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#US sanctions #Cuban oil importer / #UnblockCuba #HelmsBurton


July 3, the U.S. government imposed sanctions on the Cuban oil import-export state enterprise Cubametales, placing the company on its blacklist, for maintaining ties with Venezuela.

Justifying the aggressive move, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated: “Sanctions on Cubametales will disrupt Maduro’s attempts to use Venezuela’s oil as a bargaining tool to help his supporters purchase protection from Cuba and other malign foreign actors.”

Entities on the list face freezing of all goods and assets which persons or companies may hold, directly or indirectly under U.S. jurisdiction, as well the prohibition of any legal transactions that involve U.S. citizens or entities.

Through November of 2018, a total of 205 Cuban entities had been listed, including hotels in important tourist destinations like Varadero, Havana, and the Villa Clara keys; as well as stores and shopping centers.

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The Helms-Burton is also illegal within the #UnitedStates

Not even the legal system of said nation respects the Helms-Burton Act, its authors blinded by their desire to destroy the Cuban Revolution, by their interest in bending and submitting a people whose dignity and courage, is recognized within the community of nations, which has helped to confront them, and resist aggression, in defense of its freedom, their independence and its sovereignty.

The willingness of the Cuban government to find a solution to the issue of compensation for expropriated properties through a civilized dialogue and on the basis of the respect and sovereign equality of States, was reaffirmed on December 24, 1996 when the Act No. 80 on Reaffirmation of Cuban Dignity and Sovereignty was adopted. This legislation declares the Helms-Burton Act unlawful, unenforceable and without any legal value or effect in our country, and also prescribes aspects of special significance such as:

-To consider null any complaint covered in it, regardless of the citizenship of the filing it.

-To reaffirm the disposition of the government of the Republic of Cuba, expressed in the laws of nationalization, concerning a fair compensation of the expropriated properties to natural or legal persons who held US citizenship at that time.

– That these compensations for the properties nationalized to the United States can be settled as part of a negotiating process between the US. and Cuban governments.- Compensation claims must be examined alongside with the compensation to which the Cuban State and people are entitled, due to the damages caused by the blockade and the aggressions of all kinds, whose responsibility is entitled to the US Government.- Any person, natural or legal from US. who uses the procedures established in the Helms-Burton Act, accepts its terms or tries to use them to the detriment of others is excluded of these future and possible negotiations.It is appropriate to notice that the Helms-Burton Act recognizes the right to establish claims, under the protection of its courts, to persons who at the time of nationalization were not US citizens. and acquired this condition afterwards. Another aspect to highlight is Section 6 of Article 302 where it clearly states that “no US court. will invoke “The Act of State Doctrine ” to refrain from making a determination on the substance of an undertaken action … “We wonder where the independence of the judicial power of that country has gone. Is it not evident that we are witnessing a flagrant interference of the legislative power in the areas of competence of the judiciary at the expense of its independence of action, and that all this constitutes, undoubtedly, a violation of the constitutional order of that State, the very essence of its institutional system, the separation of powers and the so-called checks and balances based on the idea that it is not enough to separate powers and guarantee their independence, they should be given the means to defend their own powers from intrusions of another one?BLINDED BY THE THIRST FOR DESTRUCTIONIt is appropriate to quote now James Madison, considered one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and its Constitution, when he said:”To what expedient will we then resort to keep in practice the necessary division of powers among the different departments, as established by the Constitution? The only answer that can be given is that since all precautions of an external nature have been inadequate, the defect must be replaced when designing the internal structure of the government, in such a way that its different constituent parts can be, by their mutual relations, the means of keeping each other in their place.”Even, the Helms-Burton Act goes against judicial precedents established by US courts, which, according to its legal system, establish the action for the solution of the conflicts brought to them.The Act of State Doctrine is the precedent of justice in the United States today, and for the first time was applied in the case Underhill vs. Hernández in 1946, when he said:”Every sovereign State is bound to respect other sovereign States each other’s independence, and the courts of a country cannot meet in session to judge the acts of another country’s government carried out within its own territory. The reparation of grievances by reason of these acts must be obtained using the means that sovereign powers may use in their relations with each other “.On March 23, 1964, the Supreme Court of the United States, upon hearing of the Sabbatino vs. Banco Nacional de Cuba, established:”In spite of how burdensome it may be to the public norm of this country and to the member states, we conclude that an expropriation of this nature is best served at the national interest as well as at the progress towards the goal of International Law governing among nations, keeping intact the Act of Sovereign Power Doctrine so that in this case its application reigns.”

