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How cruel it can b 2 try 2 drown a people !!! #UnblockCuba

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Cuba recovers from the pain and devastation caused by #HurricaneIrma, while from this brutal north the speeches are split out before the nations of the world traveling back in time, giving way to the hatred and the desires of a few:

Today @ the UN Trump said that the US-imposed blockade against Cuba will not be lifted if the Caribbean nation does not satisfy Washington-mandated reforms, despite the overwhelming rejection it receives annually in the General Assembly.

But the Cubans join forces to give life to their “archipelago” and sing to their land

Video: The flower that inhabits you
Cuba, you are part of me
Wherever I go, you go inside
we will never abandon you
Cuba, your children sweat, recovering the sky,
it’s time to show how much we love you

How can you snatch such goodness from a story
How you can block the truth that is giving birth to dreams
what they try to stifle has been feeling for decades
How cruel it can be to try to drown a people




Sending Help: A #Hurricane of Solidarity



The Cuban Government, through the   International Financial Bank (BFI), has set up an account to distribute donations from institutions, individuals and solidarity groups who wish to contribute financially to repairing the material damages caused by #HurricaneIrma as it passes through Cuba.

Under the title: hurricane-donations, No. 0300000004978829, direct monetary contributions can be made in foreign currency from abroad and within Cuba

FMI: Contact the Cuban Embassies or the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment e-mail or telephone number: 537 8333051.


Home delivery

Post by @CubanWindow 

From the Original post in AlaMesa Cuba Directory / RestaurantsConsidering the damages caused by #HurricaneIrma , we decided to add to the offers and events sent by advertisers a list (too short) of restaurants that we confirmed yesterday, are delivering home. We hope it will be useful for those who read us and we thank those who make efforts also from their kitchens, to return our nation to normal.


Pollo Bell

La Grandiosa


Los 3 Chinitos


Los Dos Chinitos

El Barroco Habana

#UnblockCuba #UNGA #NYC


This Cuban children deserve to live a

future without the US Blockade against . The 🌎 has voted with 🇨🇺 @  

Travel Guide #NYC Via @MadHattersNYC

😍 ❓ This Is The Austin 4 U Via 👍

New Yorkers suffer exorbitant rents and ridiculous commutes, but we get amazing pizza and Central Park in return. We are masters of the trade off. So when you propose an escape from the city, a skeptical New Yorker might ask, “What exactly am I giving up my breakfast bagels for?” Well, if you’re headed to Austin, the answer is: A LOT.

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Friday Stories

Vietnam Sends Aid to #Cuba to Help Hurricane Recovery Efforts  / Continue Reading HERE

#Cuba Melia resorts in Varadero hosting guests yesterday / Continue Reading  HERE

Eco, sustainable, hiking, cycling AND culinary adventure travel ? Baracoa – #Cuba ! /Continue Reading HERE

Without power seniors fight post-hurricane heat with Popsicles compresses  Via  / Continue Reading HERE

Havana #Cuba begins to recover from the ravages of Irma / Continue Reading HERE

Millions needed 4 regional says chair Via  / Continue Reading HERE

monitoring 2 in the Atlantic via Continue Reading HERE

How to tell the stories of those worst affected by a disaster like via  / Continue Reading HERE

airports reopen as efforts continue to restore power and phone service in some areas / via  / Continue Reading HERE

Almost a month from ‘s victims in still recovering as focus shifts 2 – @usatoday /  Continue Reading HERE

College students offer their 2 communities affected / Continue Reading HERE


#HistoryMatters #September15 #Birmingham #Alabama


Sept 15, 1963 | 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, a terrorist attack directed at Black people, takes place in Birmingham, Alabama.


Cold War Mentality

🤔No Gas in Florida: Give a Chance 🗞️Via 👌

As I heard Florida’s governor demanding gas, I wondered why they don’t learn from Cuba, and send buses. Cuba was there in the CBC newscasts about Florida. It was the country under the satellite image, under the “lingering” eye of category five Irma. For hours, that awful image was in the background as the CBC anchor kept returning to Florida’s need for gas. Continue Reading HERE


#UnblockCuba – Days of Action

Against the  September 11 @ 10:00 am – September 16 @ 9:00 pm 

Via The Blockade Against Cuba & The Human Right to Healthcare / September 14 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

A six-year-old Cuban girl named Naomi battling brain cancer couldn’t get a desperately needed U.S.-patented drug. Judy Ingels, a 74-year-old California woman with stage four lung cancer had to sneak into Cuba last spring in violation of American travel restrictions in order to receive a Cuban-developed drug that could help prolong her life for years. Both of these cases are because of the United States government’s economic blockade against the Cuban people for more than 50 years, – including denial of vital medicines.

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