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Proud to be #Cuban / From the original “Si yo no fuera #Cubano ” Granma #Cuba / #UnBlockCuba #FuerzaCuba

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If I were not Cuban, how many things I would have lost, how much Creole substance, how much laughter and handshakes.

If the stork had thrown me in other latitudes, I would not have grown up with the doors of my house always open in the middle of a rural, quiet and picturesque neighborhood.

I would not have graduated from college without paying a penny.

I would be missing the pictures next to Jose Marti at school, the memory of the  parents tying blue or red scarves around their young childrens necks the euphoria of the neighbourhood after the Stevenson’s fulminating knockout on the prominent and squarejaw yankee Duanne Bobbick, who was nicknamed “The withe hope” and, hope at last, it was eaten by the goat.

If I were not Cuban, I would have ignored the collective joy that is woven around a large pot full of broth in the middle of the street.

I would not know the clatter of dominoes under an almond tree, nor would I have memories of the “Buey Cansao” of the Van Van, the “Nueva Trova”, Palmas y cañas” or even the meteorological statement of Dr. José Rubiera, known in my town as the Hurricane Hunter

If I were not Cuban I would not have applauded Fidel whenever the carapacho sounded to the characters from the North, I would never have premiered a guayabera and probably did not know anything about the ball, staying out of the crowd when Antonio Muñoz the ball burst and Bobby Salamanca shouted at the top of his lungs: “Goodbye, Lolita of my life.” I would not know the congrí, nor the pig roasted in a plectrum.

If I were not Cuban, I could get up early and not drink coffee, I would always speak softly, I would not joke in the most unexpected places, I would not engage in improvised conversations with any stranger at the bus stop, I would not ask the neighbors for salt, I would not donate blood voluntarily, I would know a little less solidarity, I would not go to hospitals for free, I would not have children protected by free vaccines, I would not pay attention to the Virgin of Charity, to the stamps of San Lazaro or to the offerings left in the trunks of the ceibas.

I would ignore the joy to make a constitution and have the right to vote for it, and above all and live in people strongher tha a twister.

I would never have learn than you van live with less but with more pride, that you can block anything but the smile and the desire to live witout pride.


Reflections: A mirror in the web from Cuba


Post By @CubanWindow

Another goal scored against those who continue to draw the beautiful island as a missing point on the map of the social digital dynamics.

Reflejos (Reflections) is a platform created under the .cu domain (, from 100 x 100 Cuban servers that users can access freely and at no cost from the Youth Computer Club or other device and in which they have a space to share opinions, interests and needs in text format, images and videos, far from the censorship that other platforms apply to the bloggers who try to share their truth from the island, the truth that the big media hide us, which has no echo in the networks.

It is a tool designed and programmed by the Clubs themselves based on the content management made available to Cuban Internet users.

You can search for real cubans blogs from A to Z …. HERE

Recommend: Arte Comic – Magazine and digital platform dedicated to promote the comic as an art, its development in Cuba and other areas of the planet, as well as the JORNADAS ARTECÓMIC event, the only convention dedicated to the ninth art on the island.

The Fiction Overcome with a touch of Cuban Humor

google pizza

Post By @CubaWindow taken from the original ” Creativity in the light of electronic snooping. S reality based on humor” By CubaXDentro

Dialogue between a citizen from Washington D.C. with the Pizzeria where he frequently order Italian food for delivery:

  • Google Pizzeria, good evening !

Excuse me !!!

  • Google Pizzeria, Sir. May I take your order ?

But it’s not the “Washington” Pizzeria phone number ?

  • It was Sir. but Google bought the pizzeria, and now the service is more complete.

Well, can you take my order, please?

  • Why not, Mr. Gomez, do you want to order the pizza that you usually asks for ?

As usual ? Do you know me, do you know my name?

  • By the caller ID and according to your phone number, we know that the last 53 times you called, ordered pizza with four cheeses and calabrese.

Oh, I had not noticed ! I want the same …

  • Sir, may I suggest something ?

Of course. Do you have a new pizza deal on the menu ?

  • No Sir. We have a very varied menu, but we wanted to suggest you order our pizza with the ricotta and the arugula.

Ricotta and Arugula? Nope ! I hate those things.

  • But, sir, It would be very good for your health. In addition your cholesterol is not within the accepted parameters …

What the .. ?

  • We have recent information from your laboratory and it is what it reports 

Nope, what I want it’s a soft cheese pizza or salad. That’s why I take my cholesterol medicine and eat what I want …

  • Sir., I’m sorry, but I think you have not taken your medicine lately.

How do you know that ?

  • According to the data report of the specialized pharmacies in the city, the last time you bought your cholesterol medication was 3 months ago. And the box has 30 tablets. Also your credit card issued the same report.

What the heck  ….?

  • You always buy your medicines at the Sorrento Pharmacy, which offers you discounts if you pay with a credit card from Banco BANK. According our database and your expenses, for three months nothing has been bought there, but you had used your card in other stores, which indicates that you still have it. And has not mislaid it.

… And if I had paid in cash at the pharmacy, what do you tell me now ?

  • You pay $ 200 weekly in cash to your domestic employee and the rest of your expenses are done with a debit or credit card.

How do you know what my employee earns ?

  • You pay for retirement …

Go to the ……!

  • Sir, I’m sorry, but it’s all on my screen. I have an obligation to help you. I think you should re-schedule the appointment with your doctor and update the results of the tests did last month so that you can adjust the medication.



  • But, sir …

Pls Shut up! I’M GOING TO CHANGE WELL AWAY FROM HERE. To the Fiji Islands or to any part that does not have the Internet, computers, telephone or people watching me all the time …

  • I get it…

I WILL USE MY CREDIT CARD FOR THE LAST TIME to buy a plane ticket and go well away.

  • Well, Mr. Gomez …


  • Perfectly. Is CANCELLED. One more thing, sir …


  • Your passport had expired.




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