Cuba calls, love answers

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When the people of Cuba march, it is no mere formality. When streets and souls resound with a “Viva Fidel” or a “Patria o muerte” followed by a “Venceremos” (We will triumph), the day resounds with pride and confidence in the future. Fortunate are the nations that have not lost their dreams, and those determined to continue building them. The date has been set for May 1, because only unity and commitment will lead us to new victories. The island calls its sons and daughters of goodwill, marked by the love that our history has sowed.

A perverse look … – By Omar Perez Salomon – Via La Pupila Insomne / Automatically Translate



Several media at the service of capital have published an article by Sarah Moreno entitled, ” Beer is over and lobster is burned: journalist tells the failure of tourism in the ‘Cuba without Fidel’” that addresses some details of the book by Mexican journalist Julio Patan , “Cuba without Fidel.”

I have the impression that the mobile of this text is commercial, looking for a handful of money, it does not matter if a whole town is denigrated, for other friend of the Mexicans, or perhaps the author’s hatred for the Cuban Revolution motivated his chronicle after to visit the island for a few days.

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One simple fix could open $2b market for U.S. farmers – Via Feed Stuffs

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Time is now for U.S. to send message to Cuba that it is ready to forge an improved relationship with its agribusiness sector.

Apr 23, 2018 – By Roger Marshall, Rick Crawford and Tom Emmer

While the U.S. economy is projected to exceed 3% this year due to President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, the economic outlook for America’s 3.2 million farmers and ranchers continues to falter to concerning lows.

At the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 94th annual Agricultural Outlook Forum earlier this year, the department’s chief economist, Robert Johansson, reported that U.S. farm income remained 50% below its 2013 peak for the third year in a row and predicted that 2018 net farm income would be even lower. Returning to farm growth, he said, will depend heavily on expanded exports.

A $2 billion potential market remains largely untouched just over the horizon in Cuba. Because of Cuba’s proximity, U.S. rice, corn, wheat and other exports to the island have a solid advantage over competitors both in shipping costs and delivery times. Yet the U.S. share of Cuba’s agribusiness market is less than 15% due to restrictions imposed decades ago. Cuba now imports more food products from Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam and the EU than from the U.S. because these competitors offer preferential trade credit terms.

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New Luxury Hotel to Decorate #Havana forbidden for Americans …

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The Packard Hotel is in phase of completion, to become the second of its kind for the city, after the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski Havana opened last year, the Cuban News Agency reported.

This facility will have five star plus Cuba category, when 192 of 321 rooms of the facility are already getting ready, located on Havana’s Paseo del Prado.

Daysi Malvares, development director of Almest Real Estate company, said that they are working on the completion of the bedrooms of three of the 10-story hotel, for its gradual reception by state Gaviota group, and Spanish chain Iberostar, in charge of its administration.

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#FitCuba2018 / January to March 2018: Tourist arrivals to Cuba grow by 7% – Via Cubadebate


Tourism represents for Cuba the second source of income behind the sale of professional services abroad, which represents a contribution of 10% to gross domestic product (GDP) and the generation of half a million jobs.


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Cuba maintains its commitment to welcome 5 million visitors in 2018 despite the devastating effects caused by Hurricane Irma as it passed through the country last September, according to the commercial director of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur)

He advanced that in the next International Tourism Fair “FitCuba”, to be held from May 2 to 5 in Santa Maria Key and with the United Kingdom as a guest country, it is planned to “fine-tune” the contracting of operations for the winter 2018- 2019 and surpass the results of commercialization of tourist offers.

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Vaccination Week in the Americas launches in Cuba for the first time – Via PAHO



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\The most important vaccination initiative on the continent, Vaccination Week in the Americas, kicked off today in Cuba for the first time. As part of this campaign, led by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) since 2003, 70 million people will be vaccinated against more than a dozen dangerous diseases.

“Vaccination is one of the most powerful tools we have to prevent disease and save lives,” said Carissa F. Etienne, Director of PAHO, at the opening ceremony of Vaccination Week in the Americas, which took place at the Victoria de Giron Institute of Basic and Preclinical Sciences in Havana. Ministers and other high-level health authorities from Latin America, the Caribbean, and other regions of the world participated in the launch.

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