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January 2018

Warning: All visitors should be prepared for a daily audio assault of melodic Latin rhythms on every street Via Cuba Travel Warning

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Read the Full post – From the author: Marcel Hatch is an American Cuba tour operator living in Havana near the US Embassy. He experiences daily sonic attacks from the magical rhythms of Afro-cuban pop, swirling salsa, and dizzying son and rumba.



Jazz Plaza International Festival 2018

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Jazz Plaza Official Site – If Cuba was the only country in the world, earth would be known as the music planet.

That’s why global celebs and jazz aficionados flock to legendary Cuba like pilgrims to Mecca for the Havana International Jazz Festival.

Sensuous Cuba is a nation of intense rhythms, colors, emotions, aromas and flavors. What travelers remember most is its ubiquitous pulsating music – and the passionate friendly islanders who make and revel in it.

Cuba’s a music machine pumping out wall-to-wall sound that fuels the global music scene. Come visit Cuba with us. Jump into its audio inferno of Afro-cuban beats, Latin jazz and swirling salsa, and dizzying son and rumba.

We’ve been helping music lovers experience the richness of Cuban life and culture since 1997. Our Jazz tours follow the official Jazz Plaza programs of the Cuban Institute of Music and the Cuban Ministry of Culture.

Cuba: A realistic perspective on the economy

Via Granma Cuba

For many, knowing that Cuba’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 1.6% in 2017, and that the figure projected for 2018 is around 2%, means, at the least, that the rate is still far removed from that needed to move along the path to development. Specialists have repeatedly said that this requires sustained levels of growth above 5%.

Others, nonetheless, see these figures as simply “numbers,” perhaps “small,” not providing much basis for an evaluation, not aware that the GDP is “a macro-economic indicator that includes the country’s total production of goods and services, measured according to their value, after deducting the intermediate consumption required for the process of production,” as explained by Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, a Council of Ministers vice president and head of Economy and Planning.

“Its expression in current terms is based on the record of transactions at the year’s real prices. Disregarding price changes, it is calculated in constant terms with the goal of evaluating growth in activity, taking as a reference the prices of a given year.

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Cuba Rejects Allegations by High-Ranking U.S. Official

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Via Prensa Latina Site

Cuba slammed as irresponsible statements made by Deputy Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Francisco Palmieri, regarding alleged health incidents suffered by Washington diplomats in Havana.
Director General of the United States Department of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (Minrex), Josefina Vidal, stressed that such allegations are unacceptable for the Cuban Government, adding Palmieri’s statements on Tuesday’s hearing at the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate have no basis at all.

According to Vidal, the hearing organized by Republican Senator Marco Rubio and his Democrat colleague Robert Menendez is an affront to truth and is a further sign of total lack of scruples and credibility of both legislators, recognized for their political agenda greared for many years to push the U.S. and Cuba into confrontation.

The Cuban official categorically denied any responsibility of Cuban authorities on the alleged health problems reported by U.S. diplomats, and underlined that Cuba has never perpetrated nor it would do harm to any foreign representative, not it would allowed third parties act against the physical integrity of any diplomat, without exception.

The State Department has no evidence whatsoever to sustain there were attacks against its diplomats in Havana, neither to hold Cuba responsible for those actions, she added.

Vidal also rejected the politization of this issue and the unjustified measures taken by the White House with a high cost for Cuban emigration and the population. A recent report of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) confirmed that in their multiple trips to Havana, their agents did not find any proof of the mysterious illnesses that result from those alleged ‘attacks’, as U.S. authorities name them and which served as preterxt to hinder relations with Havana.

Republican Senator for Arizona, Jeff Flake, who met last Friday with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez shared the same opinion.

In statements to reporters, the also member of the Foreign Relations Commission of the upper house, asserted U.S. authorities do not have any evidence that the diplomats had been victims of attacks with an unknown weapon.

The U.S. administration used the media to spread diplomats suffered migraine, dizziness, loss of hearing and slight brain injuries during their work in Cuba. The first cases were reported in November 2016 after Donald Trump won the elections. At the end of September 2017, the Department of State ordered the withdrawal of 60 percent of its personnel in Cuba and a little later the White House announced measures restricting individual trips to the island, approved during the government of president Barack Obama (2009-2017).

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Cuba embarks on a 100-year plan to protect itself from climate change Via


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On its deadly run through the Caribbean last September, Hurricane Irma lashed northern Cuba, inundating coastal settlements and scouring away vegetation. The powerful storm dealt Havana only a glancing blow; even so, 10-meter waves pummeled “El Malecon”, the city’s seaside promenade, and ravaged stately but decrepit buildings in the capital’s historic district. “There was great destruction,” says Dalia Salabarria Fernandez, a marine biologist here at the National Center for Protected Areas (CNAP).


As the flood waters receded, she says, “Cuba learned a very important lesson.” With thousands of kilometers of low-lying coast and a location right in the path of Caribbean hurricanes, which many believe are intensifying because of climate change, the island nation must act fast to gird against future disasters.

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Highly recommended reading – Via The WSJ


Traveling to Cuba is (Still) Easier Than You Think – Even with the latest round of changes to the U.S.-Cuba tourism policy, American vacationers can still legally visit. Our reporter sets out on a week-long cycling trip in the Cuban countryside


Havana’s National Ballet School through the lens Via @PlazaCUBA

Founded by ballerina Alicia Alonso, Havana’s National Ballet School is of the premier ballet institutions in the world. Students are scouted from around the country and attend free of charge. 

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Cuba on the Net against the rolling back policy

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