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HEBERPROT-P: CIGB, nanotechnology and diabetes


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A new generation of HEBERPROT-P, a leading drug in the treatment of diabetic foot in Cuba and several countries in the world, will allow in a few years to treat topically one of the most severe complications of diabetes mellitus.

It is the integration of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in a new type of nanoparticles called quatsomas, develops by the CIGB in conjunction with the Institute of Materials Sciences of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC).

A new hope is seen in the effort to continue reducing the rates of diabetic foot ulcer amputation and to increase the quality of life of patients suffering from this disease. However, timely prevention of these severe complications remains the most effective therapy.

Loneliness, wrinkles in the soul


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WIFCenter for Research on Longevity, Aging and Health (CITED) – Cuba, founded on May 7, 1992 by Fidel Castro Ruz, is the National Reference Center for the development of Gerontology and Geriatric, as well as for research on longevity issues. Aging and health in the elderly. It also assumes a leading role in the training and preparation of human resources dedicated to the care of the elderly.

Loneliness according the geriatrics it’s a painful and feared feeling for a large number of older people.

And while the feelings generated by loneliness are certainly not exclusive to the elderly and can be attributed to all ages, according to the WHO, in asserting that mental health and emotional well-being have the same importance in older age as in any other period of Life, certainly affects older adults more.

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What does AHCA take away from us?

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The American Health Care Act, among other things eliminate low-income support grants to obtain coverage and obligations to expand health insurance. Thanks to this Act approximately 24 million Americans will be left uninsured.

Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) better could not have described what it means:

“Pathetic. That’s the word to describe this process and this bill. If the American people could sue Congress for malpractice – my Republican friends would be in deep trouble. How could you do this? How could you do this to the people you represent?

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#SharingTheLove: More than 3 000 Cubans receive 3 times a week hemodialysis & the cost for the patient is ZERO.


Post By @CubanWindow WIF: Cuban News Agency – Living with hemodialysis: a great contribution to Nephrology in Cuba

Millions of people in the world suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD), a clinical condition derived from permanent loss of kidney function and that can be progressive, for which treatment and control then need to use the substitution method known as hemodialysis .

More than three thousand Cubans receive this type of procedure for free.

The procedure, in addition to increasing the patient’s survival, serves as a preparation for renal transplantation, which is longed for by those affected and which undoubtedly has a positive impact on their quality of life.

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Cuba it’s looking for business opportunities, and the foreign capital is the key.


…“rid ourselves of unfounded fears of foreign capital; we are not heading toward, nor will we head toward capitalism, this is totally ruled out, as is established in our Constitution, and will be maintained, but we should not be afraid, and erect obstacles to what we can do within the framework of existing law.”

Raul Castro Ruz, Cuban President speech @ the  National Assembly of People’s Power

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Talking Points:



For Cuba 2017 foreign trade must be strengthened, while the foreign investment process must become more dynamic, in order to meet the country’s economic needs

Since 2014, Cuba has emphasized that its economic development largely depends on increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate, which over the last decade has been steady at around 2%, almost half of the Latin American average over the same period.

But analysis of international experiences demonstrates that economic progress requires a sustained growth rate of at least 7%.

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Earth day: 1970 – 2017: What’s Changed? Btwn the best & the worst in 47 yrs

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Loneliness, the worst cold


Post By @CubanWindow summary translation from Lonely Hearts and Colds 

Some psychosocial factors, such as feeling lonely, rejected or excluded, can make the individual feel physically, mentally and emotionally ill with this unpleasant perception.

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Reflections: A mirror in the web from Cuba


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Another goal scored against those who continue to draw the beautiful island as a missing point on the map of the social digital dynamics.

Reflejos (Reflections) is a platform created under the .cu domain (, from 100 x 100 Cuban servers that users can access freely and at no cost from the Youth Computer Club or other device and in which they have a space to share opinions, interests and needs in text format, images and videos, far from the censorship that other platforms apply to the bloggers who try to share their truth from the island, the truth that the big media hide us, which has no echo in the networks.

It is a tool designed and programmed by the Clubs themselves based on the content management made available to Cuban Internet users.

You can search for real cubans blogs from A to Z …. HERE

Recommend: Arte Comic – Magazine and digital platform dedicated to promote the comic as an art, its development in Cuba and other areas of the planet, as well as the JORNADAS ARTECÓMIC event, the only convention dedicated to the ninth art on the island.

Cuban Medical Brigade, the images are worth a thousand words.

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23 doctors and other health professionals distributed in 5 shelters, members of the Henry Reeve Brigade Specialists from Cuba working in solidarity in a northern Peruvian city, affected by major floods. They began  to reinforce the field hospital installed to take care of the victims (more than 3000).

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