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… with the same straight that faces the strike of a hurricane

Post by @CubanWindow

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irma 0

On the night of September 9th the frightening Hurricane Irma discharge all his wrath on Cuba.

The powerful Category 5 hurricane (Catastrophic damage will occur: A high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed, with total roof failure and wall collapse. Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas. Power outages will last for weeks to possibly months. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months) with sustained maximum winds of 250 km per hour (185 miles per hour) chose the keys in the north of the island, plagued by excellent beaches and hotels, and swept everything in its wake after destroying the beautiful Caribbean with its paradisiacal landscapes.

Same day, in the morning, when all the forecasts showed that the natural phenomenon was heading towards the island, Trump also unloaded his anger on Cuba by renewing (by 11 time, before him 10 American presidents have renewed it) the Trading with the Enemy Act – statute from 1917 that sustains the blockade:


Cuba has been devastated by Irma, now it tries to recover from its ravages, an exercise of enviable strength that repeats the Cuban people every time it receives the unconcerned visit of a natural phenomenon, for it counted not only with the support of the Cuban revolutionary government , but also with the support of  some countries and NGO that return to the island all the solidarity that she has given to them.

Cuba is also punished each year by each American president for choosing a different path without bending or accepting pressure.

But Cuba rises again claiming to live as best it seems to push the empire’s boot to one side with the same straight that faces the strike of a hurricane.




Cuba decided to walk a different course in 1959

el rostro de cuba

Original Post Translated & Post by @CubanWindow: Proyecto Varela, the story of a failure

In 1998, Oswaldo Paya Sardiñas, who led the controversial Christian Liberation Movement in Cuba, who was poor in membership and without no link with others counter revolutionary groups, were encouraged by the United States and introduced a bill entitled Proyecto Varela.

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#UnblockCuba-Did You Know …

Post by @CubanWindow WIF Cuba VS Bloqueo Site


British university rejects Cuban students citing U.S. blockade laws as justification

The British Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) has launched a campaign to overturn a ban on applications from Cuban students by one of the biggest educational institutions in the UK.

The Open University (OU) has been exposed for operating a policy of barring applications from Cuban students, due to U.S. blockade laws against Cuba.

The Open University says it is operating a “restricted countries” list in its admissions process because it fears it may be fined by the United States Treasury Department if it breaks U.S. blockade laws and allows Cuban students to study there.

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#UnblockCuba-Did You Know …

Post by @CubanWindow


did you know

#UnblockCuba-Did you Know …

Post by @CubanWindow


What meaning does music have 4 Cubans ?

Post by @CubanWindow 

From the Original /  Harvard University Jazz Band Visit Cuba Video & description post in YouTube

Appreciating Cuban music – its vast diversity, and how deeply sewn into the social and political fabric of the country it is – was at the heart of the Jazz Band’s historic trip.

The fast-paced, 8-day musical adventure marked the group’s first tour in 25 years, and Terry, a saxophonist and chekeré  ( West African percussion instrument consisting of a dried gourd with beads … In Cuba, the chekeré, also known as aggué -abwe-, is a large, hollow gourd ~50 cm long, approx. 19 1⁄2 in) player who joined Harvard’s faculty in 2015, organized an itinerary to not only showcase Cuba’s musical vibrancy, but also illuminate recent efforts to rescue and preserve many of the age-old traditions.

Music scholarship framed every day’s activities for the band, which passed traditional Havana tourist sites such as Revolution Square and the Capitol building with only glancing views.

Instead, Terry took students to hear performances from the likes of Orquesta Tipica (typical Orchestra) Miguel Failde in Matanzas, the birthplace of music and dance traditions called rumba and danzon (official musical genre and dance of Cuba) respectively.


#Eyeife: Electronic Music + African Roots = Cuban Culture

Post by @CubanWindow


The name Eyeife comes from Yoruba and its meaning is related to one of the signs that are used for the divination with coconuts in Afro Cuban religion Santeria, and has to do with the balance between positive and negative energies. Mauricio Abad, artistic director of the festival, said the event wants new generations to know more about the African roots of Cuban culture. To give them these sounds through the music of the digital age, is an intelligent way.

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Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 7)

Post by @CubanWindow

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