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Fidel Castro spoke to Harlem 23 years ago









Exclusive interview of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel – Via TeleSurEnglish

Under siege: more democracy Is Cuban democracy perfectible? – Via Granma Cuba


“FOR us, like Venezuela and Nicaragua, it is clear that the siege is being tightened,” stated Raúl Castro this July 26, in Santiago de Cuba. The First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba thus summarized the international panorama created by U.S. policies characterized by “disrespect, aggression, interventionism, and crude manipulation of the historical truth.”

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Díaz-Canel , Cuban President will participate in the General Debate of the UN General Assembly


Raúl Castro Ruz and José Ramón Machado Ventura, First and Second Secretaries of the Central Committee of the Party, respectively, dismissed the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez , on Sunday morning. He left for New York at the head of the Cuban delegation that will participate in the General Debate of the 73rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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Constitutional Reform in Cuba: Considerations on Effective Citizenship (Part I + II)


Read the Post in Razones de Cuba Part IPart II  / Need to be translate

The fundamental changes respond to the fact that with the adoption of another citizenship the Cuban one would not be lost, and that once in the national territory, the Cuban citizen is governed by that condition and can only make use of it.

In this regard it can be considered that in a globalized and interdependent world as that which is configured in the present millennium causes many unanimously accepted concepts and principles have to be rethought or restructured, this occurs with the principle of Private International Law that holds that “Nobody can have two citizenship “, and that is only the negative and restrictive manifestation of another principle of Private International Law unanimously accepted by the doctrine until the end of the last century that affirmed affirmatively that” Every person must have a citizenship “.

A garden of biodiversity in Cuba – Via Granma Cuba

The Laguna de Guanaroca-Punta Gavilanes Protected Area and Refuge, located in this province, is one of the country’s wonders and a source of amazement for all who visit.

A garden of biodiversity, the area harbors curiosities like the Annona havanenses, a plant species once believed to be extinct, but rediscovered here 25 years ago.

The area’s dense vegetation creates a harmonious natural tangle that includes wild mamoncillo, mahogany, calabash, yellow mastic, buttonwood, brasilettia, oak, copperwood, among other many xeromorphic species – more than 70 – in this coastal forest.

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Why are changes proposed to the structure of the Cuban state and government?


What are the main changes proposed in the draft Constitution, which is currently being debated in neighborhoods, workplaces and schools, regarding the structure of the Cuban state and government? What motivates this decision?

In a panel held at the headquarters of the Union of Cuban Journalists, Dr. Martha Prieto, vice president of the Cuban Society of Constitutional Law and tenured professor at the University of Havana, acknowledged that the proposed changes in the leadership structure of the island are among the most novel of the draft Constitution.

The new proposal separates the functions of the President of the Republic and those of the Prime Minister, which were previously merged into one, based on collegial decision making.

“Now, although he (the President) is the head of the Executive, he must also be a deputy, approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP). This is a necessary measure, because it prevents Assembly-state leadership separation,” the jurist explained.

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New Constitution for #Cuba: lights and claims

Sin título

From the original post The insonmne pupil 

It was not necessary to announce that the selection of August 13 to begin the massive debate on the draft of the new Cuban Constitution would pay tribute to Fidel Castro. Born on that date of 1926, he forged and led the Revolution that since 1959 reconsidered the life of Cuba and set it on the road to an institutionalization that in 1976 was the first magna carta conceived in the country to serve socialist construction. The will to pay tribute to the founding leader has been present in the constitutional reform set in motion, and in different manifestations of the Cuban people in this regard.

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Yara-Majayara – mangroves, caves & amazing panoramic views – Via Villa Paradiso Cuba

Yara-Majayara is a protected area in Baracoa. It offers many riches to explore to those who love hiking, ecotourism, archaeology and cyclotourism.

Its natural and cultural attractions include the delta of river Miel with its mangroves, a system of geological terraces with numerous caves, the diverse local flora, various little peasant communities, Boma Bay…

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