CONSEQUENCES /The implementation of Title III would open a Pandora’s Box, and could have a boomerang effect, with complaints filed against the U.S. government itself by other states. Several other nations denounced the Helms-Burton Act, immediately following its approval, citing the extraterritoriality of provisions that could be implemented in their territory. The international reaction was not long in coming, and several laws and regulations were established in other countries as “antidotes” – including those in Canada dated October 22 of 1996; Mexico, October 23 that same year; CE No. 2271/96 approved by the European Union Council; and Spain’s Law 27 dated July 13,1998. Universal condemnation of the Helms-Burton has been repeatedly expressed in the United Nations General Assembly, with the votes of 189 nations during the last session, opposed only by the U.S. and Israel.

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On March 19, the courts of the United States will accept the lawsuits filed against companies included in the List of Restricted Cuban Entities of the Department of State. The measure is part of the latest revision of the Helms-Burton Act, the backbone of the US embargo against Cuba.

The survival of an administration that is battling serious legal problems (in which President Donald Trump is immersed) resolves “to divert attention to the issue of migration and the demonization of the Democratic Party,” Cuban political scientist Arturo López-Levy told Sputnik. 

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