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Did you know that Cuba is also known for its stunning landscapes and waterfalls? – Via Locally Sourced Cuba ‏/ @Lsourced

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Topes de Collantes, in the middle of the island is a biosphere park which natural wealth can surprise you !



“Fiesta del Fuego” on the Hot Land

Via Juventud Rebelde Cuba

The 38th International Festival of The Caribbean started with a cultural, happy and multi-color bond between Cuba and Puerto Rico. This Festival will run until next Monday with guests of twenty-eight countries, informed digital site Sierra Maestra.

Orlando Vergés, director of Casa del Caribe, declared in his opening speech, that after learning that Puerto Rico would be the next guest of honor was expected that it may be one of the happiest Festivals. 

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Before you see this island nation, once off-limits to Americans, for yourself, you might find it useful to learn a bit about the history of its geography.

The 1600s and 1700s

Cuba began with just two jurisdictions: La Habana and Santiago. Each province held equal power and ranking. However, as La Habana grew, Santiago came to depend on it increasingly for protection. 

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Cuba: three million international visitors … and counting

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According to the Cuban Tourism Minister , Cuba just arrived at three million international visitors, an amount that is achieved in the midst of the campaigns organized from US  to discourage the flow of American visitors to the island.

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COUPLE OF DAYS TO SPEND IN HAVANA? CUBA – Via Safe and healthy travel

You can easily spend a couple of days in Havana and still have the feeling of not knowing everything there has to be known. I love the vibrant atmosphere when I started on the remaining 4 months travel in 2016. I had just finished my Camino in Spain and loved walking around the city!

The city has 2.1 million inhabitants and spans over 781km³ that makes it the largest and most populous city in the carribean region. Already in 1982 was the old city of Havana listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And did you know that Havana was listed as one of the so-called New7Wonders Cities.

I already shared my street experience in a blog called Streetpics of Havana with you, for those who haven’t read yet 🙂 I can especially recommenbd reading the passage where I write about what will pass you in just a couple of minutes in Vedado, Havana.

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Cuba: Trinidad is declared World Craft City

0731-trinidad-cubaThe city of Trinidad has just been declared a World Craft City, after an extensive evaluation process by the World Crafts Council, which makes of this city located some 4 hours southeast of Havana, one of its kind in Cuba.
Roberto Ponce, director of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Property at Sancti Spíritus, confirmed the news to the press and said that in June the third village founded by the Spaniards on the island was visited by members of the World Council from 11 countries, including Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico.  Continue reading “Cuba: Trinidad is declared World Craft City”

Documentary About Cuban Women, One of the Most Viewed in Argentina

film-mujeres-revolucion1The documentary Cubanas, mujeres en Revolucion, (”Cuban Women in Revolution”), produced by the Argentine communicational portal Resumen Latinoamericano, was one of the most viewed films this week in Buenos Aires since its premiere on July 27.
According to the website Ultracine, the work of photographer and journalist Maria Torellas is one of the five most viewed in recent days and is one thousand viewers below the highly promoted Animal, starring the popular actor Guillermo Francella.
‘Cubanas…’ has sold out for several days at the Gaumont cinema where it is being shown until August 8, according to a Latin American Briefing note, which thanks all those who have already seen it.
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Cuba: National Rebellion Day Commemoration in Pictures

Giant Guayabera to be Paraded in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

1guayabera-giganteThe giant guayabera that protects the House that bears the name of the national garment, the only institution of its kind in Cuba, will march through the streets of this Sancti Spiritus town, founded in 1514.
The route, which is part of the festivities for the Santiago Espirituano -is from the 18th century- includes Avenida de los Mártires, from the Central Platform to the central Serafín Sánchez Valdivia park.
This garment, three meters wide and five meters long, will be hoisted in the Rubén Martínez Villena Provincial Library, formerly the El Progreso Cultural Society, and is one of the activities incorporated into the traditional Santiago Espirituano in 2009.

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