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All about #FITCuba2017 from May 3 to 6: the celebration of tourism in Cuba, has begun !!!

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gives as the protagonist in the map of the travel agencies and major tour operators in the world



The colors of the rainbow


…  while we were enjoying the images, that was what came to our mind, an infinite rainbow.

Post By @CubanWindow Imported from the site CubaXDentro original #CubaZoom from the air By: Abel Rojas Barallobre

It is evident both for its inhabitants and for those who visit it that Cuba possesses in its geography interesting natural and urban landscapes; Is one of the most beautiful and colorful countries.

Freezing from the ground with a camera all these panoramas is magical; But documenting our landscapes from another angle, from the air, can give incredible results by visually experiencing this perspective of Cuban relief.

The Greater Antilles is divided into several regions or territories with similar natural, economic and social characteristics; They are the Western, Central and Eastern regions.


Havana is the smallest province in the country; And in turn the capital of the Republic of Cuba. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


In the coasts there are some elevations of low altitude, belonging to the system of the Heights of Havana Matanzas, which begin in the cliff of Morro and Loma de La Cabaña. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Havana has 60% of urban area and 40% of rural territory. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba, is renowned for its incredible beauty and majestic architecture; Besides being considered the second largest province of the Island. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The city of Santa Clara; Capital of the province of Villa Clara. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Villa Clara has a land area of 8412 km², including more than 715 adjacent cays, which places it in the fifth place by extension between the provinces of the national territory. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The hydrography Villaclareña is represented by the rivers Sagua la Grande and Sagua la Chica and the reservoir Alacranes, Hanabanilla, Minerva and Palma Sola. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The relief of Villa Clara is characterized by the heights of North Central Cuba, Manacas plain and the heights of Santa Clara. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The province of Sancti SpĂ­ritus is listed as one of the Cuban regions that retains genuine colonial architectural styles. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The territory of Espirituan is characterized by a very varied relief, where the plains predominate predominantly and, to a lesser extent, the mountains and heights. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Las Tunas occupies Cuba ninth place in extension with little more than 6 587 km ². (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


In the geography of the province, the plains abound. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


HolguĂ­n is the fourth largest province in the national territory (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Called the Land of Nickel, Holguin hydrography is represented by the Mayarí, Gibara, Sagua de Tánamo, Tacajó and Gibara Bay, Banes and Nipe Rivers (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The Hill of the Cross constitutes a symbol of the city of HolguĂ­n; Located at 261 meters above sea level; This place is home to great stories and beautiful legends. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Granma, one of the most important provinces and rich in history; In this zone of the east is located the city of Bayamo, Cradle of the Cuban Nationality. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Historically, Santiago de Cuba has been Cuba’s second most important city; Has a bay connected to the Caribbean Sea and is an important port. (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The Santiago relief is basically of heights and mountains, much of the territory is covered by the Sierra Maestra with the highest heights of the Island (Pico Turquino). (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


The Moncada Barracks that happened to history after the assault of a group of young people directed by Fidel Castro that had as objective to fight against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)


Santiago de Cuba: Its historic urban center was declared a National Monument on October 10, 1978 (Abel Rojas Barallobre / Cubahora)

Earth day: 1970 – 2017: What’s Changed? Btwn the best & the worst in 47 yrs

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Reflections: A mirror in the web from Cuba


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Another goal scored against those who continue to draw the beautiful island as a missing point on the map of the social digital dynamics.

Reflejos (Reflections) is a platform created under the .cu domain (, from 100 x 100 Cuban servers that users can access freely and at no cost from the Youth Computer Club or other device and in which they have a space to share opinions, interests and needs in text format, images and videos, far from the censorship that other platforms apply to the bloggers who try to share their truth from the island, the truth that the big media hide us, which has no echo in the networks.

It is a tool designed and programmed by the Clubs themselves based on the content management made available to Cuban Internet users.

You can search for real cubans blogs from A to Z …. HERE

Recommend: Arte Comic – Magazine and digital platform dedicated to promote the comic as an art, its development in Cuba and other areas of the planet, as well as the JORNADAS ARTECĂ“MIC event, the only convention dedicated to the ninth art on the island.

And there we go … to do what we know best ….

military expenditures

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According to Global Security Organization US Occupies the first place at international level in expenditures destined to the development of the armaments industry.

Without a single conflict against which to fight in our territory, we urgently need to keep this diabolical machinery of production running, so bring the war to third countries as self-appointed saviors of the world, or resorting to the worn-out resource of defending our national security, is the only way to ensure that it is so … we have troops deployed in more than a dozen countries.

We have read some excellent articles now that North Korea is in sight:




CUBA: Unified Contents For Advanced Search


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Note: It would be great if the contents in this excellent search engine also appeared in English. For now only – in – spanish …

A version updated from the platform network C.U.B.A. was developed by Search technology © Orión.Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas 2017 celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Union of Young Communists of Cuba.

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VOTE FOR: The #Cuban Encyclopedia @EcuRedOficial finalist for the awards of the @WSISprocess


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The Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia EcuRed, which already exceeds 300 000 daily visits, is among the finalist projects submitted to a vote by the World Summit on the Information Society.


If you want TO VOTE for EcuRed here we leave the necessary steps to do it:

1 – Open the website
2 – Click on the option VOTE
3 – When deploying the page go to the end of this one to register in this site. Click on the CLICK HERE option and fill out the registration form.

4-When registering, the site sends a confirmation by email.

5 – When registered, the link sent by email is opened and you enter the username and password with which you registered.

6 – The page of the voting is displayed. You should click on the box No 3 that corresponds to category number 3 (C3. Access to information and knowledge). Then find the name of the Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia and click on the vote for the proyect box .

The voting time is from 30 March to 30 April.


St. Petersburg-Havana Nautical tradition breaks the barriers imposed by the blockade


“I am proud that the City of St. Petersburg is involved in
This event, and I believe that sport, such as regatta, art and
Culture, make a bridge to promote the union of peoples with
Rick Creiseman, Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

By @CubanWindow  – WIF Ernesto Ruiz Ramos  – Related: HERE  – Recommend: Marlin Cuba

15 years have passed since the International Hemingway clubs of Cuba and the St. Petersburg Yacht in the United States joined forces in the rescue of a navigation test initiated in the year 1930 between Americans and Cuban crews, who sailed 300 nautical miles among both countries

Images Back in Time

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Cuba is looking for new Oilfields


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Cuba Oil Co. and the Chinese company BGP signed a contract last November for the execution of a non-exclusive 2D seismic campaign that marked the beginning of a project that is part of the development program of the oil industry in Cuba and includes the

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