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Despite the #US blockade: “In #Cuba the Industry 4.0 is coming soon”

Since 1959, employment and the right to work have been guaranteed in Cuba, codified in the Labor Code and reaffirmed in the new Constitution.

Not even in the most difficult moments of the Revolution has a single worker been abandoned to fate, shock therapies have never been applied. On the contrary, adhering to the principle of non-discrimination, access to jobs has been ensured regardless of sex, race, creed, or any other exclusionary factor.

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#Cuba National agenda Via Granma


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-The Council of Ministers meeting for the month of July was held, presided by its President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

– A report on the improvement of zoning and land use policies was presented.

– Samuel Rodiles Planas, president of the Institute of Physical Planning, presented a special urban plan for Varadero, the country’s most popular beach resort.

– A territorial land use plan was approved for mountainous areas.

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#Wednesday / Guáimaro, 150 years of patriotism (+ Photos) (+ Video) / @AsambleaCuba #SomosContinuidad #Guáimaro150 #NuevaConstitución Via Cuban History

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April 10 #Cuba proclaims the New Constitution Via Miradas Cuba / 150 Anniversary of the Constitution of Guaimaro @AsambleaCuba #SomosContinuidad #Guáimaro150 #NuevaConstitución


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This April 10, Cuba must vibrate not only when the National Assembly of People’s Power proclaims the new Constitution of the Republic , but with a tweet, which is convened to all Cuban citizens to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Constitution of Guaimaro and the conquests of the Revolution.

While in the Havana Convention Center in extraordinary session the deputies will perform such a solemn act, on social networks, all those who feel patriotic will be able to reaffirm “the decision of our people to continue the historical legacy of the Mambises and support Socialism “, As stressed by the call of the highest legislative body.

Through the official account @AsambleaCuba , -says the call- we will share from 9:00 am on that day, and until 12:00 pm, the reasons that make us celebrate, with special pride, this date of great historical significance and politics for our nation, with the hashtags # Guáimaro150 # NuevaConstitución and #SomosContinuidad.

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#FactsMatter – @yoanisanchez & her fake harassment

” …nobody hindered the provocateur & the euphoria seen in this Video is a legitimate act of patriotism & no a direct offense to his person, except having been defeated by the popular will and its neighbors”

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The Pain that obsesses the #Yankees with #Cuba – Via Auca / Note by @CubanWindow: “The Constitution of the #UnitedStates adopted in 1787 came in to force in 1789 & It’s still in force so it’s the oldest written constitution that is still in force in the world ” / #Yes4Cuba #YoVoteSi


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The overwhelming vote of the Cuban people for the Yes, in the referendum to approve the new Constitution, was a majority support for socialism.

That result is a painful reality for the United States and the opposition that they created and financed annually with more than 20 million us, for that reason they now declare that “it was a fraud” and they will not recognize it.

However, if they won the No, then they would recognize it, despite celebrating with the same mechanisms and electoral pattern, because that is how the Yankees are, like spoiled babies who give them fits of crying when they do not have the toy they want.

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New #Constitution in #Cuba | Aurelio Alonso, Cuban sociologist and writer: “The most democratic participation in our history has been achieved” / Via NODAL

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On Sunday, February 24, almost eight million people voted to ratify or not the text of Cuba’s new constitution.

The referendum was held after months of preparation, reading and rereading the old and new laws that added to the citizen proposals and the carried out by officials and by the State.

According to the preliminary data, it was finally approved by 86.85 percent of the votes against nine percent who voted for the “no”.

Now, how is the process of participation on the island?

Who participated and what proposals were taken into account ?

To know in depth this process, NODAL interviewed Aurelio Alonso, prestigious Cuban sociologist and writer, National Prize on Social and Humanistic Sciences 2013 and one of the members of Pensamiento Crítico, a monthly magazine that was published in Havana between 1967 and 1971.

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Translation / BC I want 2 see my son smile in a safe country, BC I live with dignity without price, BC I believe in the #Revolution always perfectible & deeply humanist, BC I am faithful to the legacy of those who brought us here #YoVotoSí #24Feb – Via @aparedesrebelde


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Grandpa, you have to vote secretly

But I can tell you, I vote for your future

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