the desire to listen more

Not in vain just received, visibly moved a copy of Marti´s Gavel, granted by the National Council of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, the original piece has a special significance because it was in Jose Marti hands, who used it in his effort to organize the independence war.