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Via  Tauck Bolsters Offerings for 2018 Tauck Bolsters Cuba Offerings for 2018

Weekend is off but this sound perfect for a get away  great pic @karo_on_the_move

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Cuba: updating the country’s migration policy



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While the United States Government places obstacles in the way of Cuban citizens in violation of the existing migratory agreements between the two countries, Cuba has adopted new measures to make more flexible the trips of its nationals who currently live in this country.

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90 miles – Via Revolutionary Musings

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My family came from a little island 90 miles off the coast of Florida; I have never been. I’ve only heard accounts from those who lived there. Tropical breezes and beautiful waves crashing over the Malecon. Little towns and provinces where time has stood still. Whole families living on one block where everyone knows your name. I feel in my soul I know it. I know the history, I know the language and the culture but I have not seen it when my own eyes. At times I feel a part of me is missing because I can’t find anyone who understands how I feel. I know if I get the chance I might feel at “home”. That mysterious island that for those of us born here is so close yet so far out of reach. I long to place my feet on the ground and understand where I came from and meet the faces that have only existed in my imagination. Someday.

Cubans Speaks – Thank you Fidel for leaving us a sovereign country !



Comments From the web site Cubadebate

Arturo Ramos : What inflames my liver is the waste of scientific rigor, seriousness, constructive spirit, and responsibility for the Cuban side, in contrast to the impudence, the lack of respect, cooperation, seriousness on the part of North American. We should put on the outskirts of your embassy a large plaster doll in the shape of a Martian, with some antennas, and a science fiction weapon, and a large sign that says:


Alexander : Proud of being Cuban, more clear or water, Cuba is an honor to be born in it, these brazen hp will never be able to stain the honor of the Cuban people and government.

Victor: They crashed against an intelligent, prepared and dignified people. The Yankee governments, in their different stages, have underestimated us, but they do not learn the lessons; they invent a story and want the world to create them; now the counteroffensive, is the classic combat of ideas of the Truth vs. Lie, with us always wrong. Thank you Fidel for leaving us a SOVEREIGN country !!!!!



Facts Matter – about alleged sonic attacks


after Feb.7 when reported the attacks & until Dec.26 diplomats notified 15 out of 2

BTW Feb & June Embassy in request 158 visas 4 relatives of the staff who also moved freely in trips of amusement

@ the time of reporting the “attacks” the Head of the Security Embassy in didn’t know about those facts

the Security Chief who was unaware of the occurrence of the events in was reported as one of the attacked & he didn’t know about when his role in is precisely 2 preserve officials and their relative


+ Ten reasons to lift the #blockade – Via Thinking America


The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States government against Cuba is intensified and applied with rigor. This policy continues to be the main obstacle to the development of the Cuban economy and the full enjoyment of all the human rights of the Cuban people.

The measures to strengthen the blockade announced by the government of President Donald Trump on June 16, 2017, will affect and harm not only the Cuban people, but also the citizens and entities of the United States, whose chances of entering into business with people and companies in Cuba, and to exercise their constitutional right to travel freely will be even more restricted.

I- In February 2017, the German company Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, supplier of orthopedic prostheses, announced that due to the blockade they could not supply the components for lower limb requested by MEDICUBA SA

As a result of this refusal, another product of a similar nature had to be contracted, but of a lower quality.

II- On June 2, 2016, it was learned that the Chinese company Huawei, received a subpoena from the US Department of Commerce to report on the export and re-export of US technology to Cuba and other countries under sanctions in recent five years. These investigations have taken place throughout 2016 and more recently in April 2017, when the Department of the Treasury decided to review more broadly its commercial activities with the countries sanctioned by the United States, including Cuba.

III- The Central University “Martha Abreu” of Las Villas, reported an affectation of 221 thousand 300 dollars, having to pay in the Chinese market equipment for three laboratories specialized in Electrotechnics, Measurements and Drive, which could have been acquired in the market American for half or one third of the price paid.

IV- In the absence of restrictions imposed by the blockade it is estimated that Cuban groups could enter more than 3 million dollars a year, given their quality and the preference that exists for Cuban music in that market. This calculation is made on the basis that some of the major Latino groups in the United States have sold Cuban music in concerts, which have been quoted at $ 100,000 on average.

V- The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), has had difficulties in acquiring inputs and products from the industry with around 20 suppliers, including recognized manufacturers such as gilent, Bio-Rad, Abcam and PanReac, who detected that the destination of the commercial operation was Cuba, they withdrew their supplies to the intermediaries, which caused an affectation superior to 368 thousand dollars.

VI- The Cuban tourist industry stopped entering about 1.5 billion dollars, if we take into account the potential number of American tourists and the average spending per stay mentioned above.

VII- The Commander Company “Ernesto Che Guevara” could not export some 3,500 tons of Nickel Sulfide produced between April and December 2016, due to the difficulties in finding a banking institution willing to open a letter of credit abroad, as a result of the extraterritorial application of the US blockade. This meant that the Cuban economy stopped entering 23 million 600 thousand dollars.

VIII- If only the Heberprot-P was exported to benefit the 5 percent of the Americans who develop a complex UPD a year, Cuba’s biotechnology industry could enter more than122 million dollars per year. This would also contribute to minimizing the high number of more than 70 thousand amputations that are performed annually in the United States to diabetic patients.

IX- Premium cigars developed in Cuba have great prestige and demand internationally, which is why Cuban Habano accounts for 70 percent of the units and 80 percent of sales in the markets where this product has access. The US Premium tobacco market sells around 250 million units per year. The blockade prohibits Cuban tobacco from being marketed in this important market. If these restrictions are lifted, it is estimated that Cuba could sell about 50 million units in the first years, which, if sold at a rate of 2.35 dollars each, would allow the entry into the country of some 117 million 500 thousand dollars.

X- The United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) Bank has rejected since 2015 all deposits made by Cuban institutions for payments corresponding to the membership of Cuba to the United Nations Environment Program Fund (UNEP), to the network of Environmental Training of UNEP for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Protocol on Safety in Biotechnology of the Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as the Conventions of Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm. (Thinking Americas-CubaDebate)

#Cuba says: What they are publishing, the media, is full of falsehoods and ignorance

Post by @CubanWindow from the original post Cuban scientists talk about the irresistible decibels of a “sonic attack” / automatically translate

What they are publishing, the media, is full of falsehoods and ignorance from the point of view of Physics. Dr. Stolik Novygrod, a professor at the University of Havana in his analysis of the alleged “sonic attacks” as a result of which 24 American diplomats and relatives attached to the Embassy of Washington in Cuba, allegedly suffered or suffer from medical symptoms.

Dr. Carlos Barcelo Perez, professor of the Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, points out: “In the foreign press the physical phenomenon of the sonic has not been described” and estimates the expert that ” it’s necessary an exchange of information to know the origin, if that existed, although categorically, it is impossible. “

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Despite #US Travel Warning Students Stay the Course on Cuba Voyage



Amazing Photo Gallery HERE

www.ocean-passages.org/us-cuba/ Press Release 


The recent diplomatic meltdown between the U.S. and Cuba is deeply disturbing.  It disrupts our work – and undermines scores of Cubans striving to leverage engagement with Americans to create economic opportunity.  We feel it makes our voyages in southern Cuba more important than ever.

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