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This Friday the President of the United States, “Not Our President” will announce his policy towards the Caribbean archipelago, about which little or almost nothing knows.

Possibly Trump didn’t know the attempts of political and commercial approach were initiated from the island with the same triumph of the revolution, not from here. This means that over 50 years ago we have been receiving signals from that small green point in the Caribbean that fits approximately 69 times in our territory waiting for some response, hoping that our relations will flow harmoniously, based on the sovereign respect and independence of each part.

But we have been taught in the belief that we have to impose and not yield, that we have to bind and not to braid and so we invented  the most “american” of our conditions: we will not give you what you asking for until we see that you are making progress in terms of human rights ( use repeatedly to achieve our goals beyond our borders by creating eternal displaced people, passing over legitimate governments, taking other lands and bringing ours death and lack of hope)

What the heck are we doing looking and demanding others when the human rights violations in this country overlap each other ?

Why we always pre-condition our relationships ?

Who has given us the divine right to put our noses in the way that others decide their destinies ?

In the particular case of Cuba Trump has used counselors of the worst moral reputation, the representatives of the American ultra-right, advisers in the drawing of its political line towards the island that will have nothing more than to advise that to reverse much of Achieved in 3 years of slow but fruitful approach putting a hand in the humble phrase of human rights because  they have lived thanks to the historic confrontation between the two countries and the foundations created to reverse the revolutionary process in Cuba.

What to expect from Trump’s speech about Cuba ? Neither cautious nor expectant

We are rotten inside and everyone sees it, and the most twisted is that we think that muddying others with our rotting will prevent all eyes from turning on us.