The Pain that obsesses the #Yankees with #Cuba – Via Auca / Note by @CubanWindow: “The Constitution of the #UnitedStates adopted in 1787 came in to force in 1789 & It’s still in force so it’s the oldest written constitution that is still in force in the world ” / #Yes4Cuba #YoVoteSi


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The overwhelming vote of the Cuban people for the Yes, in the referendum to approve the new Constitution, was a majority support for socialism.

That result is a painful reality for the United States and the opposition that they created and financed annually with more than 20 million us, for that reason they now declare that “it was a fraud” and they will not recognize it.

However, if they won the No, then they would recognize it, despite celebrating with the same mechanisms and electoral pattern, because that is how the Yankees are, like spoiled babies who give them fits of crying when they do not have the toy they want.

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New #Constitution in #Cuba | Aurelio Alonso, Cuban sociologist and writer: “The most democratic participation in our history has been achieved” / Via NODAL

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On Sunday, February 24, almost eight million people voted to ratify or not the text of Cuba’s new constitution.

The referendum was held after months of preparation, reading and rereading the old and new laws that added to the citizen proposals and the carried out by officials and by the State.

According to the preliminary data, it was finally approved by 86.85 percent of the votes against nine percent who voted for the “no”.

Now, how is the process of participation on the island?

Who participated and what proposals were taken into account ?

To know in depth this process, NODAL interviewed Aurelio Alonso, prestigious Cuban sociologist and writer, National Prize on Social and Humanistic Sciences 2013 and one of the members of Pensamiento Crítico, a monthly magazine that was published in Havana between 1967 and 1971.

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Thousands of Abuse Allegations at Migrant Shelters for Minors Via TeleSur English


Over the last three years, migrant shelters have been implicated in 4,500 sexual abuse allegations against minors.

Over 1,300 sex abuse cases have been reported to the Department of Justice by unaccompanied minors migrating to the U.S., Congressman Ted Deutch said Tuesday.Documents released by the Health and Human Services (HHS) showed that over 4,556 complaints were made to the office which, after some investigation were either dismissed or sent to the Justice Department for further review.

“These documents detail an environment of systemic sexual assaults by staff on unaccompanied children,” said Deutch, calculating an average of one sexual assault per week by HHS- contacted employees.

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R you a millionaire? It is the question that was asked to #Berlanga, creator of the only medicine in the world able 2 heal the #diabetic foot ulcer #Heberprot-P – Via La Mochila Cuba

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Humble lowers his head, like someone who is embarrassed because someone call him a millionaire, and replies that his only fortune is that #Cuba, his homeland, patent that medicine. For people like this #SomosCuba

The greatness of this scientist and his humility are his biggest currencies.

Maybe in another part of the world he would charge millions to heal the feet of those who could pay.

Here in his homeland, every time he manages to save a diabetic from amputation, who does not have to pay a penny for the attention he receives, his name dresses in glory.


La Mochila Cuba

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#FuerzaHabana: A month after Twister in “Regla” Municipality * Via Cubadebate


Regla is no longer the same.

When you enter the village, from the “Vía Blanca”, the landscape is different from a month ago.

Trees that were previously shaded are no longer there and the air is a little heavier due to the dust.

The atmosphere is loaded with a grit that is impregnated in clothing, shoes, hair … and hinders a little vision.

Regla, now, it looks like a giant factory. There are builders everywhere and lots of cement and other construction materials in every corner.

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#Cuba – Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba. Cuban Foreign Ministry Rejects Disrespectful Interference by the Department of State Via CubaMinrex


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba strongly rejects the disrespectful declaration of the Department of State of the United States, awarded by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, in which it is intended to question the constitutional referendum freely and sovereignty celebrated by Cubans in the past February 24th.

The text of the declaration is an expression of the imperialist ideology deeply rooted in the foreign policy of the current government of the United States. It is also a reflection of the pretension already announced of imposing again in the Western Hemisphere the Monroe Doctrine, now accompanied by McCarthyist intolerance.

The Cuban people spoke loud and clear on February 24, with forceful eloquence. He bet freely at the polls for the construction of socialism and did so by going massively to express his will, despite the pernicious campaign of the United States government aimed at influencing the vote. Cubans have long cut off any American claim to rule the destiny of our country.

The Department of State must cease the practice of interfering in the internal affairs of other States and interfere in the electoral or voting processes of other nations. It is a mania contrary to international law, with which the government of the United States challenges the rules governing relations between sovereign States.

Havana, February 26, 2019

#Cuba The #HelmsBurton: Law Aberrations of a failed policy – Via Granma Cuba

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The Helms-Burton Law crashes against the dignity and resistance of the Cuban people.

Twenty-three years have passed since the beginning of this text, since those late-congressmen do not talk; others came accompanying presidents of one party or another, and Cuba is here, free, sovereign, and increasingly committed to its social, political and economic project.

Twenty-three years have passed since the launch of the Helms-Burton, since those late-night congressmen do not talk; others came accompanying presidents of one party or another, and Cuba is here, free, sovereign, and increasingly committed to its social, political and economic project, as reflected in its new Constitution that its people have just endorsed in popular referendum with the Yes of 86.85% of those who exercised the vote.

It is highly recommended that grandparents, parents, uncles and other people who lived or received information of those years of exploitation to which the Cuban population was subjected, explain this to the new generations, without adulterating a bit of so much infamy to which Cuba was subjected. , first by the Spanish empire and then by the North American.

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