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Places you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning to visit Cuba (II)


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The National Museum of Fine Arts. It’s the institution in charge of treasuring, restoring, conserving, promoting and investigating Cuba’s plastic heritage. It has the most important collection of Cuban art from the XVI Century.



The assassination of John F. Kennedy and the plot against Cuba 54 years later Via #HistoriadeCuba


By  Fabián Escalante

Automatically Translated 

Fifty-four years later, the President Kennedy assassination has not been clarified and nothing has been discovered about his direct or  indirect assassins in the reports that are periodically declassified by the US authorities, however, from time to time, Cuba is pointed without any foundation, suspiciously every time the US Administration on duty toughens its aggressive and inhumane policies against the island.

So, we have considered to expose the analysis and considerations of the Cuban researches and American scholars in this regard, which unveil in a very clear way the causes that originated the homicidal plot and point towards its instigators and eventual executors.

Kennedy was assassinated at noon on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, while in Cuba an emissary sent by him, the French journalist Jean Daniel, talked with Fidel Castro about the dimensions and causes of the conflict between both nations and their possible solutions.

What were the circumstances that caused both events? Undoubtedly, the changes that were beginning took place in US foreign policy regarding to Cuba, which were the direct result of the conflict that put the world on the verge of nuclear war, caused by the defensive deployment of Soviet missiles on the island. , before the escalation of terrorist acts and aggression of the United States that should end with a military invasion at the end of 1962.




Trump Effect’ in #Cuba preserves undemocratic #ColdWar policy Via @Truthdig

Medea Benjamin / Code Pink / On Nov. 8, just as President Trump was clinching new business deals with the repressive Communist government of China, the Trump administration announced its new rules rolling back President Obama’s opening with Cuba. The new regulations restricting travel and trade with the Caribbean island will make it illegal once again for Americans to travel to Cuba without a special license from the Treasury Department and will dramatically reduce the number of Americans traveling there.

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Reasons of Cuba – Science Speak Out

Postby @CubanWindow from Razones de Cuba (The Reasons of Cuba)

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Richard Stone, editor of the prestigious journal Science, visited the Cuban experts while they participated in the online forum.

According to Stone, having access to the original data is fundamental to solving the mystery of the supposed acoustic attacks. The American scientific community is not aware of the extensive research conducted in Cuba, so the “online forum is especially useful to disseminate what they have discovered so far.”

Join the Marathon: Cuba Marabana 2017

Via Worlds Marathons

Are you are a passionate marathon runner and adventurous traveler who wants to check the Havana Marathon off your international race list?  Wait no longer! Marabana Marathon is the name a popular marathon in Cuba. Marabana has been held in Havana, Cuba, during the month of November. It contains both a Marathon and a Half Marathon in a circuit around the most central avenues in Havana, starting and finishing in Old Havana. The route of the marathon and half-marathon is AIMS and IAAF certified.


Paseo del Prado Ave

San Jose, La Habana, Cuba


Parque Central / Paseo del Prado

San Jose, La Habana, Cuba




The route passes through many areas of the city, along the waterfront Malecon overlooking the bay of Havana, old, stately buildings, the old town with its wealth of colonial buildings (modeled after the Capitol in Washington), past monuments like the Capitolio, the Cabana fortress at the harbor entrance, the famous Hotel Nacional, the Revolution Square, the Parque Central – places and spaces, which reflect over 400 years of history and architecture!


It is 21 kilometers and 97,50 meters from the start to finish line and therefore completing the circuit twice has the distance of 42km and 195m. The start and finish line is in the Paseo del Prado between Teniente Rey and San José, the racecourse compromises the following streets and avenues: Prado, Refugio, Zulueta, ave. De las Misiones, Malecón, Calzada, street 12, street 23, ave. 26, Boyeros, Santa Catalina, Primelles, Vía Blanca, Boyeros, Salvador Allende, Reina and Prado.



498 birthdays of San Cristobal of Havana

Via Telesur English – Cuba: Havana Exhibits 498 Years of Archaeological History


Places you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning to visit Cuba (I)

Post By @CubanWindow

The Grand Theater of Havana «ALICIA ALONSO» the oldest active theatrical institution in Latin America, was inaugurated February 18, 1838, under the name of Grand Theater of Tacon.  Shortly, thanks to the magnificence of their spectacle halls and the celebrity of the artists that were presented there, its fame transcended the frontiers of the island. After several reformations, both in its facade as well as in its interior, the building was remodeled to lead the way to its current form. In its history, it has been known by other names, such as Grand National Theater, Estrada Palma Theater and Garcia Lorca Theater.

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Travel To Cuba With The Nation

Via The Nation You Tube Chanel

“Havana is now and will be more beautiful”

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