Havana is the epicenter of Cuba – the equivalent of New York City. Words can’t do this city justice. It must be experienced. Cuba travel veteran, Howie Axelrod, recently shared 5 must do’s while in the capital city. Here are a few more of his favorites to add to your Havana bucket list. 

1)     Morro Cabana Military Park – aka Cuban Missile Crisis Park – Not far from the beautiful plazas of Downtown Havana in the outskirts of the city lies a unique piece of history. It is here where many of the missiles and armaments that created the rift between Cuba and the US that still exists today have been turned into an outdoor exhibit. In October 1962 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev ordered a clandestine installation of medium-range missiles in Cuba. These were detected by U.S. spy aircraft, leading to the downing of a US reconnaissance aircraft, a high seas standoff, and the ensuing embargo of US shipments of goods to Cuba that still exists today. You will see the real hardware here. These are not replicas. The Cuban Missile Crisis shaped life in today’s Cuba more than anything that preceded it. 

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