Not even the legal system of said nation respects the Helms-Burton Act, its authors blinded by their desire to destroy the Cuban Revolution, by their interest in bending and submitting a people whose dignity and courage, is recognized within the community of nations, which has helped to confront them, and resist aggressions, in defense of its freedom, their independence and its sovereignty.

AGAINST THE INTERNATIONAL ORDERThe transgression of the international legal order by the United States government is manifested, among others, in their position on the Cuban government’s nationalizations, which goes against Resolutions 2625 (XXV) and 1803 of the United Nations. The latter notes that:”Nationalization, expropriation or requisition, must be based on reasons of public utility, security or national interest, which are recognized as superior to the mere private or particular interest, both national and foreign. In these cases, the corresponding compensation will be paid to the owner in accordance with the rules in force in the State that adopts these measures in the exercise of its sovereignty and in accordance with International Law, he adds. In any case where the question of compensation gives rise to a dispute, the national jurisdiction of the State that takes such measures must be exhausted.”
“However; by agreement between sovereign States and other interested parties, litigation may be settled by arbitration or international judicial settlement.”  On the other hand, its claim to limit the process of investment of foreign capital is another violation of the international law, as this process is recognized as a vehicle for the development of peoples, as formulated in instruments of both the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.  For these reasons, we cannot understand each other.  The permanent denunciation by all honest and goodwill people facing this unbalanced and illegal act, the call for sanity, respect for the legal order of States and the international community, imposes at this time when firmness, unity and loyalty of our people shall prevail.

Cubans say to the #UnitedStates: “We understand in English … But not with threats, against our homeland, we do not understand each other” / #LeyGarrote #HelmsBurton – #UnblockCuba

#US lies & threats VS #Cuba denounced around the world #HelmsBurton Act’s Title III Via Granma Cuba


Voices around the world continue to condemn new U.S. sanctions on Cuba, in particular the recent activation of the Helms-Burton Act’s Title III.
The government of Mexico reiterated its rejection of the re-activation of this stipulation in violation of international law, and reaffirmed its commitment to legally protect Mexican companies that may be affected. In an official communique, the Ministry of Economy recalled that, in order to counteract the extraterritorial effects of the Helms-Burton, Mexico enacted a law that specifically protects commerce and investment from foreign regulations that contravene international norms, in effect since October 1996.
“Like other countries, Mexico has analyzed the relevant legal procedures to file complaints for violations of international law that the Helms-Burton Act represents,” the Mexican government states.
The Islamic Republic of Iran also confirmed its support for the Cuba. “Washington demonstrated, once again, that it resorts to illegitimate mechanisms to pressure independent countries,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Abas Musavi said.
According to Prensa Latina, a professor at the Chinese University of Political Science and Law, Pan Deng, commented that the Trump administration is attempting to pressure Cuba and affecting the entire international community.

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What antidotes are there against #HelmsBurton ? @cubadebate #EuropeanUnion #Canada #AsambleaNacionalCuba #Mexico


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Now that the Donald Trump administration is preparing for the full activation of the Title III of the Helms-Burton’s, designed to block foreign investments in the largest of the Antilles, those same countries remind Washington that they also have legal resources to deal with the aggressiveness of the White House.

The European Union: The Blocking Statute

Canada: Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act

Mexico: Ley de Protección al Comercio y la Inversión de Normas Extranjeras que Contravengan el Derecho Internacional

Cuba: Ley de Reafirmación de la Dignidad y Soberanía Cubanas





Snapshot Via TeleSurEnglish | The #US keeps imposing new sanctions against #Cuba but #Cuba keeps resisting #US attacks against its sovereignty / #HelmsBurtonAct #UnblockCuba

On the #HelmsBurton Act, let’s talk “Cuban” language / “… #Cubans r made of iron & can resist the most difficult trials.”


