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“Sunset over the landscape of the Valle de Ingenios, #Cuba. From a sugar tower outside #Trinidad ” Via @divergenttravel “


The photo was taken on Divergent Travelers World Photography Tours partnered with Your Travel Cuba.


@IBEROSTAR_Cuba Grand Hotel Trinidad Wins Quality Leader Award (+photos) – Via Escambray English

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, was granted the Quality Leader Award, in its sixth edition, by the National Trade Union of Hotels and Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism, said officials from that entity.

The only five-star hotel located in a city in central Cuba, won the prize because of its contributions to the economy as well as the high levels of efficiency in customer service.

It was known that in order to receive this distinction a full evaluation was carried out as well as surveys of foreign and national guests, which are included in specialized websites such as Tripadvisor.

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Trinidad, the place to experience Cuba’s diversity


Trinidad boasts four of the six principal tourist destinations in the province of Sancti Spíritus, in the center of the island. It is not only one of the best preserved colonial cities in the Caribbean, but also offers the beach at Ancón, one of the most popular on the southern coast of Cuba, as well as natural sites like Topes de Collantes and the Valle de los Ingenios, declared a World Heritage Site in 1988 by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science, and Culture (UNESCO), along with the city.

Its privileged location has made the area the perfect destination for circuit tourism, a modality in which Cuba is expanding, thanks to the variety of heritage cities throughout the country that can be visited.

Since its founding in 1514 as the Villa de la Santísima Trinidad, the region was an important center of the island’s sugar industry. Its plantations, mills, towers, boilers, mansions, and other constructions related to the sugar cane economy dotted the area, to become cultural and historical attractions today.

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Cuba: Trinidad is declared World Craft City

0731-trinidad-cubaThe city of Trinidad has just been declared a World Craft City, after an extensive evaluation process by the World Crafts Council, which makes of this city located some 4 hours southeast of Havana, one of its kind in Cuba.
Roberto Ponce, director of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Property at Sancti Spíritus, confirmed the news to the press and said that in June the third village founded by the Spaniards on the island was visited by members of the World Council from 11 countries, including Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico.  Continue reading “Cuba: Trinidad is declared World Craft City”

Cuba attends Trade Convention in Trinidad and Tobago


HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 5 (ACN) A large delegation of specialists from 19 companies will represent Cuba at the Trinidad and Tobago Trade and Investment Convention (TIC 2018), which begins this Thursday in Port of Spain.
The group of experts is headed by the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Antilles, Ruben Ramos, and is made up of 30 other government officials, according to the Prensa Latina agency.
The best represented sectors are those of the food and beverage industry, biotechnology, chemicals, sugar production, construction, public health, tourism, culture, science and technology, telecommunications and household consumer goods.  Continue reading “Cuba attends Trade Convention in Trinidad and Tobago”

Investment in #Cuban tourism on the rise #FitCuba2019 / May 2019


Official FITCUBA2019

As part of an ambitious Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) development plan through 2030, this year some 3,805 hotel rooms should be completed across the country and another 5,000 will be renovated and improved.

Currently, according to José R. Daniel Alonso, Mintur’s general director of development, investment by Cuban state enterprises and international companies are both being promoted to expand lodging capacity.

“We are doing so in important tourist poles like Varadero, where there is investment by the Almest furniture enterprise and Mintur’s real estate company, Inmotur. In this case, we can mention the Oasis and Varadero Internacional hotels. Meanwhile, in this destination, other investment projects are in the preparation stage,” Daniel Alonso reported.

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Proud to be #Cuban / From the original “Si yo no fuera #Cubano ” Granma #Cuba / #UnBlockCuba #FuerzaCuba

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Automatically Translate 

If I were not Cuban, how many things I would have lost, how much Creole substance, how much laughter and handshakes.

If the stork had thrown me in other latitudes, I would not have grown up with the doors of my house always open in the middle of a rural, quiet and picturesque neighborhood.

I would not have graduated from college without paying a penny.

I would be missing the pictures next to Jose Marti at school, the memory of the  parents tying blue or red scarves around their young childrens necks the euphoria of the neighbourhood after the Stevenson’s fulminating knockout on the prominent and squarejaw yankee Duanne Bobbick, who was nicknamed “The withe hope” and, hope at last, it was eaten by the goat.

If I were not Cuban, I would have ignored the collective joy that is woven around a large pot full of broth in the middle of the street.

