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August 2018

This couple has been to Cuba 97 times! – Via Toronto Star


A hostile policy more harmful than a hurricane – Via Granma Cuba


The main obstacle to the development of the Cuban economy’s potential is not related to nature but to an immoral way of doing politics: the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba.

When a hurricane is identified as a threat to the island, all Cubans begin to worry. Despite measures adopted by our Civil Defense system to protect human life and material resources, it is well known that the powerful winds and rain show no mercy.

Every natural phenomenon that strikes leaves damage that must be repaired as soon as possible. Thus, some plans are put on hold to free resources for the recovery, and the state cannot move forward as fast as it would like.

Damages caused by Hurricane Irma, for example, were estimated at more than  13 billion pesos, mostly to housing, healthcare facilities, schools, agriculture, hotel infrastructure, as well as roads.

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Constitutional Reform in Cuba: Changes in the structure of the State (+ Info-graphics)


The structure of the State in Cuba could change considerably during 2019.

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The Draft Constitution, which is being submitted to popular consultation since August 13, proposes novelties in the higher management bodies, without doubts, the most transcendental in the last 42 years.


  • The figures of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister return.
  • The Council of State and the National Assembly of People’s Power will have the same address.
  • The Province Assemblies of the Popular Power are eliminated and a Province Government, integrated by the Governor and a Council, is instituted, so that the municipality is strengthened and finally achieves greater autonomy.
  • Likewise, the position of an Intendant is introduced, who shall govern the Board of Directors in the municipalities.


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Getting a Taste of Cuba An enticing new cookbook captures the island’s people, places, and recipes – Via The Nation

Sin título.jpg

People shop at an outdoor food market in Havana in July 2018. (AP Photo / Desmond Boylan)

“Our business is down 70 percent,” Havana restaurateur Niuris Higueras told a group of Nationmagazine travelers who were spending their final evening of a weeklong spring tour in Cuba at her renowned eatery, El Atelier. “We may have to reduce staff,” she sadly noted, after a major boom in US-generated business following Barack Obama’s history-making rapprochement with Raúl Castro.

Culinary entrepreneurs such as Higueras, along with other Cuban businesses catering to US tourists, have been hit hard by the sharp shift in relations under the Trump administration. In the first quarter of 2018.

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MARABANA 2018: Havana Marathon Via #globalrun

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Global Ports Marabana Cuba/ Maracuba 2018 will be held on 18 November 2018 in the context of very significant dates for the Cuban Sports and Havana such as the National Day of Physical Culture and Sport and the Foundation of the City of San Cristobal de Havana and its proclamation by UNESCO as World Heritage.

In the events that make up Global Ports Marabana Cuba championships open call for runners and walkers conventional, Elites, not Elites, Masters, disabled (blind, deaf and runners in wheelchairs) at distances of 42 Km marathon and 195 meters made; Half Marathon 21 Km 09750 meters.; 10 kilometres.

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THE 10 BEST BEACHES IN CUBA – Via CN Traveller & Villa Paradiso Cuba

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Discovering isolation on a butter-soft beach not nabbed by an all-inclusive hotel on the Caribbean island of Cuba can be like searching for the proverbial cocktail stick in the sand. We’ve sunbathed, snorkelled and sipped several mojitos so you can plan your perfect beach adventure in Cuba, without the crowds.

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Cuba: Bartenders Go ‘Loco,’ Craft World’s Largest Cuba Libre – Via TeleSur English

Spectators gawked as a team of bartenders poured 500 liters of liquor into a ginormous two-meter-high vat in the Tryp Habana Libre hotel lobby.

Cuba now holds the world record for the largest Cuba Libre ever crafted after this year’s XXII Pan American Cocktail Rally International Bartenders’ Association (IBA) in Havana Sunday.

Over the course of an hour, spectators gawked as a team of bartenders poured 500 liters of liquor into a ginormous two-meter-high vat erected in the Tryp Habana Libre hotel lobby.


A total of 108 bottles of rum, 200 liters of a Cuban “TuKola” drink, and a dash of lemon juice were used to create the cocktail of the century.

“It is a Cuba Libre fiesta for all the bartenders of Cuba and the world to keep up to date with new trends and be more professional,” Sergio Serrano, vice president of the Cuban Bartender Association (ACC).

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Deciding upon a holiday destination that is of equal appeal to both the adults and the kids in your family can be a tricky balancing act. If it’s too much in the children’s favour, you might find yourself spending your precious vacation days at a theme park, your eyes practically glazing over as yet another costumed character capers in front of your kids (and the actor inside probably once had dreams of being on Broadway). Sure, you will take some pleasure in your children’s joy, but the cynic in you will treat it all as an advertisement for all the merchandise on sale in the countless souvenir stores.

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Havana 2019: 2nd International Quality Convention


With the aim of updating knowledge on issues of high impact for economic and technical development, the National Standardization Office of Cuba (ONN), convened today the 2nd International Quality Convention, Havana 2019.

The entity, belonging to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), reported that the appointment will take place from October 1 to 4 next year at the Havana International Conference Center.

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