From the Original Post In Granma English

The Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act is a vengeful monstrosity that is aimed at breaking the soul of Cuba, through whatever bloodletting is needed, causing an immense shock to leave us prostrate forever. The goal is the extermination of a nation.
Let’s imagine two hypothetical scenarios, impossible for those of us who have confidence in our ability to resist and our people’s courage.
First: The imperialist enemy and its allies, making use of their military might, manage to occupy most of the country and establish a transitional government, after proclaiming the end of the Revolution.Second: The division, deceit, and discouragement sown by the enemy, the betrayal, force us to “let the sword fall,” as in 1878, a Baraguá cannot be ruled out. A transitional government is established and U.S. troops occupy the country to guarantee the arrival of “humanitarian aid.”Would we then have “free and democratic” elections? No, the transitional government, handpicked by the occupation forces, cannot call elections until the United States Congress says so.
So, after who knows how many years, the U.S. Congress approves elections. What about the economic, commercial, and financial blockade? Is it lifted when the end of the Revolution is proclaimed? No, that’s not the plan; it remains intact during the transition, to keep the pressure on.Well, continuing the hypothetical story, the transition is over, we have an acceptable, Yankee style president and government. Will the blockade be lifted? One might think so, but no, that’s not what the Helms-Burton stipulates.

Continue reading “On the #HelmsBurton Act, let’s talk “Cuban” language / “… #Cubans r made of iron & can resist the most difficult trials.””

Via @MediccGail – New #Cuba sanctions: House Foreign Affairs Committee rejects “cowboy diplomacy” that hurts #US businesses, & both US and #Cuban people / #HelmsBurtonAct #UnblockCuba


Engel on Implementation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act

April 172019

Bronx, NY—Representative Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, today made the following statement:

“President Trump’s rejection of over two decades of bipartisan consensus on a key piece of U.S. policy toward Cuba will further isolate the United States from our Latin American and European allies and diminish our ability to promote democracy in Cuba and Venezuela. Sadly, this decision will do nothing to resolve U.S. property claims in Cuba—an important goal toward which we must continue to strive.

“Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all waived Title III of the Helms-Burton Act for so long because they rightly concluded that it would harm U.S. interests, American businesses, and the Cuban people. It will also damage our partnerships with key allies, including Canada and the European Union, by opening up another front in the Trump trade war as it opens the United States to litigation in the WTO. The losers in the latest round of Donald Trump’s cowboy diplomacy will be the American people who will suffer the real-life consequences of retaliatory trade measures.

“And, there are very serious repercussions of this decision on our cooperation with allies in support of democracy in Venezuela. instead of understanding the impact of today’s action on our partners, the Trump Administration has chosen to isolate itself from those in the EU and the Americas with whom we should be coordinating. I urge the President to rethink this ill-advised decision and self-inflicted wound.”


Title III of the Helms-Burton Act allows Americans to file suit in U.S. courts against those “trafficking” in properties confiscated in Cuba. Its reach is extraterritorial and allows suits to move forward against foreign defendants. 

Trump’s #Cuba Reversal on Seized Property Challenged by Allies Via / #HelmsBurtonAct #UnblockCuba


President Donald Trump’s move to let U.S. citizens file lawsuits over property confiscated in Cuba during the 1959 revolution angered European allies who vowed to challenge the reversal of more than two decades of policy.

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#Cuba #HelmsBurton: the dreams of the beast #US #UnBlockCuba Via MiCuba


Out of the blue some people are trying to reinvented the language, for example the “armed intervention” now is calling “humanitarian aid” and in the case of the Helms-Burton “legal monster” Act the crushing of a country is placed under the “innocent” Name of the “Law of Freedom and Solidarity with Cuba” A whole project about a an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic  DYSTOPIA, with a republic even more unreal than that which arose in 1902.

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