I would not know the clatter of dominoes under an almond tree, nor would I have memories of the “Buey Cansao” of the Van Van, the “Nueva Trova”, Palmas y cañas” or even the meteorological statement of Dr. José Rubiera, known in my town as the Hurricane Hunter

If I were not Cuban I would not have applauded Fidel whenever the carapacho sounded to the characters from the North, I would never have premiered a guayabera and probably did not know anything about the ball, staying out of the crowd when Antonio Muñoz the ball burst and Bobby Salamanca shouted at the top of his lungs: “Goodbye, Lolita of my life.” I would not know the congrí, nor the pig roasted in a plectrum.

If I were not Cuban, I could get up early and not drink coffee, I would always speak softly, I would not joke in the most unexpected places, I would not engage in improvised conversations with any stranger at the bus stop, I would not ask the neighbors for salt, I would not donate blood voluntarily, I would know a little less solidarity, I would not go to hospitals for free, I would not have children protected by free vaccines, I would not pay attention to the Virgin of Charity, to the stamps of San Lazaro or to the offerings left in the trunks of the ceibas.

I would ignore the joy to make a constitution and have the right to vote for it, and above all and live in people strongher tha a twister.

I would never have learn than you van live with less but with more pride, that you can block anything but the smile and the desire to live witout pride.

Growing Investments in Cuban Tourism (PART IV)

Roberto F. Campos

Havana, Jul 14 (Prensa Latina) Cuba”s investment process in tourism covers many aspects to diversify the offer beyond sun and beach options.

That is why, the general director for development at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), Jose Daniel Alonso, considers other spheres of interest.

The variety of options is broad, with the presence of the Spanish chain Meliá in the central-southern city of Cienfuegos and in neighboring Trinidad, where it will open the 350-room Meliá Trinidad Hotel, currently in the ground-breaking stage.
For its part, the Spanish group Iberostar will run the Ancon Trinidad Hotel, whose construction will start in October.

Continue reading “Growing Investments in Cuban Tourism (PART IV)”

Cuba and TT Seek ‘New Opportunities’ to Boost Trade


The vice-president of the Cuba Chamber of Commerce, Ruben Ramos, has led a 27-strong delegation of Cuban businesses displaying their products at the TT Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) annual Trade and Investment Convention at the Centre of Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago.  The two Caribbean countries are exploring new ways to further boast trade opportunities between the two Caribbean countries.

“There is a commitment from Cuba to develop that relationship with the Caribbean as part of foreign policy for trade and integration in Caricom, (Caribbean Community) Ramos said. “We are working to try to facilitate trade, (whether it is) transportation and trade agreement to reduce tariffs, that will help trade activity between our countries.”  Continue reading “Cuba and TT Seek ‘New Opportunities’ to Boost Trade”

Highly Recommended: From Miami to Lima, the twisted path of the Summit of the Americas

A 20-year History

Original post HERE + Related: Trump will not have it easy in Peru: They propose to place him in Lima on migrants in the US

The Eighth Summit of the Americas, set to be held April 13-14 in Lima, Peru, is the latest event organized by a controversial mechanism, which makes little contribution to regional integration, but contradictorily, serves to position the South’s interests in contrast to those the North seeks to impose.

The history of these summits over the last 20 years, from the first in Miami, in 1994, to Lima, reveals the tensions which exist between two very different social and political projects: U.S. Pan-Americanism and the integrationist vision of the liberators south of the Rio Bravo.

The agenda for the Peru Summit, which will supposedly focus on “Democratic governability in the face of corruption,” became a mockery after the host country’s President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, resigned following a scandal over shady business dealings with the company Odebrecht.

Despite this, plans to use the event to single out certain countries, a common practice since 1994, remain in place.

This time however, it will be a lot more difficult to cover up the acts of corruption and crises of governability in many of the countries allied with Washington, which have lent themselves to attacking sovereign nations such as Venezuela.

Meanwhile, there are growing calls to put an end to exclusions which have marked the first six summits – to which Cuba was not invited following pressure from Washington – and allow Venezuela, whose invitation was withdrawn without the consensus of all member-states, to participate.

Peru will also be the site of the People’s Summit, held parallel to the main event since the 1998 edition in Chile.

Continue reading “Highly Recommended: From Miami to Lima, the twisted path of the Summit of the Americas”

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