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August 2019

#Havana #Chinatown is reopened – Via Juventud Rebelde @500_habana


The Chinatown, emblematic site in Havana of great historical and heritage value, was reopened after completing the restoration works that several of its services and cultural facilities underwent.
The reopening featured a colorful traditional ceremony, which included the Lion and Dragon dances, according to Radio Reloj radio station.

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Cuban Leader #FidelCastro addresses the Rio Environmental Conference on issues such as #GlobalWarming and Industrial Damage to the Environment in 1992 / #AmazonasSOS #Brazil

“Hereby Ordered”: On Trump, Capital, Fascism, and China in a World on Fire – Via @NatCounterPunch

Sin título.jpg

I am hearing whispers from lefties that “the ruling class is finally done with Trump.” It’s “the China stuff” that’s doing the trick. Sure, the argument goes, the corporate and financial powers that be haven’t been all that happy with Trump’s open white nationalism, racism, narcissism, and sexism. It’s not their style. But they’ve been willing to put up with Trump’s noxious nonsense because he’s rewarded them with plutocratic tax cuts and de-regulation. The presidents’ immigrant-bashing awfulness has kept his “heartland” base loyal to a president who knows (despite all his insanity) which constituency matters most in the American oligarchy: the wealthy Few.

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“Mountain of light” / “Montaña de Luz” -#CubaIsHealth #CubaEsSalud

The work of internationalist Cuban doctors

Touching testimonies from humble people who in some cases received health care for the first time; from the doctors themselves about their experiences in the humanitarian mission, and from their colleagues and authorities in different countries.

#Varadero Josone “Rumba, Jazz & Son” (August 22-25, 2019) #Cuba @varaderojosone

Varadero Josone “Rumba, Jazz & Son” (August 22-25, 2019) is the international musical event that Cuba deserves. The indisputable quality of jazz, made in Cuba, conditions that the Island is one of the strongest places in both performers and audiences for the genre. The son, the rumba, the salsa, the timba, the Cuban music in general, are part of the imaginary about Cubanness. “Rumba, Jazz & Son” invites you to enjoy the sound of the Major of the Antilles plagued by fusions and musical mixtures from all corners of the world.

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New scientific data on #Havana tornado Via Granma #Cuba


After several months of research, a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the Institute of Meteorology, Camagüey’s Provincial Meteorological Center, the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, and the Fernando Ortiz Foundation, contributed new information related to the emergence of the devastating tornado that struck five Havana municipalities, on the night of Sunday, January 27, this year.

Scientists were able to determine the prevailing conditions that day at different levels of the atmosphere, by analyzing and processing information from synoptic maps, satellite images, meteorological radar, surface measurements, and used numerical models to produce the findings.

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#Havana turns 500 years / @500_habana

habana 500

Official Site Havana 500 Anniversary

Eusebio Leal Spengler / April 9, 2018

In November we celebrate, not the foundation of Havana, but its final seat almost 500 years ago on the north coast next to the port that would grant it a world celebrity. However, there are few who inquire about why we do not refer to the year 1514, in which a camp that the Spanish conquerors located on the south coast had to be established; in our opinion, at a point in the Ensenada de la Broa and perhaps, with more exact perception, in the surroundings of Melena del Sur.

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#CubaEsSalud #CubaIsHealth – The #cuban doctors: “Guided by love for others”

  Cuban doctors fighting Ebola in Africa

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#USAID plans to spend up to $3 million to investigate #Cuban doctors Via

#US #USAID #OAS What about the aids for #LosAngeles slums ? / In LA, #poverty on Skid Row defies US’ humane reputation Via PBS

#USAID: Keeping it in the family (Federal money, people and arguments, everything you need to know behind campaigns against /@JoseRCabanas) – Via

When it comes to inventing reports and receiving money for this service, there are always some impostors or mercenaries ready to lend themselves to the task of fabricating lies in print.

Only two elements are needed: that the United States pays and one or several appear with an appetite for alms, willing to do the job.

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International #HipHop Symposium Opens in #Cuba Via Latin Press


Havana, Aug 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuban International Hip Hop Symposium opens this Tuesday in Havana, in order to provide rappers-activists with an opportunity to carry out their community projects.

As one of the premises of this meeting, sponsored by the Cuban Music Institute, it contributes to raising the quality of life of the communities and includes academic conferences to strengthen the work network that facilitates the rap movement organization.

The Cuban Rap Agency was established on September 16, 2002, as a promoter and marketing center for further development of this musical genre. It has achieved, since its foundation, an heightened number of rap lovers, as the record ‘Asere Producciones’ (created in 2003).

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