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The normality of the servitude and the Cuban allies of Marco Rubio. By Carlos Luque Zayas Bazán

Shortly before assuming the Trump administration, Cuba Possible subjected the academic and political scientist Lopez-Levy, a confessed Zionist, who is considered organically involved in the design of the Obama strategy towards Cuba, to a questionnaire on the future of relations between the two countries. Now that the new president’s policy towards Cuba is in full swing, we have a new questionnaire in mind.

One of the questions in this last interview is about the consequences of the current state of Cuba-US relations for “the different non-state actors of both countries.” The interviewer attributes to ” the bloggers of Insomniac Pupil “, whom he would consider one of these non-state actors of the Cuban side, an “animadversion to the private sector in Cuba” that emulates, competes and agrees, nothing less than with “the projection of Senator Rubio and related groups to his agenda.” It is curious that some, as appropriate, have this digital blog as a government official protected by power and salary of official thought, and others, as now, a non-state actor and opposed to “officialism”. Seeing is believing. 

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Deutsche Welle’s inventions on tourism and housing in Cuba (+ video). By José Manzaneda

The figures for tourism growth in Cuba are eloquent: by the end of 2017 a 16.5% increase in the number of visitors is expected (1), and a revenue for the State of more than 3,000 million dollars (2), in a country that allocates 72% of its budget to social spending (3). In the circumstances of a small nation that is blocked and without natural resources, the tourism sector is, to this day, vital (4).

Obviously, this rapid growth has brought to Cuba negative phenomena, such as the rise in prices of many products and services (5). And that is where the great international press has been affected again and again (6).

This is the case of Deutsche Welle, the official channel of the German Government, which recently published a work entitled “Cuba: mass tourism displaces Cubans from their homes.”  information that tried to link the serious problem of housing in Cuba with the rise of tourism (7).

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