Kennedy Center – For two weeks this spring, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts will present Artes de Cuba: From the Island to the World, a festival celebrating the artistic richness that has emerged from this “island archipelago in the sun.” This unprecedented gathering of Cuban and Cuban American artists represents some of the world’s greatest from the island and the Diaspora.

Featuring some of Cuba’s finest artists and leading Cuban American creators, Artes de Cuba will inspire with more than 50 events over two weeks, encompassing the breadth and vibrancy of the island nation’s culture.

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Washington D.C. will host the Arts from Cuba Cultural event May 8 to June 3 at the Kennedy Center with the participation of some 400 Cuban artists in the fields of music, dance, visual arts, movie and theater.

For renowned pianist Ernan Lopez-Nussa the event will mark a historic landmark bridging relations between both nations.

In statements to PL news agency, the pianist said the Cuban artists will be ambassadors of culture to pave the way for understanding between the two neighbor nations.

Lopez Nussa will offer a series of his works including Latin American and Jazz music.

The Cuban delegation is expected to travel through Mexico in order to apply for visas at the US embassy in that country as stipulated by new measures imposed by Washington on Cubans who want to travel to the US, who can no longer do it at the American embassy in Havana.

It’s a real shame to use resources and time to make a visit that could be resolved in Havana, where The US has an embassy, the pianist said.

Arts from Cuba event will include artists like Omara Portuondo, the Los Van Van band, Haydee and Pablo Milanes, the Cuban National Ballet, theater companies, among many others who will take the island cultural expressions to the US people. Cuban artists residing abroad will also join the delegation.