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Yuli – Cuban ballet superstar Carlos Acosta #HabanaFilmFestival – Via LatinPress + Youtube

Havana Film Festival 

The script helped the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta escape from reality and return to his childhood, family and hometown, as reflected in a film whose screening on Sunday generates crowds of anxious moviegoers.

It is the film Yuli, whose first screening in Cuba two days ago left a lot of audience out of the Karl Marx Theater in Havana, a typical scene during the International Festivals of the New Latin American Cinema when the program of the event announces a recognized film. Judging by criticisms, the new feature film by the Spanish director Iciar Bollain ranks among the greatest productions of the year in the world. British playwright Paul Laverty won the award to the script at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain with this movie.

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More about trump’s kickback policy – #UnitedStates close center of the Citizenship and Immigration Service in #Cuba


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)  announced the permanent closure of its local office in Cuba, whose work will take place in the Mexican capital.

According to a statement released by that entity, the cessation of that center began on Monday, and the USCIS office in Mexico City will assume jurisdiction over immigration matters to the United States previously served in Havana.

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Vintage Cuba with insightCuba

More doctors return from #Brazil, proud of their contribution to universal healthcare – Via Granma Cuba #MoreThanDoctors

As faithful practitioners of revolutionary solidarity, more than 400 members of Cuba’s medical brigade in Brazil were welcomed at Havana’s José Martí International Airport during the dawn hours Sunday, returning on the 27th and 28th flights bringing Cuban doctors home, following the end of Cuba’s participation in the South American country’s More Doctors program.

Dr. Oralys García González speaking for the group on the second flight emphasized that the Cuban school of medicine teaches not only science, but humanism and internationalism as well, distinguishing Cuba doctors around the world.

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Walking Tour of Old Havana Via InsightCuba

Our Weekend in Havana tour is far more than a mere brush with exotic culture – it’s a full-on immersive discovery allowing you to not only pay witness to Cuba’s dynamic rhythm and color, but to dive right in and become part of the canvas. 

Like the fiery salsa rhythms that can be heard rippling through its city streets, Havana springs to life with warmth and vivaciousness that never stops taking you by surprise. Removed from the quiet fields of sugar cane and mango trees that thrive further afield, Cuba’s largest city is an urban metropolis – a place of rambling Colonial architecture, endless adventure and unfettered discovery.

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Enjoy Cuban architecture in Havana neighborhoods Centro Habana, Vedado and Playa – Via Havana Private Suite

Frequently, national and foreign visitors stop at the streets of Havana, dazzled by the constructions they encounter. Numerous Havana’s localities, with their distinctive architecture, acquire their own particularities. Thus Greater Antilles capital is revealed different and striking, in that fusion of history and architecture that make it the Wonder City.

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#Cuba among cruise lineup options from #Norfolk in 2020 – Via


Norfolk’s cruise ship program is offering something new and for the very first time!

In 2020, Carnival Cruise Lines will deploy two ships from Nauticus, and offer two opportunities to visit Cuba to local cruisers. The two newly remodeled crews ships, Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Radiance, will offer spring and fall Bahamas cruises. The Carnival Radiance will include Havana, Cuba, as a port-of-call on its October 18 and October 25 sailings.

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#FactsMatter / #Cuba Self-Employment (entrepreneur) the changes respond to the own requests of those who work in this form of management

Two legal norms, published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 77, establish significant amendments to the new rules of self-employment that will come into effect on next December 7.

Related: Legal norms governing self-employment modified

Over the last eight years, self-employment in Cuba has continued to expand, from approximately 157,000 workers in 2010 to 589,000 in 2018, currently representing 13% of the country’s workforce. 
Minister of Labor and Social Security Margarita González Fernández, in a statement to Granma, commented that, as projected, this modality of employment has generated jobs, expanded options for the population, and freed the state from the responsibility of managing small scale activities that do not play an essential role in the national economy.
Nonetheless, she said, violations of the law have emerged, including, for example, tax evasion and purchases of supplies of illicit origin.
Thus, with the purpose of supporting the continued development of the sector in an orderly, legal manner, a policy including 20 regulations was approved and published in the Official Gazette last July 10, stipulating December 7 as the date they would enter into effect, and mandating a broad training program for workers and authorities to ensure understanding of the changes. 
During this period, based on an analysis conducted – and the opinions of self-employed workers and the population, gathered in a broad process of discussion – the Council of Ministers decided to make some modifications, including elimination of the limit to a single self-employment license per person.
Likewise, beginning tomorrow, licenses will again be authorized for 26 of the 27 activities which had been suspended. Licenses for self-employed computer programmers will remain suspended until specific norms for this area are developed.
Additionally, the maximum capacity of 50 for food service establishments was eliminated, with capacity to be determined by the size of the site to be utilized.

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Safer in Cuba By James Ingram / Via


In East St. Louis, assault weapon fire has become so common that one hardly awakens from one’s nightly slumber because of the sheer frequency of shots being randomly fired.

Neighboring St. Louis is no different, with “We Must Stop Killing Each Other” signs prominently displayed on lawns to illustrate the dilemma of an escalating murder rate, which has gotten out of control, with violence and shootings spilling over into once safe suburban communities.

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