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Places you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning to visit Cuba (I)

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The Grand Theater of Havana «ALICIA ALONSO» the oldest active theatrical institution in Latin America, was inaugurated February 18, 1838, under the name of Grand Theater of Tacon.  Shortly, thanks to the magnificence of their spectacle halls and the celebrity of the artists that were presented there, its fame transcended the frontiers of the island. After several reformations, both in its facade as well as in its interior, the building was remodeled to lead the way to its current form. In its history, it has been known by other names, such as Grand National Theater, Estrada Palma Theater and Garcia Lorca Theater.

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Travel To Cuba With The Nation

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The Horrible Consequences of the Flint Water Crisis Via @TelesurEnglish

Vinales Cuba – Sunset Walking Tours and Exploring “Mogotes” – Via Emily K

vinales mogotes

Right now, I am sitting on top of my little house in Vinales, Cuba. That’s right, I have a house! Vinales is a truly top place to visit in Cuba mainly because of the views of the surrounding landscape, so I just had to have a rooftop so I could take it all in!

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Cuban Perspective: how are today’s Cubans youth ?


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I have no answer to that question, although I can not stop asking the question.

Like them, I am also a carrier of a period brand that I have lived actively and intensely.

In a hostile environment, I met the difficult conditions of a closed labor market, I lived the battle that happened to the coup perpetrated by Batista, I experienced the fall of companions in the beautiful age open to illusions and the future.

The triumphant days of a Revolution that broke the barriers of the previously imaginable remained in my memory forever.

I gave myself completely to the task of building what I dreamed in the field of education and culture. It was not a bed of roses.

I faced contradictions, but in the work I found moments of personal fulfillment.

This is how a mentality developed in the confrontation of concrete realities, in the conquest of new knowledge, in the growth of a way of thinking and feeling.

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Despite #US Travel Warning Students Stay the Course on Cuba Voyage



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The recent diplomatic meltdown between the U.S. and Cuba is deeply disturbing.  It disrupts our work – and undermines scores of Cubans striving to leverage engagement with Americans to create economic opportunity.  We feel it makes our voyages in southern Cuba more important than ever.

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Let’s Go Travel To Cuba



From the comfort of the Voyager, you’ll have unique access to people and places the average tourist rarely sees: 

Uncover a history so rich, its legacy is memorialized in its architecture and its people. Legendary Cuba Tour: 


If #Varadero is your first port of call upon #arrival in #Cuba, let’s look at why you’ll quickly fall in love with: 

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Straight Talking x 2


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The normality of the servitude and the Cuban allies of Marco Rubio. By Carlos Luque Zayas Bazán

Shortly before assuming the Trump administration, Cuba Possible subjected the academic and political scientist Lopez-Levy, a confessed Zionist, who is considered organically involved in the design of the Obama strategy towards Cuba, to a questionnaire on the future of relations between the two countries. Now that the new president’s policy towards Cuba is in full swing, we have a new questionnaire in mind.

One of the questions in this last interview is about the consequences of the current state of Cuba-US relations for “the different non-state actors of both countries.” The interviewer attributes to ” the bloggers of Insomniac Pupil “, whom he would consider one of these non-state actors of the Cuban side, an “animadversion to the private sector in Cuba” that emulates, competes and agrees, nothing less than with “the projection of Senator Rubio and related groups to his agenda.” It is curious that some, as appropriate, have this digital blog as a government official protected by power and salary of official thought, and others, as now, a non-state actor and opposed to “officialism”. Seeing is believing. 

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Deutsche Welle’s inventions on tourism and housing in Cuba (+ video). By José Manzaneda

The figures for tourism growth in Cuba are eloquent: by the end of 2017 a 16.5% increase in the number of visitors is expected (1), and a revenue for the State of more than 3,000 million dollars (2), in a country that allocates 72% of its budget to social spending (3). In the circumstances of a small nation that is blocked and without natural resources, the tourism sector is, to this day, vital (4).

Obviously, this rapid growth has brought to Cuba negative phenomena, such as the rise in prices of many products and services (5). And that is where the great international press has been affected again and again (6).

This is the case of Deutsche Welle, the official channel of the German Government, which recently published a work entitled “Cuba: mass tourism displaces Cubans from their homes.”  information that tried to link the serious problem of housing in Cuba with the rise of tourism (7).

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The #US #Blockade cost Cuban tourism more than 1.7 billion dollars BTW April 2016 and June 2017


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The Cuban authorities estimates that if U.S. tourists could travel freely to Cuba, the island would collect 1.5 billion dollars a year with those visits. In addition, it would obtain 15 million for the mooring of yachts from the United States with an average stay of a week, as well as other incomes that would amount to almost 1.702 billion dollars now declared as losses.

Obama administration relaxed some of his country’s sanctions against Cuba and approved 12 categories to make flexible the trips of U.S. citizens to the island for religious, cultural, educational, humanitarian aid reasons or personal exchange with the Cuban people, among others  + the resumption of commercial flights and cruise trips to Cuba, after half a century of being suspended.

These measures brought about a notable increase of visitors from the United States:

  • in 2016 285,000 Americans traveled to Cuba,
  • while between January and May 2017 284,565 did so, according to official data.

The boost given to tourism on the island by these visits contributed to the record of four million visitors last year and to place the estimate for 2017 at 4.7 million.

Donald Trump, opposed to his predecessor’s policies toward Cuba, on June announced he would impose new restrictions to travel to the island and would veto individual visits, although they can still travel in groups.

Damages in other economic and social sectors of the island (Read the full inform in HERE: Resolution 71/5 of the United Nations General Assembly entitled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba” June 2017

  • Food (347,598,000)
  • Transportation (122,300,000)
  • Energy and mines sector (122,500,000)
  • Communications and information technology (+ 68 million)
  • Industry and construction (59 and 12 million dollars, respectively)
  • Public health (87,000,000)
  • Culture (35,314,000)
  • Education (2,800,000) – where the losses were associated mainly to expenses for the import of resources that on the island are offered free of charge or subsidized
  • Bio tech and pharmaceutical industry, which cannot acquire spare parts and equipment for its research
  • Hindered its financial operations with some 100 foreign banks, most of them in Europe, which closed accounts, retained funds and refused to provide services to the island between April 2016 and March 2017
  • 36 banks refused to arrange letters of credit, 27 returned operations and 19 refused their services for fear of sanctions from the United States
  • Cuba not being able to use the dollar in its transactions

Cuba estimates at 822.28 billion dollars the damages caused by the U.S. Blockade, taking into account the depreciation of the dollar in the face of the value of gold on the international market. At current prices, the punitive measure has caused damages worth more than 130.178 billion dollars.

In 2016, at the UN the Cuban Resolution Against the Blockade had 191 votes in favor with the abstention of the United States and Israel. It was the first time that Washington did not vote against the resolution, which has been presented at the UN every year since 1992.

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