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Fake Media continue to point out that the Government of Cuba is hampering the development of the Internet for “fear of freedom of information” (1). An argument that is less sustained every day.

Let’s review:

  • in the last year the use of social networks in the island increased by 346% (2);
  • in the last two years the number of collective points of navigation went from 155 (3) to one thousand six (4), between closed rooms (5) and Wi-Fi zones (6);
  • the international bandwidth was doubled (7);
  • and most importantly, the group of users increased by 50% (8), from three million in 2014 (9) to 4.5 in 2016 (10).


Despite the fact that, with 40% of the user population, it still lags behind in the region (11), and that connection prices continue to be very high (12), Cuba is – today – the country of its fastest growing Internet access environment (13).

In several provinces of the country, a process is being developed for the opening of internet lines for households, hitherto reserved for certain professions (14). And agreements with US transnational, such as Google , thanks to block exemptions passed by the White House, have improved the speed of downloading content (15).

It does not seem that this corresponds precisely to the strategy of a state that limits, censors or fears the Internet, as the media continue to repeat, whose main information source is the reports of the so-called Freedom House .

Freedom House is defined by means as the EFE agency as an “international non-governmental organization that promotes freedoms and democracy in the world” (17). Curious “international NGO”, which is supported by 80% with funds from the US Government (18) (19) and which, since 1941, is part of the intelligence and propaganda apparatus of the State Department, the Pentagon and the CIA ( twenty). Freedom House , in fact, was presided over for years by James Woolsey, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (21).

Since 1995, Freedom House has developed programs of propaganda, political destabilization and financing of the so-called “dissident”, with funds from the State Department, NED and USAID, all of which are dependent on the White House.

Currently, the focus of Freedom House is on Venezuela. Luis Almagro , Secretary General of the OAS and one of the creators of the current international political siege to the Government of Nicolas Maduro (23), did not happen by chance.

That the evidence of CNN or El País to accuse Cuba or Venezuela are the reports of this cover of the CIA should be a reason for reflection on the less and less veiled connection between the great centers of political power and their media spokesmen. ).














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