cuban food

If you are interested in visiting Cuba or perhaps you just got back from the island, one of the most memorable parts of a Cuban adventure is the food. Cuban cuisine is a unique combination of influences that create a fusion of exotic, delicious flavors.  

Cuban food is influenced by the indigenous people, West-African, and Europeans. This Caribbean cultural mixture is known criolla or Creole and not only defines people groups and customs but also defines the kind of food you will eat in Cuba.  

In Cuba, common comida criolla includes dishes like rice and beans with roasted or fried chicken or even a Cuban take on Spanish tapas with croquettes and “tortillas” (an egg dish.) You’ll also enjoy starchy accompaniments yucca and plantains prepared a variety of ways. There are many dimensions to Cuban food, but we’ve narrowed down a few recipes you can start with in the comfort of your own home.  

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