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August 2017

#Eyeife: Electronic Music + African Roots = Cuban Culture

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The name Eyeife comes from Yoruba and its meaning is related to one of the signs that are used for the divination with coconuts in Afro Cuban religion Santeria, and has to do with the balance between positive and negative energies. Mauricio Abad, artistic director of the festival, said the event wants new generations to know more about the African roots of Cuban culture. To give them these sounds through the music of the digital age, is an intelligent way.

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#FactsMatter / Cuba: ” … awesome work with children & the early development programmes ” by @LewisHamilton

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When Things didn’t Turn Out as Expected (White Supremacists shocked by DNA Test)

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In an effort to prove their “pure” racial identity these white supremacists took genetic tests. But, their results were not what they expected.

Happy eclipsed monday

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Hello followers & readers ! Back after a well deserved vacation with lots of positive energy & renewed desires that U keep visiting our blog !

Happy eclipsed Monday / Via @WeatherChannel Experience the total solar eclipse live on Twitter on Aug. 21 from 12pm – 4pm ET.

HIV in Cuba: How Else Could I Live Longer?


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Hello followers and curious who visit us this is our proposal for this week, we hope you enjoy it and leave your likes and comments !!

From the original  Translated by ESTI How Else Could I Live Longer? All the people with HIV in Cuba needing antiretroviral treatment receive it in a controlled and free way / Juventud Rebelde

Lucas wants to have a child and this is the best time of his life for that. He thought 12 years ago he could not have children “because living with HIV changes everything, your whishes, makes you believe there are things you cannot do any longer.”

However, for the last nine years, Lucas has started treatment with antiretrovirals and has strictly followed the indications of specialists. Today, as he did five years ago, his analysis shows that his viral load is undetectable, and this guarantees him to conceive a healthy son.

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