Diplomatic insensitivity competes with #HuracanIrma – who does the most damage to #Cuba ?

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Automatically Translate: La sensibilidad Diplomatica

On Friday, September 9, #Irma entered Cuba sweeping everything in her path and Donald Trump extended the law that maintains the blockade on the island.

Two hurricanes whipped Cuba with equal fury, one inevitable and another product of human insensitivity.

US sectors of power interested in sabotaging a possible bilateral normalization launched a campaign accusing Cuba of acoustic attacks on northern diplomats.

Without completing the investigations or presenting evidence of their accusation, today they give a coup de grace and announce the departure of 60% of their diplomatic staff.

They go even further, warning US citizens not to travel to the island suggesting they may suffer similar damages.

American sensitivity is not particularly well-known in Latin America, but harming an island’s economy in the midst of disaster is an unprecedented act of cynicism.

Today we knew the seriousness of the damage caused by Irma we see the damage caused by elements in the State Department that sabotage the process of normalization initiated by Barack Obama.

Incubators of hatred and selfishness get their way while writing another bitter note in American diplomacy.

The power sectors in the United States find it cheap to stifle 11 million Cubans in order to provoke political change in Cuba.

And diplomatic insensitivity competes with Irma on who does the most damage to an island.


Following the facts: Sonic Incidents – against Whom ?

facts matter

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Automatically Translate The United States will cut its diplomatic staff in Havana and will stop visas.

The US decision, announced by the AP agency , to cut its diplomatic staff in Havana, stop granting visas and issue a warning about travel to Cuba, raises the decibel of the acoustic saga, which until now had been kept in thin air official announcements and leaks to the press.

Cuba had warned the United States to take hasty measures that were not based on the results of the investigations into the alleged incidents involving US diplomatic personnel in Havana, causing alleged health damages such as hearing loss, migraine and minor brain injuries.

Both parties had acknowledged that investigations carried out on the ground lacked conclusive results to indicate the causes or origins of the alleged incidents.

However, the AP agency cites last-minute US diplomatic sources to ensure they take drastic measures.

Washington will cut by nearly 60% the number of diplomats working at its embassy in Havana, as well as all family members. Only “emergency personnel” will remain. Visa processing will be completely stopped.

Washington will also warn American travelers not to visit Cuba because of the possibility that they may be affected by “health attacks” on Cuban hotels.

However, so far no report has been submitted on damages to any of the more than three million tourists who have visited Cuba so far.

“There are no reports of any incidents that have affected US travelers and isolated events are not considered a threat to visitors,” said Collin Laverty, president of Cuba Educational Travel, an organization dedicated to planning exchange travel between both countries.

According to the AP source, the State Department will not demand for now that the Cuban diplomats abandon their responsibilities in Washington, one of the options that was under consideration.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made the decision to act overnight on his trip to China. The same source says that other measures were assessed including the total closure of the Embassy.

“President Donald Trump reviewed the options with Tillerson at a meeting earlier this week,” according to the US agency.

If the announced measures were applied, the ties to a lower state would be withdrawn than they were for decades with the former Sections of Interests.

Tens of thousands of people will be unable to visit their families on either side of the Florida Straits. Academic trips and exchanges in different areas will be virtually suspended.

The severity of the decision contrasts with the lack of evidence on Cuban responsibility in the facts and their willingness at all times to collaborate to clarify the facts.

Cuba had also warned with attempts to politicize this case. Several anti-Cuban figures, such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio, had used the alleged incidents to demand an end to diplomatic ties and the closure of the embassy.

In any scenario, the measures would directly affect the people of Cuba and the United States, which has nothing to do with the alleged incidents.

“A small embassy, ​​incapable of issuing visas to separate families, so that self-employed travelers travel to the United States or for training programs of scientists and academics involved in important bilateral cooperation issues, would cause significant damage,” Laverty said.


#Cuba will be ready for tourist high season / without a trace of #HurricaneIrma

Marrero pointed out that tourism facilities in the territories of Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Granma, Cienfuegos, Mayabeque, Artemisa, and Pinar del Río, did not suffer any damage, and have been “operating without any difficulties.”

Meanwhile, he described the damage suffered by facilities in Sancti Spíritus, especially in the north, Las Tunas, the northern coast of the province of Holguín, and Camagüey, as minor, while the damages in Havana and Varadero were also minimal.

Cuba’s Tourism minister noted that the main damage in this sector was limited to light roofing, false ceilings, broken windows, and green areas.

“Not a single hotel collapsed, nor is there any building where a concrete structure has collapsed,” Marrero explained, adding that while there were reported damages to guano (palm frond) roofs, open air structures and wood elements, these are easily replaced.

He added that many trees were blown down across hotel gardens and tourist poles, yet none of these facilities have been left without vegetation.

He noted that the main resorts to have suffered damage in this sense were Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Santa María, located off the north coast of the country, but that these will be easily resolved in time for the upcoming high tourist season.

In this regard, Marrero highlighted that progress is being made in the recovery and clean-up process. Of the 18 hotels located on Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, the latter of which suffered fewer damages, 14 will be fully recovered by November 1, while the local airport will also be fully operational, and in better conditions than before the hurricane struck. The remaining four hotel facilities will be completely restored to reopen their doors by November 15.

