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#Japan is interested in tourism and renewable energy in #Cuba


Highlights from the original post:

  • XV Meeting of the Cuba-Japan Economic Conference
  • Mitsubishi, Marubeni, Creo Trade y Jetro
  • Medium-term Bilateral Economic Agenda (five years) between Japan and Cuba
  • Third Joint Public-Private Committee Cuba Japan: 31 executives from eight organizations and 33 representatives from 14 Japanese companies
  • Next meeting will be in Tokyo in 2020

Foreign investment grows in Cuba – Via Radio Habana Cuba

Why to invest in Mariel?

ZED Mariel provides a world-class production and logistics platform for the establishment of companies, whose productions and services can be traded in the domestic market or exported, and will benefit from the regulatory framework, incentives and friendly business environment. Financial Times fDi magazine awarded ZED Mariel as winner in the category of BEST ZONE TO CONSIDER IN THE FUTURE in the Best Global Zones of the year 2017 competition (GFZ17).


ZED Mariel Cuba Official Site

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Foreign Investment in Cuba

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Rodrigo Malmierca said that in 2018, 40 new businesses were authorized with a value of 1.5 billion dollars, and 35 of those projects are in the investment process.

Malmierca noted that in 2013, there was a new policy to foster foreign investment.  However, he mentioned some obstacles for the success of this endevour, and he mentioned among them Washington’s decades long restrictive measures against Havana in economic and financial matters.

He pointed out that the economic blockade affects not only American companies but of the entire world.  Malmierca also made reference to domestic hurdles like the existence of a double currency system, problems with financial liquidity, and other subjective factors such as delays in the process of business approval or lack of staff preparation.

The foreign trade and investment minister said that as an average, in order to prosper, Cuba needs two billion dollars of foreign investment annually, a figure the country has not yet reached.

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Faculty Leader: Dr. Nancy Pontes, School of Nursing-Camden

Travel Dates: Spring Break 2019

Class Meeting Times: Tuesdays from 6:00-8:50pm (1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 4/16)

Course Number: 57:705:393

Program Cost: Approximately $3,050*

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This Learning Abroad course introduces undergraduate and graduate students to an overview of population health through the lens of community development within the Republic of Cuba. The emphasis of this course is to provide an introduction to key concepts of the Cuban health care system and sustainable community development: why they are important, and how connections among social, cultural, educational and environmental systems are core to successful community development and health

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#Cuba 2019 Economic Plan – Via Granma


As of the end of 2018, the Cuban economy will show growth slightly more than 1%, “but that growth, although discreet and still without the impact we need for the population, is meritorious given the conditions in which it was achieved, without deficit in our running accounts, as a result of measures taken, especially in the second half of the year”

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ViMariel S.A. – The affiliate of Vietnam’s Viglacera corporation was officially launched November 28 to operate in the Mariel Special Development Zone #Cuba

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Visit ViMariel S.A Official Site HERE

From the Original Post

As is to be expected of an area planned for growth, over the past two years, the Mariel Special Development Zone Office has begun to identify and invite international companies with experience and ability to participate in construction of infrastructure in some areas of its Sector A.

The corporation Viglacera, from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with extensive experience in the development and management of industrial parks, responded immediately to the invitation. After intensive talks and productive negotiations, February 28, 2018, the company was authorized to become the Zone’s first concessionaire via Decree 340.

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Classic Cuba with insightCuba

Vintage Cuba with insightCuba

Walking Tour of Old Havana Via InsightCuba

Our Weekend in Havana tour is far more than a mere brush with exotic culture – it’s a full-on immersive discovery allowing you to not only pay witness to Cuba’s dynamic rhythm and color, but to dive right in and become part of the canvas. 

Like the fiery salsa rhythms that can be heard rippling through its city streets, Havana springs to life with warmth and vivaciousness that never stops taking you by surprise. Removed from the quiet fields of sugar cane and mango trees that thrive further afield, Cuba’s largest city is an urban metropolis – a place of rambling Colonial architecture, endless adventure and unfettered discovery.

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#FactsMatter / #Cuba Self-Employment (entrepreneur) the changes respond to the own requests of those who work in this form of management

Two legal norms, published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 77, establish significant amendments to the new rules of self-employment that will come into effect on next December 7.

Related: Legal norms governing self-employment modified

Over the last eight years, self-employment in Cuba has continued to expand, from approximately 157,000 workers in 2010 to 589,000 in 2018, currently representing 13% of the country’s workforce. 
Minister of Labor and Social Security Margarita González Fernández, in a statement to Granma, commented that, as projected, this modality of employment has generated jobs, expanded options for the population, and freed the state from the responsibility of managing small scale activities that do not play an essential role in the national economy.
Nonetheless, she said, violations of the law have emerged, including, for example, tax evasion and purchases of supplies of illicit origin.
Thus, with the purpose of supporting the continued development of the sector in an orderly, legal manner, a policy including 20 regulations was approved and published in the Official Gazette last July 10, stipulating December 7 as the date they would enter into effect, and mandating a broad training program for workers and authorities to ensure understanding of the changes. 
During this period, based on an analysis conducted – and the opinions of self-employed workers and the population, gathered in a broad process of discussion – the Council of Ministers decided to make some modifications, including elimination of the limit to a single self-employment license per person.
Likewise, beginning tomorrow, licenses will again be authorized for 26 of the 27 activities which had been suspended. Licenses for self-employed computer programmers will remain suspended until specific norms for this area are developed.
Additionally, the maximum capacity of 50 for food service establishments was eliminated, with capacity to be determined by the size of the site to be utilized.

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