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There is nothing nicer than getting a creative gift, especially when it is something you have always wanted. But what if you were only encouraged to pursue a certain creative pursuit because of your gender? I recently saw a Christmas gift catalog from a well-known supermarket chain that did exactly that. It advertised a ukulele under the heading “gifts for him”. Was this saying that only males have the will or the time to play the ukulele, while females are engrossed in using some kitchen appliance or other “suitable” item chosen from the same catalog?

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3 thoughts on “Creativity Is For Everyone – Via The Artist’s Child”

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog. Very kind of you to like my post. Living down under and in a different time zone used to feel miles away from the centre of things but blogging has made it possible to speak to others in the to half of the world, even when it is the middle of the night here. It is always great to hear what is happening in Cuba.

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    1. Artist’s Child, thanks to you for allowing us to reblog your posts. They print a certain freshness 2 our site, you write naturally, without complicated adjectives and there is the charm of what u publish.
      We love to read u & it’s always a pleasure 2 hear from you !

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