The minister explained that all extra-hotel activities in Cayo Coco will be restored and back in operation between October 15 and 20, including its marina, dolphinarium, glass tower, and beach huts.

Likewise, he added that hotels on Cayo Santa María have the necessary personnel, resources, and strategy to be fully operational and providing services to tourists by November 15.

Regarding the causeways to access these keys from the mainland, Marrero specified that provisional forms of access have been established, and that the Cayo Coco causeway will be totally repaired within 15 to 20 days, and that of Cayo Santa María by November 1.

He also informed that the Cayo Las Brujas airport will be ready by October 15, while the international air terminal in the city of Santa Clara resumed operations on September 25, with the arrival of flights from the United States.

Marrero noted that there has been concern expressed by clients regarding the state of beaches along the northern coast of the country following Irma, and stressed in this regard, “I can assure you that the beaches of the north of the country have considerably improved their conditions after the hurricane, it left us with much more sand and better dunes.”

Of the 52 hotels in the country’s main tourist destination of Varadero, all except five are open and providing services. The damages reported here were to 5,411 hotel rooms, of the total 20,790, representing 26%. So far, 374 rooms have been repaired.

Marrero stressed, “By October 30, there will not be a trace of the hurricane in Varadero,” but added that the five hotels of Puntarena, Playa Caleta, the Paradisus Varadero, Ocean Patriarca, and Meliá Península, will not reopen until November 15. “I am talking about the complete peninsula of Varadero, which is already in its final stage of recovery. Hard work has been done.”

The minister also confirmed that the 11th International Nature Tourism Event (TURNAT 2017) scheduled for September 25-30 in the eastern region of the island, will go ahead as planned, as damages there were minimal.

On the subject of tourism supplies, Marrero explained that discussions were held with the country’s food producing agencies and enterprises, and that the supply of affected products was guaranteed through their immediate import from destinations close to Cuba.

“We have the financing and the contracts for imports, and instructions have been given so that there are no problems with supplies to tourism.

“We are going to provide the standards that each hotel offers according to its category, we have personnel dedicated to this and the mechanisms for distribution throughout the country. The necessary decisions have been made to ensure quality.”

Marrero pointed out that the impact of the hurricane resulted in 50% less tourist arrivals for September; but that through September 22, the country had received 3.6 million tourists. This figure, at the same time last year, stood at about three million. As such, tourist arrivals continue to grow by around 24%.

As part of the gathering with the minister, tour operators visited 11 hotels in Varadero to confirm their excellent condition, including the Iberostar Varadero, Iberostar Bellavista, Meliá Las Américas, Sol Palmera, Memories Varadero, Royalton Hicacos, Ocean Vista Azul, and Barceló Arenas.


Verónica Orellana Rodríguez and José Antonio Triviño Bermúdez, from Cádiz, Spain, decided to spend their honeymoon in Cuba, at the five-star Ocean Vista Azul, one of the most popular hotels in Varadero, given its two magnificent beaches, its admirable infinity pool, and an efficient and personalized service.

“We are on honeymoon in Cuba and we are having a great time. It’s the first time we have come and we have enjoyed everything. Cubans are very friendly and always have a smile for us,” Verónica told Granma International while sunbathing and enjoying a warm breeze by the infinity pool.Meanwhile, José explained that he had really enjoyed touring the cities of Cárdenas and Havana, and that he had not encountered any trace of the hurricane at the hotel. “The beach and the pool are excellent; we intend to return once we can save up a little money.”A few steps away from Verónica and José, Mexican Jorge Alberto González Camacho, general manager of the Ocean Vista Azul, an all-inclusive hotel offering 470 rooms, inaugurated on December 1st, 2015, is attentive to everything occurring in the installation; attending to clients and welcoming a group of tour operators there to verify the rapid recovery of the island’s main tourist destination.“Our facility didn’t suffer any damage, we took all the precautions we considered necessary beforehand to protect our areas, and we removed the loungers and umbrellas from the beach. Following the passage of the natural phenomenon, on Sunday, September 10, we were already serving the buffet table by 1:00 pm,” the young executive noted, explaining that the rest of the hotel’s services were restored in less than 48 hours.He confirmed that the beach was not affected and that in its almost two years of operations, the hotel has seen “impressive, very positive results.”The Ocean Vista Azul, operated by the Dominican chain H-10, in association with the Cuban hotel group Gaviota, mainly receives clients from Canada, but at the time of GI’s visit also had guests from Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Chile, Colombia, China, France, Peru, and the U.S., among others.Walter C. Martino, a Swiss national of Spanish origin, general manager of the Be Live Turquesa hotel, a four-star all-inclusive offering 268 rooms on Playa Azul beach, explained that the damages caused by Irma have already been 99% repaired.“The restaurant will be fully restored within a week,” Martino noted, adding that tourists have been welcomed back to the hotel since September 20, and they expect to be fully occupied by October 4. “We are telling tourists to come to our hotel and to Varadero, which is a unique experience due to its people and the great hotels we have here, it’s well worth it,” he stressed.Sheila Álvarez, deputy director general of the Be Live Turquesa, stated that the recovery efforts have been intense, with quality work completed in record time. “We worked with a lot of love and commitment, as being able to reopen and resume sales depended on us,” she stressed. Continue reading #Cuba will be ready for tourist high season / without a trace of #HurricaneIrma

