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A Cuban young programmer, Yenisbel Valdivia Sánchez, from the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, created a multimedia entitled “Saber envejecer” (Knowing how to get older) for elders to learn about using information technologies (IT)

The multimedia was created in the development group of the Young Computer and Electronics Club (JCCE) and received a commendation in a national event of that entity which could contribute to its future generalization.

That is one of the main aspirations of the specialist who introduced the multimedia, because with the presentation of topics of interest to that age group and recreational activities to train the mind, it favors the knowledge of the elderly and the modification of inappropriate lifestyles.

The author explained that the tool is a fundamental complement to the activities of the Geroclubs, a space that the JCCE have created in order to provide older adults with techniques and technological know-how in a society that is computerized while it ages fast.

Data published by various digital media place Cuba among the oldest countries in Latin America and soon also the world, with 19 percent of its population, or more than two million people, who are 60 years of age and older.

On the other hand one of the aspects of computerization is the massive use of technologies in the development of social processes such as health, leisure and education, and “Saber envejecer” is a solution that combines both phenomena.

With a clear graphical interface, easy to navigate, large typography and a help system, the multimedia is divided into five information modules:

  • health
  • psychology
  • myths and realities about old age
  • humor
  • didactic games.

According to its creator, the application was validated before its use by specialists in Computer science and Geriatrics, and has also had great acceptance in the audience to which it was directed, mainly the entertainment sections.