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Cuba and US Bilateral Relations

The assassination of John F. Kennedy and the plot against Cuba 54 years later Via #HistoriadeCuba


By  Fabián Escalante

Automatically Translated 

Fifty-four years later, the President Kennedy assassination has not been clarified and nothing has been discovered about his direct or  indirect assassins in the reports that are periodically declassified by the US authorities, however, from time to time, Cuba is pointed without any foundation, suspiciously every time the US Administration on duty toughens its aggressive and inhumane policies against the island.

So, we have considered to expose the analysis and considerations of the Cuban researches and American scholars in this regard, which unveil in a very clear way the causes that originated the homicidal plot and point towards its instigators and eventual executors.

Kennedy was assassinated at noon on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, while in Cuba an emissary sent by him, the French journalist Jean Daniel, talked with Fidel Castro about the dimensions and causes of the conflict between both nations and their possible solutions.

What were the circumstances that caused both events? Undoubtedly, the changes that were beginning took place in US foreign policy regarding to Cuba, which were the direct result of the conflict that put the world on the verge of nuclear war, caused by the defensive deployment of Soviet missiles on the island. , before the escalation of terrorist acts and aggression of the United States that should end with a military invasion at the end of 1962.





Reasons of Cuba – Science Speak Out

Postby @CubanWindow from Razones de Cuba (The Reasons of Cuba)

Related: Science Speak Out: Opinions of scientists and international experts on the supposed acoustic attacks

Richard Stone, editor of the prestigious journal Science, visited the Cuban experts while they participated in the online forum.

According to Stone, having access to the original data is fundamental to solving the mystery of the supposed acoustic attacks. The American scientific community is not aware of the extensive research conducted in Cuba, so the “online forum is especially useful to disseminate what they have discovered so far.”

Places you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning to visit Cuba (I)

Post By @CubanWindow

The Grand Theater of Havana «ALICIA ALONSO» the oldest active theatrical institution in Latin America, was inaugurated February 18, 1838, under the name of Grand Theater of Tacon.  Shortly, thanks to the magnificence of their spectacle halls and the celebrity of the artists that were presented there, its fame transcended the frontiers of the island. After several reformations, both in its facade as well as in its interior, the building was remodeled to lead the way to its current form. In its history, it has been known by other names, such as Grand National Theater, Estrada Palma Theater and Garcia Lorca Theater.

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Travel To Cuba With The Nation

Via The Nation You Tube Chanel

Vinales Cuba – Sunset Walking Tours and Exploring “Mogotes” – Via Emily K

vinales mogotes

Right now, I am sitting on top of my little house in Vinales, Cuba. That’s right, I have a house! Vinales is a truly top place to visit in Cuba mainly because of the views of the surrounding landscape, so I just had to have a rooftop so I could take it all in!

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Science Speak Out: Opinions of scientists and international experts on the supposed acoustic attacks


By Cuban Reasons 

Robin O. Cleveland, engineer, professor of engineering at the University of Oxford: 

“It is difficult to believe that people suffered brain damage because the sound would have to go directly to the brain tissue and following the same principle of the ultrasound equipment if there is air between the body and the sound, it can not pass through it”.

Seth Horowitz, neurologist, specialist in neurosciences and author of the book “The universal sense. How hearing modifies the mind “

“There is no acoustic phenomenon in the world that can cause the symptoms that have been described.” He explained that “no known equipment that is inaudible and undetectable could have the properties attributed to these sonic weapons”
“As long as there is no other evidence related to these weapons, this incident should be considered something of no interest and other possible explanations for these medical problems should be taken into account.”

Jun Qin, Engineer; assistant professor at the University of Illinois. Graduated from Duke University in North Carolina.

“The ultrasound can not travel a long distance … the farther the sound recedes, the weaker it becomes (…) A smaller emitter placed closer, maybe on someone’s pillow, could do the trick … I think those people He has something that hurts them, but it could be in the environment. “

Jay Salpicar: neurologist, Director of the Neurobehavioral Program at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington with 24 years of experience.

“Stress is the main cause of conversion disorder, understood as neurological symptoms that are not related to any known neurological condition and that produces symptoms such as weakness, paralysis and loss of vision or hearing.”

Collen G. Le Prell: audiologist, professor and director of the audiology program at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is one of the leading researchers in the area of prevention of hearing loss. She is the elected president of the National Association for the Conservation of Hearing. He earned his master’s degree in Minnesota and his doctorate in Michigan.

“The community of audiologists wonders what could be the cause of the symptoms described, because nobody has a good explanation for it” and added that “the sudden onset of hearing loss without their being an audible source, is very unusual.” 

Nandini Iyer, audiologist, researcher of the branch of radiology in the Research Laboratory of the American Air Force

“there is not much evidence about the impact on human health of ultrasonic or infrasound sounds “.

Nandini Iyer has worked in the laboratory since 2008 and previously spent a year working as a research scientist in the field of audition at the company General Dynamics. Among its specialties is cognitive psychology and human perception.He has conducted research related to auditory perception.

