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How do elections work in Cuba ?


Partial elections + elections of delegates to Provincial Assemblies + elections of deputies to National Assembly = General elections

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THE Cuban election system is different from all others that exist around the world, and is young institutionally. Established in the 1976 Constitution, which took effect on February 24 that year, the People’s Power structure has been in place for more than 40 years.
Among the elements that characterize elections here is the term unity, essential for the protection of the country’s independence. The country is led by a single party, that is not electoral in nature, does not nominate candidates, but serves as the guiding force in state affairs and society.


The Cuban electoral system is governed by the Constitution; Law No. 72 from October 29, 1992; the 2007 Electoral Law and Decree Law No. 248, on the voter registry.

Two types of elections exist, partial and general.

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Discovering Cuba (I): Camaguey

tinajon 1


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Camaguey it is the province with the largest area in Cuba.

Before the current political-administrative division it included the territories of the provinces of Ciego de Avila, part of Sancti Spiritus and Las Tunas.

Also called the “City of the Tinajones” because of the proliferation of these huge clay pots, Camaguey (named after 1903) has a unique urban pattern formed by narrow and tortuous streets that invariably flow into big and small squares and preserved buildings of outstanding historical-cultural and architectural values.

Blessed with beautiful beaches and keys is undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist sites for those who want to visit the city.

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Cuba: effects of climate change for 2020


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Cuban scientists prepare a new report with updated data on the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, in view of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for 2020. This was announced at a press conference by Eduardo Planos, one of the leaders of this project. These results, compiled in the Third National Communication, will be presented to the UNFCCC by the end of the decade. These are Cuba’s commitments to face this global phenomenon. It also includes mitigation and adaptation measures; as well as others associated with education, awareness and technology transfer, he said.

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Politicizing the growth of the internet in Cuba



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The Cuban editorial movement is celebrating


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Digital 2017 Global Overview: Cuba was the fastest growing country in social networks

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Growth of new users in the networks-with more than 2.7 million new users and 365% increase over the previous year-and the use of mobile phones to access social networks -2.6 million new users and an increase in 385%

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A safe country ? Definitely !

insight cuba 2

Original Post Automatically Translate: Empresas turísticas de EEUU aseguran que Cuba es un destino seguro / Cubadebate Cuba

“The reality is that Americans can continue to travel to Cuba almost as they did before the new regulations,” said Tom Popper, president of Insight Cuba, which organized a forum in Havana with US companies in the tourism sector.

Executives from companies from the travel agencies, hotels, tour operators, airlines and cruise companies expressed their interest in continuing trade relations with Cuba.

“We see many opportunities in Cuba, especially on the Havana-Miami route,” said Martha Pantin, corporate communications manager of American Airlines, a company that already operates nine daily flights to five Cuban destinations. “We have requested permission for 17 additional frequencies,” 

“The message is that Cuba is open to business, safe, wonderful and legal for travelers from the United States,” said Terry Dale, president of the Association of Tour Operators of the United States.

Within the new policy of US President Donald Trump, to the island, banned US companies from making direct monetary transactions with a number of companies in the tourism sector, on the charge that they are controlled by the Cuban Army.

It also hardened the conditions for travel to the island by US citizens, who although were already banned from tourism, and only can travel as part of a cultural, academic or religious trip, among others.

But despite the obstacles in the procedures, Trump’s measures did not vary the 12 categories of trips approved by the previous US administration to facilitate visits to the island, which have now been restricted to trips organized in groups.

“The new measures have created a lot of confusion about the reality of travel to Cuba. But the truth is that Cuba remains a legal and safe destination for American travelers even before the new regulations of the Treasury Department, “said lawyer Lindsay Frank.

During 2017, 620,000 Americans traveled to Cuba and none had health problems during their stay on the island. An argument that would contradict the travel warning issued by the State Department last September and that in early January had to lift and pass it to “reconsider” the trip.

“It is very important for American travelers to understand that the travel warning from the State Department does not legally prevent Americans from traveling to Cuba,” explained lawyer Lindsay Frank.


Jose Julian Marti, from NYC to Havana.

jose marti from nyc to havana.jpg

Post by @CubanWindow

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Today was unveiled in Havana the copy of the statue of Jose Julian Marti that stands in our Central Park in New York. And masterfully the Dr. Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City of Havana poetically decorated the moment with these words:

“On this morning when the 165th anniversary of his birth is celebrated, not far from here, in the street of Paula, we evoke Jose Marti in the act of his supreme sacrifice for the cause he chose as a motivation for his life. The work of the renowned American artist Anna Hyatt Huntington evokes it “


“There is serenity in his face. There is beauty in the whole in which the beast tramples herbs and lilies, perhaps evoking those words that I always considered the intimate premonition of his sacrifice: ‘My verse will grow under the grass and I will grow too’. It is the scene of May 19, 1895. But today we do not stop to contemplate the death that he considered a necessary act. “It is not true,” he said, “when the work of life has been well fulfilled.” ‘Or when she – as she also affirmed – becomes a car of glory’, we do not come today with sadness and apathy before her monument. I am extremely happy that we, the people of Havana, can enjoy today a work so beautiful and so poetically inspired “


“We thank you, teacher and apostle, for your brief and generous life. You have not died You live in our hearts. Cuba thanks you. The Cuban people all put before you an offering of flowers and these signs remind you that your sacrifice was not useless. A moment ago, the national flag floats on top of the monument. We have not followed the usual practice, renouncing a bit the tradition of snatching a veil – it would be immense – we have preferred it to be the flag that rises over the blue sky of Cuba when the Sun has not yet touched our eyes or risen through the lands of the East, those lands that you saw for the first time after you returned to Cuba. Blessed are you, Master.

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