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First defeat of imperialism in Latin America

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Today Cuba is remembering the beginning of the mercenary invasion in Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs) 56 years ago.
The Invasion was part of Operation Pluto organized by the CIA, approved by President Eisenhower on March 17, 1960 was arrangement in close collaboration and approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces. An army of exiles would be recruited, trained, and equipped in Guatemala; as a political front to destroyed the Cuban Revolution.

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Authorized Voices: How to break the disinformation that exists in the United States about Cuba


Post by @CubanWindow — Original  @ Latin Press

“The best ambassadors to tell the truth about Cuba are the true Cubans, we are already tired of listening to people who only respond to the power that harasses and blocks the island”  By Ike Nahem: A longtime anti-war, socialist, and labor activist , the coordinator of Cuba Solidarity New York and a founder of the July 26 Coalition. Nahem WAS an Amtrak Locomotive Engineer and member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, a division of the Teamsters Union. 

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(UPDATE II) The National Conference for the Full Normalization of US-CUBA Relations

Happening Now WIF: CubaConference2017

SESSION 1: 2:15 – 3:45 PM

Cuba and African Independence and Liberation
(Room 3-04)

This Workshop will feature Isaac Saney, co-chair, Canadian Network on Cuba, author of forthcoming Africa’s Children Return! Cuba, the War in Angola and Southern African Liberation and Negash Abdurahman who will show an extended trailer of his forthcoming film Cuba in Africa.

Democracy in Cuba: Perspectives and Misconceptions
(Room 4-07)

This Workshop will be moderated by Mabel Leon, a community activist with roots in Schenectady, New York since the 1960s and an active member of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)/Pastors for Peace, presently organizing its 28th annual Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba. Panelists include: Yamila González Ferrer, Vice-President, National Board of Directors of the National Union of Cuban Jurists, who will speak to the constitutional and legal basis of Cuba’s democracy and political system; and Arnold August, a Montreal-based journalist and author. In 2013 August was awarded the Félix Elmuza Award, Cuba’s highest journalism award for Cuban and foreign journalists. He is the author of the acclaimed titles Democracy in Cuba and the 1997-98 Elections (1999) and Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion (2014) and the forthcoming Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond.

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Despite the blockade that Obama’s smile did not lift




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Original Post: Obama, Cuba and the three seasons by Enrique Milanés León on CUBAHORA

Translation + Selection :


A year has passed since Obama visited Cuba, and a year later, much of what he offered depends of his successor, while Cuba and his project follow the same line.

Just in March 2016 – the renowned American journalist John Lee Anderson said that with the reception to Obama, in Cuba the Revolution prevailed. Twelve months have gone by and they have done nothing more than give the reason to that colleague.

Certainly, Cuba remains calm, waiting for the relief in the direction of the country that decided by itself, without the aid of Washington, just for eleven months from now.

And from morning to night, despite a blockade that Obama’s smile did not lift, life continues between free schools, health at hand, science and conscience, assured work and success, error, success …, which are the bases Of any experiment of progress.

Fully Wrong: Between Gifts and Concessions Trump intends to handle our foreign policy toward Cuba

Cadeaux en marche

Post By @CubanWindow WIF from: US President believes that Cuba has not made concessions for normalization of relations via CubaDebate

As a preamble we leave this comment of the many published on the site of the original article posted by a Cuban:

” The storm began … this man does not know that we have endured 11 administrations that have invented everything and in the end they have not been able to with us …? we hope that he changes his ideas, otherwise we will have more years of battles with the conviction that of this side not Accept pressures or blackmail … time to time”

  • a @CubanWindow Deja Vu:

With Cuba, Trump will have to take his gifts and put them … in the closet of his presidential suite

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Ban to enter the United States for being a Socialist

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Gabriel Marquez influenced Latin American literature but even with his amazing work, he was banned from entering the United States due to his socialist and anti-imperialist views, and his friendship with Fidel Castro

March in the history of relations between Cuba and the United States


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Original: The Cuban people continue to support their Revolution By ANDRÉS ZALDÍVAR DIÉGUEZ  Researcher at the Center for Hemispheric Studies and on the United States (CEHSEU) at the University of Havana-

On March 24, 1962, the US Treasury announced the prohibition of the entry into its territory of any product made, totally or partially, with products of Cuban origin, even if it was in a third country.

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The Neurological Restoration Center -the only one of its kind in the world -is located in Cuba

The CIREN turn in 28th years (feb. 26 of 1989 by Fidel Castro Ruz) it is the only one of its kind in the world and is located in Cuba !!!

Is an advanced scientific-medical institution with an area and basic research programs that bring new knowledge and introduce and develop technologies in the field of neurosciences; and an area of assistance whose two original therapeutic programs: Neurological Restoration and General Biological Restoration, have served with novel approaches and recognized success to thousands of patients from dozens of countries of all continents.

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