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More doctors return from #Brazil, proud of their contribution to universal healthcare – Via Granma Cuba #MoreThanDoctors

As faithful practitioners of revolutionary solidarity, more than 400 members of Cuba’s medical brigade in Brazil were welcomed at Havana’s José Martí International Airport during the dawn hours Sunday, returning on the 27th and 28th flights bringing Cuban doctors home, following the end of Cuba’s participation in the South American country’s More Doctors program.

Dr. Oralys García González speaking for the group on the second flight emphasized that the Cuban school of medicine teaches not only science, but humanism and internationalism as well, distinguishing Cuba doctors around the world.

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#FactsMatter #Cuba / Program “More Doctors for #Brazil” – #Health for the most vulnerable communities / PAHO TV

From the saying 2 the fact there is a great stretch ! – Bolsonaro closes #MoreDoctors & leaves 2 his fate the #Cuban professionals who stayed in #Brazil Via Miradas Cuba


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Automatically Translation /

The government of Jair Bolsonaro is preparing to permanently close More Doctors, a project designed by the Workers Party in 2013 to bring health care to the most remote areas of Brazil, and in which thousands of Cuban doctors participated.

The federal government decided to close the program and replace it with a new one , which is still being planned and will be presented “soon,” Mayra Pinheiro, secretary of Labor and Education at the Brazilian Ministry of Health, told the press on Wednesday. 

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#MoreThanDoctors #MaisMedicos #Masmedicos – Spokesperson statements. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

Cuba celebrates the XX anniversary of the #LatinAmericanSchoolOfMedicine #ELAM – Via El Joven Cubano #MaisMedicos #MoreThanDoctors #MasQueMedicos


With more than seven thousand students from 24 countries from Latin America and the United States, the Latin American School of Medicine celebrates its twentieth anniversary and its graduation number 15 with the commitment to continue the training of men and women’s of science and conscience to contribute from Cuba to the unity and integration of the peoples.

As Fidel Castro said at his inauguration on November 15, 1999, within the framework of the IX Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, ” this center is going to be dedicate to the most noble and humane of trades: saving lives and preserving health “

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#FactsMatter / Community Doctors: Documentary on #ELAM #Latin American School of Medicine / Video -2016 #MaisMedicos #MoreThanDoctors #MasQueMedicos


UPDATE / + VIDEO #Cuba Denounces Program to Stimulate its Doctors’ Brain Drain – Via Radio Reloj Cuba + TeleSurEnglish




Image Taken from CaimanBarbudo Cuba

CuriosityDid you know that Radio Reloj is the only Cuban radio station that broadcasts news every minute, 24 hours a day & live ? It is also the only station in the country that transmits (at 12 noon and 12 o’clock at night) the time of more than twenty capitals of the world. LISTEN TO IT HERE


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Cuba”s President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced Saturday attempts to impose the Cuban Medical Parole Program, established by the U.S. government of George W. Bush (2001-2009) and repealed by that of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

‘They are trying to impose a perverse resource to stimulate brain drain. One more anti-Cuban campaign, which reveals imperial impotence in the face of revolutionary conquests. Its promoters cannot favor a civilized relationship, they are blinded by the arrogance #SomosCuba’, wrote the Head of State in his Twitter @DiazCanelB.

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#Cubandoctors in #Brazil: How can conditions be placed on lives? – Via Granma #Cuba


Boticario is a town lost in the vast northeast of Brazil, in the municipality of

Santo Amaro de Brotas, close to the Aracaju coast in the State of Sergipe, more than 1,600 kilometers from the capital, Brasilia.

It is hard to say if the President-elect of the country, Jair Bolsonaro, has been here, or if he knows where this town is located on the map. It is even more unlikely that he knows the story of María, a humble, young woman, 29 years of age, to whom a Cuban doctor provided relief.

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Salary, titles, family and the good of #Cuban doctors in #Brazil – Via Cubadebate


Since 2016, when he was a deputy, Jair Bolsonaro, the president-elect of Brazil, has had the Mas Medicos program at the center of his ultra-rightist speech, denouncing the training of Cuban medical personnel and describing them as modern slaves and he also called them cobras, mercenaries and agents.

Bolsonaro and his counterparts in Miami repeat his speech of insidiousness again and again and try to reverse the faults of the death blow that they have given to medical care of a significant part of the Brazilian people.

Does Cuba take away the salary of doctors in Brazil?

  • MINSAP pays in Cuba 100% of employees’ salaries to the Cuban doctors. Although they are not in Cuba, they preserve their places and all the labor and social guarantees of which they are creditors as workers of the national health system, and the protection and care necessary for their families.
  • Cuba Doctors in Brazil do not receive salaries, because they are not employees of the Brazilian health system, but scholarship holders who provide services specializing in primary services , which is allowed by the Federal Law of the Mas Medicos Program.
    The Brazilian government does not pay salaries to the Pan American Health
  • Brazilian Gov. do not pay  to the Pan American Health Organization but pays for the services that the organization has contracted to the Ministry of Public Health in Cuba.

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