Post by @Cubanwindow

“You are the first group I tell you about: a solar wall. It makes sense, let’s see, we’re working on it. A solar panel, panels, beautiful. Think about it, the higher it rises the more valuable it will be ” Donald Trump

“Not  My President” has ignored the demands of the international community and the claims of the immense immigrant  community that pushes forward an important part of the United States economy,  with its stubborn idea of ​​spending millions (which could well be destined for better causes as health and education) in building a wall between borders and has refused to subscribe to the “Treaty of Paris” in open defiance by marked and not overlapping economic interests to climate change.

Is he in full exercise of his mental faculties when he speaks of placing solar panels on the wall ? Or will it be that he has used his capacity as an entrepreneur and innovator?

We had already heard some show man joking about the possibility of taking advantage of the unreasonable costs of the wall construction with the placement of condominiums on either side of the border,  something that we found ironically funny and witty …

This absurd reality where we lived since January 20 returns to overcome fiction, so … we claim madness !!!