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Cuba and US Bilateral Relations

Sailing to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale.


In the images, photos of the bays of Havana and Cienfuegos + of the Cruise Veendam

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WIF: Cruises Industry News + Cruise Web + PRNewsWire

Holland America Line will starting the trips to Cuba on Dec. 22, 2017 with 12-day holiday cruise aboard the Veendam that will help meet the growing demand for premium cruise experiences to Cuba.

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Breaking the Blockade: A ship has become a joint house for specialists from Cuba and the United States.

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Specialists from Cuba and the United States began a scientific expedition / WIF: Granma Cuba

The ship Walton Smith has become a joint house for specialists from Cuba and the United States who began a scientific expedition to study the extent of the deep coral reefs around the archipelago to compare their state of conservation and physical, genetic and environmentally connectivity.

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Growing Tourism in Cuba – Varadero & Havana (3 posts + pics & video)

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Topics: Tourism grows in Varadero, main Cuban resort + Cuba to Be a Gateway to America with Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski + Other hotels under construction at Paseo del Prado in Havana

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United States occupation of Cuba (Part III)/ Neocolonialism does not mean independence

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Summary & Translation from the original post published on the Radio Rebelde Cuba site

Trump’s misconceptions about Cuba

US President Donald Trump was mistaken in the lines of his message about Cuba. He issued a brief statement this May 20, where the first error: evokes the date as Cuba’s Independence Day.

Is it necessary to review the story?
Why is not his speech stale not surprising?
And is that for decades, every year the Government of the United States of America commemorates that day, hiding the true reality.
In that date of 1902, the Island exhibited for the first time its condition of neo colonial territory . (Related United States occupation of Cuba (Part II) / The true meaning of May 20 )

The country remained at the disposal of powerful American economic interests, and its national and foreign political life would be administered essentially from the US Embassy in the Cuban capital.

The implantation of a government with a Cuban face that thought, spoke and acted in English, was an indispensable piece to complete the hieroglyph from which the neocolonial model conceived in Washington would emerge.

The 20 of May of 1902 a neocolonial country was born.

Therefore, we also do not accept that President Trump invokes the thought of Jose Marti.

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“UNICA Community”: A Virtual Alternative for University Students on Cuba


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WIF: Canal Usb Cubadebate Site / María Lucía Expósito- Student of Journalism in the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana.

Cuba is overflowing with the talent and initiative of the young. With an excellent and free professional training and forgetting that they have few resources thanks to the blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba, they become excellent developers. The Best way to generate contents and products one hundred percent Cuban, not imported that respects the interests and values of the young people on the island.

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Climbing lies to reach the top


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Marco Rubio (Republican, senator for the state of Florida) long narrated a misrepresented story about the arrival of his parents to these lands and thanks to the means that enhanced his shameless told everyone that his parents had been forced to leave the island as “political exiles” (definition hung by the extreme-right-wing to qualify those who left Cuba after the triumph of the revolution in 1959), when they actually abandoned the “green cayman” 2 years before that date, receiving permanent residence in this “earthly paradise” that we sell to the world as a promised land , as it appears in several official documents including naturalization papers (Original: Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show)


Nothing good we can expect from a subject who resorts to lies to reach the top, and even less a political environment that wipes out the accumulated lies to get close to the

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Hugs against the #blockade held by the United States vs the Cuban people

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Hi  👌Here is our hug 4 U 🤗Would U like 2 give it back to us ?

Related: Romerias de Mayo

Translation of the poster:

Taking advantage of the fact that the island celebrates the “Romerias de Mayo”, Cuba has launched its campaign Hugs against the #blockade

As expression of the universal claim against the #blockade held by the United States Against the Cuban people

Today, May 4th – From 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m – @ the Calixto García Park – In Holguin Province, Cuba



All about #FITCuba2017 from May 3 to 6: the celebration of tourism in Cuba, has begun !!!

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gives as the protagonist in the map of the travel agencies and major tour operators in the world



Cuba and the confrontation with the wave of colonization of the global hegemonic industry.


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Import from the original: What is meant by cultural warfare? by 

Since Cuba’s revolutionary triumph, the island has faced both the impacts of the colonizing wave of global hegemonic industry and specific cultural warfare projects designed, financed and implemented by U.S. imperialism, its agencies and international allies, with the aim of subverting Cuban socialism.

The United States has vast experience in the practice of cultural warfare against any alternative project to its hegemony on the international stage. The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, by Frances Stonor Saunders, is an indispensable book in this regard, offering the most thorough research on the subject, allowing for an understanding of this reality. This book demonstrates how, during the Cold War years, the CIA’s program of psychological and cultural warfare against the socialist camp was its most prized possession.

“A central feature of the Agency’s efforts to mobilize culture as a Cold War weapon was the systematic organization of a network of ‘private’ groups or ‘friends’ into an unofficial consortium. This was an entrepreneurial coalition of philanthropic foundations, business corporations and other institutions and individuals, who worked hand in hand with the CIA to provide the cover and the funding pipeline for its secret programmes in western Europe,” Stonor notes.

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