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Sailing to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale.


In the images, photos of the bays of Havana and Cienfuegos + of the Cruise Veendam

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Holland America Line will starting the trips to Cuba on Dec. 22, 2017 with 12-day holiday cruise aboard the Veendam that will help meet the growing demand for premium cruise experiences to Cuba.

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Breaking the Blockade: A ship has become a joint house for specialists from Cuba and the United States.

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Specialists from Cuba and the United States began a scientific expedition / WIF: Granma Cuba

The ship Walton Smith has become a joint house for specialists from Cuba and the United States who began a scientific expedition to study the extent of the deep coral reefs around the archipelago to compare their state of conservation and physical, genetic and environmentally connectivity.

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Two excellent readings for this Tuesday via

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The Tireless women of Standing Rock – Read the full post HERE  


President Trump’s Policies and the Caribbean – Read the full post HERE

Jamaica ok


Growing Tourism in Cuba – Varadero & Havana (3 posts + pics & video)

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Topics: Tourism grows in Varadero, main Cuban resort + Cuba to Be a Gateway to America with Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski + Other hotels under construction at Paseo del Prado in Havana

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Investment opportunities 4 Marines Tourist in Cuba

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Cuba will open on next June investment opportunities 4 Marines Tourist, the modality  will be management contracts with financing.

Nautical and Marinas business group, Marlin S.A. In Cuba, plans to launch several projects in June to expand existing facilities in Cuba, starting with alliances with foreign investors.

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#FightingFamine, each share worth

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Famine has been declared in pockets of .  Up to 5.5 million men, women & children urgently need food to survive.


“UNICA Community”: A Virtual Alternative for University Students on Cuba


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WIF: Canal Usb Cubadebate Site / María Lucía Expósito- Student of Journalism in the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana.

Cuba is overflowing with the talent and initiative of the young. With an excellent and free professional training and forgetting that they have few resources thanks to the blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba, they become excellent developers. The Best way to generate contents and products one hundred percent Cuban, not imported that respects the interests and values of the young people on the island.

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HEBERPROT-P: CIGB, nanotechnology and diabetes


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A new generation of HEBERPROT-P, a leading drug in the treatment of diabetic foot in Cuba and several countries in the world, will allow in a few years to treat topically one of the most severe complications of diabetes mellitus.

It is the integration of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in a new type of nanoparticles called quatsomas, develops by the CIGB in conjunction with the Institute of Materials Sciences of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC).

A new hope is seen in the effort to continue reducing the rates of diabetic foot ulcer amputation and to increase the quality of life of patients suffering from this disease. However, timely prevention of these severe complications remains the most effective therapy.

How much we must spend to keep a handful of rich people who fit in 2 a small bar accumulating more wealth than 50% of the world’s population.


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The dominant legal, economic, political and cultural system in the capitalist world promotes selfish and predatory behavior.

It admires those who more effectively and non-reciprocally monopolize the wealth generated by ecosystems or the work of human communities. In a finite and ecologically degraded planet, the accumulation of wealth of some people is always at the expense of the dispossession of others.

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