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#FactsMatter – Neither the first or the last version of the New Cuban #Constitution closes the way to #equalmarriage / #YoVotoSi #CubaIsNotFrozenInTime – Via Cubainformacion


Last version:



Everyone has the right to found a family. The State recognizes and protects families, whatever their form of organization, as a fundamental cell of society and creates the conditions to ensure that the achievement of its goals is fully favored.
They are constituted by legal or fact, of an affect nature, and are based on the equality of rights, duties and opportunities of its members.
The legal protection of the various types of families is regulated by law. (opens the way to be treated the subject in the current code of Cuban family in project also of modification which will be approved in 2 years)


Marriage is a social and legal institution. It is one of the forms of organization of families. It is based on free consent and in the equality of rights, obligations and legal capacity of
The law determines the form in which it is constituted and its effects.
It also recognizes the stable and unique union with legal capacity, which in fact forms a common life project, which under the conditions and circumstances stipulated by law, generate the rights and obligations that this provides.


February 24 – #Referendum on New #Constitution Takes Shape in #Cuba – Via Latin Press


The referendum scheduled on February 24 for Cubans to vote on the new Constitution of the Republic takes shape today with the appointment of the electoral authorities in charge of the referendum.

In accordance with the Cuban Electoral Law, the Council of State announced the appointment of the 17 members of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), which headed by Alina Balseiro, will have the responsibility to organize, direct and validate a process in which more than eight million people are called to cast their direct and secrete votes.

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New #ConstitutionalProject Proposal to Go to the Cuban Parliament – Via Latin Press

Expert says Raul Castro is using constitution to protect institutions 20180727215619.jpg_12424519_ver1.0_640_360

The Vice President of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP, Parliament), Ana María Mari Machado, affirmed today that a new proposal for the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba will be presented to the deputies.

In exclusive to Prensa Latina, the legislator informed that the Commission that drafted the new Magna Carta has not stopped working, which made it possible to prepare a project proposal that will be presented to the Parliament.

It meant that it was enriched by the suggestions made by the people during the debate period of the preliminary draft from August 13 to November 15.

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In Cuba after 133, 681 popular consultation meetings the Commission drafting proposed #ConstitutionOfTheRepublicOfCuba meets


The Commission was informed of results from the recently concluded popular consultation, during which 133, 681 meetings were held, with 8,945,521 persons attending.

In these meetings, 1,706,872 citizens spoke, making 783,174 proposals, (666,995 modifications, 32,149 additions, 45,548 eliminations, and 38,482 requests for clarification).

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Exclusive interview of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel – Via TeleSurEnglish

Constitutional Reform in Cuba: Considerations on Effective Citizenship (Part I + II)


Read the Post in Razones de Cuba Part IPart II  / Need to be translate

The fundamental changes respond to the fact that with the adoption of another citizenship the Cuban one would not be lost, and that once in the national territory, the Cuban citizen is governed by that condition and can only make use of it.

In this regard it can be considered that in a globalized and interdependent world as that which is configured in the present millennium causes many unanimously accepted concepts and principles have to be rethought or restructured, this occurs with the principle of Private International Law that holds that “Nobody can have two citizenship “, and that is only the negative and restrictive manifestation of another principle of Private International Law unanimously accepted by the doctrine until the end of the last century that affirmed affirmatively that” Every person must have a citizenship “.

Equal Marriage: Myths and more myths (+ DOSSIER)



Automatically Translate – There have been many myths about LGTBI couples, but one of the main ones is that it is a relationship based more on the sexual than on the affective matters.

Another, is related to equal marriage and, therefore, the right to have offspring, raise and live with kids.

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Why are changes proposed to the structure of the Cuban state and government?


What are the main changes proposed in the draft Constitution, which is currently being debated in neighborhoods, workplaces and schools, regarding the structure of the Cuban state and government? What motivates this decision?

In a panel held at the headquarters of the Union of Cuban Journalists, Dr. Martha Prieto, vice president of the Cuban Society of Constitutional Law and tenured professor at the University of Havana, acknowledged that the proposed changes in the leadership structure of the island are among the most novel of the draft Constitution.

The new proposal separates the functions of the President of the Republic and those of the Prime Minister, which were previously merged into one, based on collegial decision making.

“Now, although he (the President) is the head of the Executive, he must also be a deputy, approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP). This is a necessary measure, because it prevents Assembly-state leadership separation,” the jurist explained.

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Constitutional Reform in Cuba: Changes in the structure of the State (+ Info-graphics)


The structure of the State in Cuba could change considerably during 2019.

Related: Constitutional Reform in Cuba

The Draft Constitution, which is being submitted to popular consultation since August 13, proposes novelties in the higher management bodies, without doubts, the most transcendental in the last 42 years.


  • The figures of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister return.
  • The Council of State and the National Assembly of People’s Power will have the same address.
  • The Province Assemblies of the Popular Power are eliminated and a Province Government, integrated by the Governor and a Council, is instituted, so that the municipality is strengthened and finally achieves greater autonomy.
  • Likewise, the position of an Intendant is introduced, who shall govern the Board of Directors in the municipalities.


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