Realities: 3 Cuban residents mentioned by Trump in his conference on relations with Cuba, who are they?



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Trump’s conference on relations with the small island of the Caribbean was fraught with misfortune: the United States anthem was defiantly touched by Luis Haza, the son of Bonifacio Haza, one of the assassins of young revolutionary leader Frank Pais Garcia, a prominent revolutionary cuban fighter.


“To remove, demolish, destroy the colonial system that still prevails, sweep with the bureaucracy, eliminate superfluous mechanisms, extract the true values and implant, according to the peculiarities of our idiosyncrasy, the modern philosophical currents that currently prevail in the world; We aspire not to put patches to get out of step, but to conscientiously and responsibly plan the New Country […] “Frank Pais Garcia

The one who wrote the speech for Trump was defiant and disrespectful, as well as a painful example of someone who is very unhappy about Cuban history.

To make matters worse, the editor chose for the president to name three alleged dissidents “voluntarily” committed to the changes of the politics and social regime that for Cuba we want to impose from here for almost 60 years and now 12 US presidents.

Common characteristics: Mercenaries, annexationists, violent, rejected by the population, ignorant …

Berta Soler, leader of the so-called “Ladies in White”

“Ladies in White” a group currently made up of a small number of women who receive from Miami their pay for each Sunday to march on Havana’s 5th Avenue and cause another stir to attract the attention of the international press inside the island . Berta Soler has been accused by its followers of misappropriation of the monetary funds sent from the US , in fact Berta has bought 2 properties for housing with the money.

Berta Soler publicly declared  she want more aggressive in the economic war against Cuba that stifled the government and the Cuban people

Also said during an interview not knowing and not caring what did the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, responsible for the explosion in the midst of a civil airliner of Cuban aviation in which 73 people died and the placement and explosion of bombs In hotels of Cuba in the decade of the 90 that caused the terror and the death of a young Italian tourist.

José Daniel Ferrer, leader of “UNPACU”

Began his career as a common criminal in his hometown Palmarito de Cauto, in the province of Santiago de Cuba, to the east of the island.

In that place Ferrer had organized a band of assailants who surprised the defenseless fishermen of the area, to remove the fresh fish that they took to their house or to the cooperative of the zone, appropriating for the force of those foods that were destined to the community . The assaults were executed using blunt objects and blades.

Violent acts, beatings against people, including women, and the rejection of the population by José Daniel Ferrer and his “grouping” denominated UNPACU have been documented by neighbors of Santiago de Cuba, and even by some former members of his band who decided Abandon the path of violence.

The images have been compiled and edited in home videos, where esthetic lack but the interesting testimonies abound.


Jorge Luis Garcia Perez (who uses the nickname “Antunez”)

With a common criminal record and daily violent behavior, he is a person who publicly admires and admits terrorists who caused havoc, death and pain to the Cuban population in the early years of the Revolution, such as the burning of shops and hospitals.


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