Surgery 2 the Trump’s speech at UN

Post by @CubanWindow / Related: Trump Quotations in Images

Article adapted from the original published in CubaXDentro: Echoes of Trump’s speech

Trump “spat” his first speech before a multitude of career diplomats @ the UN who waited in the room for the appearance of the egocentric president with the curiosity of who wants to know what the hell he was going to say from a podium through which have passed respected and eloquent personalities.

… and certainly + as usual, exceeded the expectations of the public:

  • Trump avoid to talked about climate change amid the scourge of 2 terrible hurricanes and a powerful earthquake in neighboring Mexico
  • Releases its rhetoric against “perverse” regimes like North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba.
  • Forgot that he was in a room where normally impose the search for dialogue and use his confrontational and warmonger language
  • Fed the audience with his squandering of imperial arrogance by saying that “the United States has great power and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself and defend allies, we will have no choice but to completely destroy North Korea”
  • Make clear its position of confrontation against the government of Venezuela and at this point demonstrated a total ignorance of the Latin America country and Universal History by asserting that Socialism has been a failure: Venezuela has developed more committees than other countries in less time and consultations with citizens. The stimulus of self-government in the communities constitutes, a concrete expression of legitimacy and bet by true democracy, however, this in the South American country is patrimony of “Chavismo”
  • With Cuba, Trump trough away the poor education that left him to put such disrespectful adjectives as corrupting + destabilizing into the government of the Island, and then add: “My administration recently announced that we will not lift sanctions against the Cuban government until it makes substantial reforms” Who voted for Trump to become the gendarme of the world?
  • Also with Cuba he opts once again for the stubbornness and the position of force like an ancient formula to settle a conflict of long date. How many lies contained in a few sentences, define Cuba as a destabilizing country when Havana has been quote as the of peaceful talks between the government of Colombia and the FARC-EP  and the historic meeting between the Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kiril after centuries of disagreements.

This unsympathetic personage will be remember in history as one of those who has tried unsuccessfully to bend the will of the Cubans, who are engaged in the enormous task of building an alternative society to capitalism.

United Airlines wants to increase flights to Cuba

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The company based in Chicago, Illinois, asked the US Department of Transportation to increase the daily frequency of its flights between the city of Houston Texas and Havana.

Since last December, the airline has been connecting both cities on return journeys every Saturday, and every day, it covers the route between Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and Jose Marti in Havana, Cuba.

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Human strength 2 recover from the wreckage / The Havana Seawall preparing 2 reopen after #HurricaneIrma

Post By @CubanWindow

#HurricaneIrma caused unprecedented coastal flooding along the beautiful Havana Seawall in Cuba.

The monstrous waves strength raised sidewalks, pull out big gates, move concrete walls and dry all the green of the gardens.

Cuba,  isolated by successive US governments, blocked and attacked, continues to teach us lessons and draws on what little it has in material goods and much of quality and human strength to recover the wreckage.

They do not have to wait for an Agency/Gov. that profits from the despair of the most affected

FMI Read the original post: The Havana Malecon (Seawall) preparing to reopen (+Photos) / http://en.granma.cu/


Summary – Talking Points: Cuban Foreign Minister – US Secretary of State / address the incidents reported by US diplomats accredited in Havana


Post by @CubanWindow WIF: CubaMinrex

@ the proposal of the Cuban side, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, was received by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the State Department.

Summary – Talking Points

  • The meeting took place in a respectful ambiance.
  • The Cuban Minister reiterated to Secretary of State Tillerson the condolences on behalf of the Cuban people and government for the damages caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the United States and expressed his gratitude for the sympathies expressed by the State Department to our people for the damages caused by hurricane Irma to Cuba.
  • The main purpose of the meeting was to address the incidents reported by US diplomats accredited in Havana.

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Cuba tourism sites R back after #HurricaneIrma


Post by @CubanWindow from the original post: Cuba expert reports Havana and most tourism sites are back after Irma

Cuba took a pounding from Hurricane Irma, with severe flooding in parts of Havana and some towns wrecked along the north central coast.

By now, however, most areas of the capital and other key cities that are frequented by foreign travelers are ready to receive visitors, according to a US-based Cuba expert who just returned from a three-day inspection tour with his team on the island.

Places open for business include Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Viñales and the cities of Camagüey and Holguín, said Collin Laverty, an expert on Cuba and US-Cuba relations and the founder and president of Cuba Educational Travel.All these cities are ‘almost untouched and fully functional,’ according to Laverty, whose company runs trips focused on art, culture, history, politics and economics. He has crafted highly specialized programs for individuals arriving by cruise, and works with lines on market assessment, entry and operations.Even Varadero, a major resort area east of the capital that was hit hard by Irma, has some hotels that were unaffected.

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