On Day of @UN Vote on #US #Cuba Embargo *Blockade: Cuba’s Top Scientist Calls for Global Meet on US Diplomats’ Health Symptoms

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Oakland, CA, October 31, 2018—Dr. Luis Velázquez, President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, says health complaints reported by Havana-posted US diplomats merit a global meeting of specialists to review, discuss and clarify their meaning.  In an article released today in the MEDICC Review journal, he proposed such a forum include US, Cuban and international researchers to examine the evidence about symptoms reported by some two dozen Havana-based US diplomats, ranging from headaches to dizziness, insomnia, memory loss and tinnitus.

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Links between Marco Rubio and Jair Bolsonaro [+ video] – Via IslaMia


Marco Rubio … has done it again, as links and affinities were revealed between the Brazilian ultra-rightist just elected Jair Bolsonaro, and US Senator Rubio, according to an article published by Carta Capital magazine.

Armament, Zionism and a visceral hatred of the government in Venezuela, are points of contact between them, according to the source, would have met last March in Florida, where they talked for four hours …

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#UnitedStates #blockade vs #Cuba, tumor of the Cuban Oncology – #UnblockCuba

Cuban Dr. Erasmo knows many stories about the blockade. “Here we have a girl who suffered from an eye tumor. The treatment that was decided was to locate a radioactive intraocular platelet. The management was done to bring the radioactive plaques from England. At the time when they were going to buy the Americans bought part of that company and we could not import the radioactive plates. “

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#UnitedStates Blockade Affects #Cuban Scientific Activity – #UnblockCuba


The blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba has prevented our participation in an event of editors of scientific publications in Brazil, the director of the Cuban Journal of Nursing (RCE), Luis Hernandez, said on Tuesday.

The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) was going to finance the participation of our delegates in that event, and everything went very well until the UN agency had to transfer the money for all traveling expenses, Hernandez told Prensa Latina.

Hernandez, who is also a specialist in nursing, said that PAHO bank was in charge of making transactions, but it has stocks in the United States, so when they realized it was for a Cuban citizen, the process stopped, he said.

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#Cuba Announces Increase of Benefits in Social Assistance, Security – Via Latin Press

The Cuban government announced on Tuesday the approval of a new measure that increases the benefits of social assistance and minimum pensions in the Caribbean island.’This is a partial advance to those that must be adopted in order to fix the situation of salaries, pensions and social assistance benefits,’ the deputy head of the Cuban Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Yusimi Campos, said in a press conference.

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García Márquez: The first night of the #blockade


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That night, the first of the blockade, in Cuba almost everything that was there were products of the United States. Apparently, it would be some time before most Cubans realized what that policy would mean in their lives.

There was no consumer sector that was not dependent on the United States. The few easy-goods factories that had been installed in Cuba to make use of cheap labor were assembled with second-hand machinery that had gone out of fashion in their country of origin.

The best qualified technicians were North Americans, and most of the few Cuban technicians yielded to the luminous offers of their foreign bosses and went with them to the United States. There were also no deposits of spare parts, because the illusionary industry of Cuba rested on the basis that their parts were only 90 miles away, it was enough with a telephone call so that the hardest piece arrived on the next plane without customs duties or delays.

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