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July 2019

This Company Is Adding Two New #Cuba Resorts – Via


By the Caribbean Journal staff

A leading Asian resort company is in the midst of a major expansion in Cuba.

Archipelago International, the largest independent hotel company in Southeast Asia, is adding two resorts in Cuba, the company said.

Archipelago has already signed a management contract for the re-branded Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas Beach Resort in Cuba, following a signing ceremony in Havana.

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#Cuba and #China come together to create an #AI Institute – Via Auca +


Cuban academics and scientists collaborate with the University of International Studies of Hebei, China, with the objective of create an Artificial Intelligence Institute, together with the University of Camaguey.

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Critical Moves: The #SaoPaulo Forum – Via TeleSur

Legislation To Lift #Cuba Travel Restrictions Introduced In Congress – Via / #UnBlockCuba


A bipartisan group of senators, led by Patrick Leahy (D-VT), today introduced legislation that would lift all restrictions on travel between the United States and Cuba. The bill, known as the “Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act of 2019,” has 45 co-sponsors, among them four Republicans.

The bill is identical to one that was introduced in the House of Representatives last week by Massachusetts Democrat James McGovern and Minnesota Republican Tom Emmer.

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How is it for a #PalestinianChild to live under occupation?: 13 years old #PalestinianYouth #PoliticalActivist – Via TeleSur

#Cuba trying to attract tourists and investors even as U.S. clamps down – Via @TB_Times

HAVANA – Just after noon on a Thursday, a bomb left in an ashtray ripped through the lobby of the Hotel Copacabana. A metal fragment shot out like a ninja throwing star, as a medical examiner later described it, and struck Fabio Di Celmo, slicing through his jugular vein.Di Celmo, 32, an Italian-born businessman who lived in Canada, died before reaching the hospital.

He “was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles later told a journalist.Posada Carriles claimed to be the intellectual author behind the fatal 1997 bombing and other attacks in Cuba. He said his goal was to “create a scandal” and scare off tourists.For more click HERE

Have you made #NewYear’s Eve plans yet? Celebrate New Year’s in #Cuba – Via @insightcuba

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#Cuba’s #Revolution in Thinking: To Live and Not Lie – Via @NatCounterPunch

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In Dostoevsky’s Demons, liberal academic Stepan Trofimovich says before dying: “I’ve been lying all my life. Even when I was telling the truth …. The worst of it is that I believe myself when I lie. The most difficult thing in life is to live and not lie.”

It’s because lies are behaviour. Dostoevsky’s characters “eat” ideas. They don’t believe them, but more important, they don’t know they don’t believe them. Some beliefs are tacit, presupposed, not acknowledged, just lived.

This aspect of thinking is known in Cuba. It is why its independence traditions, centuries-long, are so interesting, philosophically, although it’s largely unrecognized. In 1999 in Caracus, Fidel Castro said, “They discovered smart weapons. We discovered something more important: people think and feel.”

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A Daying Romance: Western Media Losing Enthusiasm for Failing Coup in #Venezuela – Via


When previously unknown Venezuelan opposition politician Juan Guaidó stood up in an East Caracas plaza and declared himself “interim president” of the South American country, Western corporate media were ebullient.

In those heady early days, corporate journalists could scarcely conceal their love affair with the 35-year-old politician, whom they likened to Barack Obama (CNN2/7/19) and described as a “freedom fighter” (Fox Business1/29/19) and Venezuela’s “only democratically elected figure” (MSNBC1/24/19), who had “captured the heart of the nation” (New York Times,3/4/19).

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