#RevolutionIn60 #RevolucionEn60: How #Cuba became a world power of #Biotechnology ? – Cubadebate


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Biotechnology is one of the most developed branches in Cuba. Unique medicines of its kind in the world such as Heberprot-P, CIMAvax-EGF vaccine, as well as the creation of therapies for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, cancer, Hepatitis B or meningoencephalitis have turned the country in a world power.

Belonging to the BioCubaFarma Business Group, today some 20,000 workers from various research centers promote an industry that, due to its high cost, would seem destined only to developed countries. However, the Cuban Revolution understood early on the importance of biotechnology as a fundamental sector for the health of the Cuban people and the dawn of its economy and that is why today it collects the fruits of the creation of the Scientific Pole.

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