John Oghalai, otolaryngologist, director of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Southern California
“Although the existence of a weapon of this type sounds interesting, it seems hard to believe that there is such a team.”
James Jauchem, biologist, retired scientist who investigated the biological effects of acoustic energy in the US Air Force Research Laboratory
“We do not know the elements that researchers have to declare that it is an acoustic weapon and that it would maintain skepticism regarding the reports that have been given.”
Joseph Pompei, expert in psychoacoustics; Former researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). AP published an article reflecting this expert’s criterion on the alleged acoustic attacks:
“brain damage and concussions, it is not possible … someone would have had to dip their head in a pool full of powerful ultrasonic transducers”.

Andrew Oxenham, psychologist of the Laboratory of Perception and Auditory Cognition of the University of Minnesota. BuzzFeed News published an article referring to the supposed acoustic attacks, where this expert expressed:

“I can not explain in any way that the disease and the hearing loss are related to a sound” … there is no way for an acoustic device to cause hearing damage using inaudible sounds.

“You can not stimulate the inner ear in a way that could cause harm … the only way it could happen is through distortion, which would then make the sound clearly audible, as well as very loud”. Regarding infrasound, he said: “the size of the speakers needed to generate an infrasound like that would be difficult to hide”.

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“Even when one day the relations between Cuba Socialist and the empire improve, that empire would not cease to crush the Cuban Revolution …” Fidel Castro Ruz

Post by @CubanWindow from the original post: Did anyone expect from #EEUU a real and clean change of their policy towards #Cuba?

But, the historic leader of the largest of the Antilles said more in a speech for the XXXII anniversary of the Armed Forces and the landing of the Granma, held in the Havana Plaza de la Revolución in 1988: the empire does not hide destroying our revolutionary process, the defenders of his philosophy explain it, he said. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY →

Poverty in America as the Rich Get Richer – Via Jamaica Peace Council (I)

Stay tuned to this page as we share, on an on-going basis, documentaries and articles about the harsh conditions being faced by a large percentage of the population in the USA. As the rich get richer , wealth is being concentrated in fewer hands, while the intelligentsia, small entrepreneurs and working class join the ranks of the poor – an inevitable reality of capitalism. Much of what we see is familiar to us in the Caribbean and Latin America and all over the world, as we experience imperialist penetration by large capitalist nations which, in partnership with a thin layer of rich local capitalists, extract wealth from our natural resources and “cheap labor”, leaving in their wake growing hopelessness and impoverishment among the majority of our people.


“ the real world, the wealth owned by eight men altogether is equivalent to the wealth shared by 3.6 billion human beings, who make up the poorest half of humanity.

“In terms of turnover, 69 of the 100 biggest entities of the world are transnationals, not States. The turnover of the world’s ten biggest corporations is higher than the public revenues earned by 180 countries combined.

“Seven hundred million persons live in extreme poverty; 21 million are victims of forced labor. In 2015, 5.9 million children died of preventable or curable diseases before reaching the age of 5. A total of 758 million adults are illiterate.

“Eight hundred and fifteen million persons suffer from chronic hunger -tens of millions more than in 2015. Two billion are undernourished. Even if the precarious decreasing growth rate of recent years rebounds, 653 million persons will continue to face hunger by the year 2030, and this will not be enough to eradicate hunger by the year 2050.

“There are 22.5 million refugees. Humanitarian tragedies associated to migrants flows worsen and increase amidst a clearly unjust international economic and political order.

“The construction of walls and barriers as well as the laws and measures adopted to prevent the waves of refugees and migrants have proved to be cruel and ineffective. There is a proliferation of exclusive and xenophobic policies that violate the human rights of millions of persons and fail to solve the problems of underdevelopment, poverty and armed conflicts, which are the main causes of migration and refugee claims.

“Military expenditures have increased to 1.7 trillion dollars. That reality belies those who claim that there are not enough resources to eradicate poverty.”



“A fair principle, from the bottom of a cave, can do more than an army” – Jose Marti



Original post: CIA contradicts the United States ambassador to the UN

Apparently there is no good coordination between the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, as the current ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, in her speech of 01.11.2017 to defend her vote against the draft Cuban resolution against the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade, imposed by his country 56 years ago, said:

“Cuba has used the United States embargo as a brilliant object to distract the world from its own failures.”

However, the CIA expresses in its official documents the opposite, something that apparently the ambassador does not know, forcing her to make a fool of herself before the world.

According to what the CIA said:

“The main objective of the United States’ covert programs against Castro is to complete economic isolation … These measures have been largely responsible for Castro’s current economic difficulties, but new and effective measures of economic warfare could be adopted.”

Likewise, the CIA affirms:

” There are still many possibilities to strengthen the economic siege around Castro and could impose more severe sanctions on the part of the United States, against countries that trade with Cuba or send products by sea.”

“The courses of action … would increase the problems for Castro and, therefore, hasten his fall”

Continue reading ““A fair principle, from the bottom of a cave, can do more than an army” – Jose Marti”

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