Post by @CubanWindow from the original Building a cybersociety / The Cuban Union of Computer Scientists (UIC) is ready to hold an international event as part of the organization’s role in the computerization of society

How to use technology to create a better society? How to educate toward its best use? How to make citizens the center of a computerized society?

These and other topics will be discussed during Cibersociedad 2017, an event organized by the Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba (UIC), set to take place October 16-20 in Varadero Hotel Melia Marina.

The UIC emerged just over a year ago, to bring together Cuban information technologies and communications professionals. Its academic, scientific and cultural objectives include fostering the active and effective participation of these professionals in the country’s development.

To learn more about the intentions of the event, Granma International spoke with DScTech Ailyn Febles Estrada, president of the UIC.

As she noted, the idea to host an international event emerged as the organization was looking toward 2030 and considering how much the lives of Cubans could change through the use of technology. “A work system was organized. We decided to create events all over the country that will contribute, every two years, to this space for international socialization. And in this way be able to bring technological trends to the areas where they can impact society,” Febles explained.

Building the concept of a cybersociety is part of the UIC’s efforts to technologically assist the country. The project has two main intentions: to contribute to the fulfillment of the National Economic and Social Development Plan through 2030, and to the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030.