Post by @CubanWindow from the Original Cuban bloggers vs. Trump



Cuba also exists in the blogosphere.

It is the daily testimony and free thought of a nation and a people in all its rich culture of resistance and life.

Precisely because of that patriotism that identifies us as a community, we denounce the recent statements by the President of the United States,  so offensive and insulting toward our people.

Trump brakes, backs off, takes off in history, assumes the worst of positions and was surrounded by subjects with a comprehensive criminal record

The Cuban bloggers:

  • We follow and encourage the rapprochement between the two nations, despite their differences, 
  • we reject the return to the offensive discourse and the politics of the caverns, so often defeated
  • We reprove all intentions of force against the Island, while disqualifying terrorists and cheating politicians as valid interlocutors for Cubans.

President Trump must know that his mandate does not extend to Cuba and his offenses brought back to the “ice age” serve only to reinforce anti-imperialist sentiment, one more reason to unite as Cubans

The road that we have followed and the qualities of the wheel that cross it are legitimate for the popular genesis that has given it life, without pressure of any kind, forged from the people to whom we owe our roots and the incredible history of this land, Which struggles day by day for a better society and for a better world.

Those who wish to join this statement can do so through the various platforms of Social Networks where it has been published or, in their personal pages.

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