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Celebrating #WorldFoodDay 2019: ‘The Rich do not know #Hunger’, speech of Fidel Castro Ruz to the United Nations World Food Summit, Rome, October 1996- Via #Cuba #FidelCastro #FAO #UnitedNations #UnblockCuba

“Hunger, the inseparable companion of the poor, is the offspring of the unequal distribution of the wealth and the injustices in this world. The rich do not know hunger.

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#Cuba Sends #Doctors & #Teachers to Hurricane Hit #Bahamas Via Telesur English


Cuba’s government confirmed on Wednesday that they have sent a number of doctors and teachers to areas of the Bahamas which have been hit by Hurricane Dorian. The Cuban workers will assist local authorities in emergency relief, though they will also stay afterwards to help rebuild the country’s medical and education services in the affected areas. 

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Despite the #US blockade: “In #Cuba the Industry 4.0 is coming soon”

Since 1959, employment and the right to work have been guaranteed in Cuba, codified in the Labor Code and reaffirmed in the new Constitution.

Not even in the most difficult moments of the Revolution has a single worker been abandoned to fate, shock therapies have never been applied. On the contrary, adhering to the principle of non-discrimination, access to jobs has been ensured regardless of sex, race, creed, or any other exclusionary factor.

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#Cuba’s Human Breast Milk Banks – Via @RewievMedicc

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David, Daniel, and Diego were born at 32 weeks via caesarean section in Cuba’s eastern province of Granma—they weighed between 1520 and 1780 grams each. Their mother, Dayanis Díaz, wasn’t producing enough milk for her triplets and just 24 hours after birth, they were being fed with pasteurized milk from the hospital’s breast milk bank. For a month, the three Ds were nourished with this donated milk until Dayanis started lactating sufficiently, at which point her own milk supplemented that from the milk bank. Shortly thereafter, the triplets were discharged, weighing in at 2500 grams. «Every day I give thanks for the patience, understanding and support of the milk bank team,» says Dayanis.

In Santiago de Cuba, Jorge Rodríguez was born prematurely, with low birth weight, and was in critical condition for the first several days. Tragically, his mother died giving birth and his neonatology team began nourishing him with milk from the local milk bank. After three months, he was healthy enough to go home «thanks to the breast milk bank and the voluntary spirit of the donors. We are very grateful,» says Jorge’s father.

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#Cuba Treats successfully #SkinCancer with #HeberFeron #Biotechnology #UnblockCuba


The evaluation of results in the treatment of one type of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) with HeberFeron – produced by Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology – has shown that the drug can reduce the appearance of new lesions eight-fold.

The news attracted attention at a scientific meeting to analyze the issue, in the province of Holguín, with more than 120 doctors in attendance, including specialists and residents from across the country

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#Cuba, Reference in Preventing and Treating #Diabetes Via Latin Press


Cuba has been an international reference in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, considered a global catastrophe in health, Ileydis Iglesias, director of the National Institute of Endocrinology, said.

In statements to Prensa Latina, in the context of the 1st International Diabetes Congress taking place at the Conference Center in Havana until May 24, the specialist highlighted that Cuba is the country with the best glycemic control of its patients, the Pan-American Health Organization has acknowledged.

This is possible despite the limitations the nation has such as not having a continuous monitoring blood glucose meter or an insulin infusion pump for patients who do not resolve with multiple injections, because they are devices made with US technology.

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#Cuba Hosts International #Diabetes Congress – Via Telesur English Youtube

Cubans say to the #UnitedStates: “We understand in English … But not with threats, against our homeland, we do not understand each other” / #LeyGarrote #HelmsBurton – #UnblockCuba

#MustRemember – Reciprocity: Demand from the #Cuban people vs #UnitedStates Gov. 4 economic damages to the island / Via @cubadebate_en


Vigil in complaint for victims of state terrorism

Automatically Translate / On May 5, 2000, the First Civil and Administrative Chamber of the Provincial People’s Court of the City of Havana issued judgment 47, corresponding to the Civil File Number 1, filed under the Cuban People’s Lawsuit against the Government of United States for the economic damages caused to Cuba, interposed by social and mass organizations of the country.

The damages caused by the blockade reaches the 67,093.2 million USD at that time … The judgment of the Court condemned the United States Government to repair and compensate the Cuban people in that amount.

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