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Despite the #US blockade: “In #Cuba the Industry 4.0 is coming soon”

Since 1959, employment and the right to work have been guaranteed in Cuba, codified in the Labor Code and reaffirmed in the new Constitution.

Not even in the most difficult moments of the Revolution has a single worker been abandoned to fate, shock therapies have never been applied. On the contrary, adhering to the principle of non-discrimination, access to jobs has been ensured regardless of sex, race, creed, or any other exclusionary factor.

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#Cuba / “Revolutionizing our thinking about employment issues” – Via Granma Cuba

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Establishing a more coherent relationship between supply and demand of qualified workers, promoting professional development and updating of knowledge, as well as improving the innovation system and income distribution, are strategic guidelines intended to address employment problems in the country.

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#Cuban agricultural enterprise begins export of fresh #mango / Agroindustrial Company “Ceballos” #CiegodeAvila


Company “Ceballos” / Covered in the agreement 352/2017 of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, “Ciego de Avila” company is part of a pilot project that was given export capacity, based on the priority given to the sector as a strategy to achieve food sustainability and acquire foreign currency.

The province’s agricultural pole has broadened its portfolio of export products with the first deliveries of fresh mango to several European countries, another positive development here that contributes to the national economy.

These orders are to be followed by others to initially reach a total of 20 tons, from the 30 C farm, Marsella collective, affiliated with the Frutales Ceballos basic enterprise unit (UEB), with extensive experience in other exports lines, responding to the call made by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, to promote such efforts throughout the country.

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What effects would the new US measures have against Cuba ? Via Radio Reloj Cuba

whateffectsThe measures taken by the US government against Cuba could strike new blows to the relationship between both countries, the private sector of the island and US companies today consider a coalition promoting the bilateral approach.

Engage Cuba, a group that seeks the end of the blockade imposed by Washington against the Caribbean country almost 60 years ago, conducted an analysis on the consequences of the actions announced by the Donald Trump administration on April 17, including allowing the total application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

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Ecological Farmers in Humboldt Park / #Baracoa #Cuba #EcoTourism Via @VParadisoBCA

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Practical information and budget details

  • The agro-ecological visit is an optional addition you can request, included in the price for one of the park’s trails (except the Balcón de Iberia trail) or the Taco bay boat ride. This visit has to be requested 1 or preferably 2 days in advance of your visit to Humboldt Park, at the Ecotur agency in Baracoa. The families and farms you will visit may vary from one date to another.
  • To access the National Park, you have to go through the facilities at the entrance, which have a Visitors Centre as well as washrooms.
  • The agro-ecological visit, the various trails and the boat ride in Humboldt Park count on excellent guides who belong to local communities and who know these lands since their childhood. Their knowledge covers the history of the protected area, the flora and the fauna, the area’s peasant culture and traditional medicine. They are really good at spotting the different plant and animal species that could otherwise go unnoticed by visitors were they to do the hiking on their own. Using a guide is compulsory – you cannot explore the park unaccompanied.
  • Entrance to Humboldt Park is 10 CUC per person and that includes the guide service.
  • Ecotur agency runs excursions from Baracoa for a global price of 24 CUC per person, which includes transportation (round), the entrance fee, the guide service and, on the way back, a one-hour stop at Maguana beach. For that price, you can do one of the trails orTaco Bay the boat ride. The agro-ecological visit can be included if you request it in advance (one or preferably two days in advance).
  • If you’d rather get to the park on your own, a taxi for the day to Humboldt Park charges 45 CUC. If you share this expense with 3 other travelers, the cost per person comes down to 11.25 CUC. An additional advantage of going there on your own is that you can check out off-the-beaten-path Mapurisí beach on your way back from the Park.
  • Don’t forget to bring with you water to drink and a sandwich or other form of food.
  • We encourage you to offer your guide a tip, an always welcome extra bit of income for a local family. Likewise, we encourage you to buy from local women the sweets they offer to visitors (almond or peanut brittle, or the grated coconut cucuruchostypical of Baracoa). Such treats can be a good source of energy during the hike. And such little expenses help more local families benefit from a sustainable tourism.
  • We invite you to learn more about sustainable tourism in the Baracoa region.

Don’t miss the photos and videos of El Copal trail and El Recreo trail, nor the photos and videos of the boat ride in Taco Bay and the Balcón de Iberia trail in Alexander Humboldt National Park.

Electronic commerce in #Cuba: What’s new ?


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Electronic government and electronic commerce are the fundamental catalysts of the process of computerization of society.

The latter is understood as the commercial activity that is developed through the use of information and communication technologies, which includes promotion , negotiation of prices and contracting conditions, billing and payment , delivery of goods or services, as well as services of Aftermarket , among others.

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#Mexican cost system could be used in #Cuba Via Juventud Rebelde


Sandra Eva Lomelí, professor at the University of Guadalajara, discussed the possibility of applying in Cuba the design of a system of costs for small and medium enterprises, in the last session of the XVI Cuban congress of women economists and accountants.

Based on her experience in the furniture industry in the city of Ocotlán, located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, Lomeli thinks it could be used in Cuba and mentioned the fact that this system is validated in 256 factories in that Mexican city.

Ocotlán is considered the furniture capital of Mexico, as it is one of the most important industries at the national level, and the application of the system is simple in any country, she explained.

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A gateway to #Cuba’s foreign trade / #UnblockCuba #HelmsBurtonAct #ZEDMariel


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Located in the center of the main maritime routes that require a transshipment port in the region, the Terminal has an advantageous location for trade with the East Coast of the United States

Located 45 kilometers from Havana, the Mariel Container Terminal (TC), the first user of the Special Development Zone, is a 100% Cuban state enterprise, managed under a long-term administration contract by PSA International, the world’s leading port operator.

Director General Charles Alistair Baker told Granma that although slightly behind in terms of planned revenues, the company hopes to be able to overcome this delay in cargo volume.

Our growth is tied to the economic evolution of the country, and we know that it has its challenges, which are even greater since the election in 2016 of a new U.S. government, which has been tougher in the application of its regulations against Cuba, he added.

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#Japan is interested in tourism and renewable energy in #Cuba


Highlights from the original post:

  • XV Meeting of the Cuba-Japan Economic Conference
  • Mitsubishi, Marubeni, Creo Trade y Jetro
  • Medium-term Bilateral Economic Agenda (five years) between Japan and Cuba
  • Third Joint Public-Private Committee Cuba Japan: 31 executives from eight organizations and 33 representatives from 14 Japanese companies
  • Next meeting will be in Tokyo in 2020

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