“Ping-Pong”, Trump strategy.

By Erick Dow (Santamambisa´s partner)

We, the people, ask God every day, what´s going on with POTUS? Is clear he is egocentric, egomaniac, lunatic, but my goodness, he is a “successful business man”. What´s going on with his common sense?

We have three hypotheses: He didn´t receive goods advises. Or, at list, he receives wrong candidates for cover governments important positions. Or he is handling by a terrible legal advisor, or a lunatic family member, could be Donald Trump Jr., or his principal advisor and son in law, Jared Kushner. Or he is taking wrong decisions or right decisions with bad intentions.

The truth is that The US President is using the “Ping-Pong strategy” changing the US Government members or at least those who disagree with him or his policy. Others, asks for been dismiss or excuse. Truly is, very well prepare and capable personnel is running far away from POTUS actions.

I wouldn´t mentioned all the personal he change before this article, only last change the State´s Department Secretary, Rex Tillerson by Mike Pompeo, CIA Director who will be substituted by Gina Haspel, arguing that he is changing the rolls, because he needs a new negotiation team for the North Korean talks.

What will happen in African, Arabic or LAtin American governments if the president change every day his staff members? How will be seen? That will be a correct sight for the US partners and our leadership? How our children will see their future if they believe someone like POTUS, one day, could fire them? Where is POTUS trust on his staff? Are his staff members sure they were not dismissed by POTUS own ambitions? Who is safe?

Run people, Pig-Pong strategy age is already coming, the Trump nightmare will destroy American dreams and government trust. Make American great again is becoming or make American falling down. Trump doesn´t want us. We neither.

Thanks For Ur time to read us. Cuban Window Team

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