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All about #FITCuba2017 from May 3 to 6: the celebration of tourism in Cuba, has begun !!!

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gives as the protagonist in the map of the travel agencies and major tour operators in the world



#FITCuba 2017: After the footsteps of Christopher Columbus


….. The Admiral says that never before was this beautiful thing seen, full of trees, all surrounded by the river, beautiful and green and different from ours, with flowers and with their fruit, each in its own way. Many birds and birds that sang very sweetly; There were lots of palms other than those of Guinea and ours ……. The grass was great as in Andalusia for April and May …… It says that it is that island the most beautiful that Eyes have seen …

Sunday, October 28 / Taken from the diary of Christopher Columbus

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WIF: Cubadebate + Ecured + FITCuba Official Site

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Sin título

On October 1492, Admiral Crist√≥bal Col√≥n arrived at the beaches of eastern Cuba (1), which will host, in Playa Pesquero¬†(¬†“This facility was inaugurated by our Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in January 2003 and set the stage for us to promote peace, health and safety tourism.”)the 37th International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2017) next week, the most important event of the tourist sector in Cuba.

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Mozart: from Cuba to the United States (It will only take you 8 minutes, please listen)


Link Here 2 litsen:

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Original Simone Dinnerstein on Performing Mozart, from Cuba to the United States 

In an old church in Havana, Cuba, acclaimed pianist Simone Dinnerstein¬†performed Mozart’s Piano Concerto Nos. 21 and 23 with the Havana Lyceum Orchestra¬†(Created in Cuba since 2009). Crossing cultural barriers, the performance might have been impossible just a few years ago when travel between the two countries was severely restricted.

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Between Symbols

artex bandera.jpg

Post By @CubanWindow translated from the original: Cuba, those who live in front of us and our symbols by La Historia de Cuba ( The Cuban History) +  Daniela Hernández Rojas / TeleCubanacan + Telesur English You Tube + Tribeca Film festival + Free the Five +  Ecured

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This morning, when I was walking to work, a beautiful Cuban flag hung from the door of the Artex (Cuban mercantile society whose fundamental social object is the promotion and commercialization of the Cuban culture) selling point at the end of Boulevard, Juan Bruno Zayas, it was sold between 23 and 50 cuc (btwn 24,45 and 48,90 usd)¬†¬†that’s more than the salary average in Cuba, that is more than my salary. But this price so expensive, expensive for Cubans, is for the¬†foreigners who visit our city, the flag, beautiful, is built on this island to sell it to foreigners, not to Cubans, and that is a mistake we are paying for.

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#ChillOut Time: If you were an island in the middle of the sea (I)

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Just another Funny, colorful, authentically Cuban Video.

Let’s put aside for a moment the reflections, chronicles or translation of content ….

Here we leave you I of  II versions of Cuba through the music.

Qva Libre: Alternative music band, which fuses current rock, funk and hip hop with the rhythms and roots of Cuban music.

#Nostalgia: If you were an island in the middle of the sea (II)

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Have U felt in the skin and in the soul the nostalgia for your land ? if your answer is nope, stop 4 a moment and read.

Cuba Beautiful island by Orishas feat. Gente de Zona + Leoni Torres + Isaac Delgado + Buena Fe + Descemer Bueno + Laritza Bacallao + Waldo Mendoza + Pedrito Martinez. / (Official Video its Following)

Earth, my flag and my song was born here. Smiles that slip through the balcony door. On that trip that brings me back today. Far away, you do not know how much I miss. The noise of my town and the caress of that sea. When I am not with you, I invent you.

I bring my heart rusty. I need rope. My soul needs transfusion. Blood of my earth. I return to the cradle that gave birth to me. I return to this neighborhood that saw me run. What I was, what I am and will be, for my beautiful island

I have returned to the shelter that calms the pain. And I return to the memory of the first love. What I was, what I am and will be, for my beautiful island.

And I was surprised by the need to expand the soul. I am advised, from the reason of Mom and Dad. The Caribbean has invited you, family, spend all respected. If this came without pretext, to slow sleep orishas of the sea.

Slow, The marks tell me that time. It’s like a passenger getting on your wagon. And announce that life is a moment.

They say. The old men on the corner always say. No matter what you have, if you go down. At the station, one always returns to its roots

I will never lose my identity. In the insurance I have a present from where I come. Maybe you can understand me. Because to tell the truth my treasure is in the roots. Running under my skin

They are the ones that mark their texture and those same. They make me different until the grave. That’s why I came here today. Leave you here, the movement of my waist

Today I invite you to walk on the lots of Havana. So that you can see them yourself. Today I invite you to walk on the lots of Havana. So that you can see them, that …

Everyone here is born with his lying down. Mine slowly, and half-way, gave me side. You make it soft and do not shake me. That the night is long and the rumba has formed.



Reflections: A mirror in the web from Cuba


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Another goal scored against those who continue to draw the beautiful island as a missing point on the map of the social digital dynamics.

Reflejos (Reflections) is a platform created under the .cu domain (, from 100 x 100 Cuban servers that users can access freely and at no cost from the Youth Computer Club or other device and in which they have a space to share opinions, interests and needs in text format, images and videos, far from the censorship that other platforms apply to the bloggers who try to share their truth from the island, the truth that the big media hide us, which has no echo in the networks.

It is a tool designed and programmed by the Clubs themselves based on the content management made available to Cuban Internet users.

You can search for real cubans blogs from A to Z ….¬†HERE

Recommend: Arte Comic¬†–¬†Magazine and digital platform dedicated to promote the comic as an art, its development in Cuba and other areas of the planet, as well as the JORNADAS ARTEC√ďMIC event, the only convention dedicated to the ninth art on the island.

Tourism product Gibara FITCUBA-2017 (+ Photos and Videos)

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WIF Cubadebate

With the launch of the tourism product Gibara ( founded 200 years ago), @ the Holguin City, will be inaugurated the International Tourism Fair FITCUBA-2017 to be held from May 2-6 at Playa Pesquero Hotel in the eastern province of the island.

The Gibara project began to be developed five years ago to look for new ways that would contribute to offer a differentiated service to the tourists, outside the beach areas where they are staying, and to show at the same time the natural and architectural riches that distinguish this marine city, Located to 35 kilometers to the north of the Holguin City.

The coastal town of Gibara is a new tourist destination since 2017

Part 1

Part 2



Some tips and useful sites 4 travelers


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If you are thinking of traveling to the island here we leave you some comments that may interest you, we are not specialists in the subject, but looking for a little on the net and with the advice of several friends we give you some clues.

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