Díaz-Canel Congratulates Cuban and Latin American Doctors- Via Periodico26 #LatinAmericaMedicineDay #Cuba @DiazCanelB

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, sent congratulations to Cuban doctors on the occasion of today’s celebration of Latin American Medicine Day.

The Cuban leader wrote in Twitter: “Día de la Medicina Latinoamericana (Day of Latin American Medicine). Day of those who believe in the usefulness of virtue. Special day to celebrate Fidel’s ideas that took free medicine to the most remote and forgotten corners of the world.”

“Congratulations and thanks to the heroes of Cuban and Latin American Medicine. To those who fight for life, the same in a humble Cuban neighborhood as in a village in the Amazon. More than doctors they are guardians of human virtue,” he added in another tweet.


In social networks, there has been broad recognition of the Caribbean island’s doctors, who in addition to guaranteeing high standards in the health indicators of Cuba contribute to raising the quality of life of several nations through collaboration in solidarity.

Cuba has more than 400,000 health workers, 30,000 of whom carry out international missions in numerous countries, while at the same time it receives 21,000 Latin American students in its medical schools.

José Ángel Portal, Minister of Public Health, recalled on Twitter that today is the 185th anniversary of the birth of Carlos Juan Finlay, the most eminent Cuban scientist of all time and in his homage, every December third the Day of Latin American Medicine is celebrated.

A message from the minister, made public on the Infomed portal, states that Cuban doctors will continue to strive to improve the National Health System, for which they have the discipline, professionalism, commitment and humanism of all Cuban health workers.

Finlay was nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, but the United States always opposed him. In the 1950s, the historical truth is clarified and Latin American Medicine Day is established in recognition of the Cuban scientist. 


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