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Vaccination Week in the Americas launches in Cuba for the first time – Via PAHO



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\The most important vaccination initiative on the continent, Vaccination Week in the Americas, kicked off today in Cuba for the first time. As part of this campaign, led by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) since 2003, 70 million people will be vaccinated against more than a dozen dangerous diseases.

“Vaccination is one of the most powerful tools we have to prevent disease and save lives,” said Carissa F. Etienne, Director of PAHO, at the opening ceremony of Vaccination Week in the Americas, which took place at the Victoria de Giron Institute of Basic and Preclinical Sciences in Havana. Ministers and other high-level health authorities from Latin America, the Caribbean, and other regions of the world participated in the launch.

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Like Everything Else, Trump Wrecks Travel to Cuba, Too – Via The Root


By Angela Helm

If you’re like me, practically all of your friends, associates and even one rogue co-worker took a trip to Cuba in the last year (only one, however, bought this writer back a cigar, ahem). Without exception, all loved the island-nation filled with black people, salsa, and respite from life in the United States, rolled into a financially reasonable travel destination.

But those travel tales are starting to come fewer and farther between.

Naturally, the man with the big ass in the White House is to blame.

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Travel Destinations: Holguin

Via Cuba Travel Site 

Holguin as a tourist destination, in Cuba, is distinguished by its authenticity, diversity and high level of sustainability. It also stands out for its picturesque relieves of great scenic value. It shows a set of tangible elements, loaded with cultural symbols and resulting in a platform for dialogue not only between cultures but also between man and nature.

The extraordinarily crystalline waters and white sand of the north coast demonstrate the excellence of its beaches. We have the hop-on hop-off bus transfer to the beaches and surrounding places. For lovers of nature, the sunset on these beaches is a unique formulation that contrasts with the progressive predominance of green vegetation over the blue of the sea

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Six months since Puerto Rico was torn apart by Hurricane Maria, suicide rates continue to soar as the island struggles to regain its footing – Via TeleSurEnglish

Health experts had registered a total 253 suicide cases; the majority of victims, roughly 86 percent, were men aged between 55 and 69.

Six months since Puerto Rico was torn apart by Hurricane Maria, suicide rates continue to soar as the island struggles to regain its footing.

According to reports, following 2017’s natural disasters on September 20, the number of suicides spiked were seen to spike by nearly 30 percent, the Puerto Rican Department of Health announced.

In 2016, there were 196 victims of suicide registered, the lowest rate recorded in twenty years. However, one year later, health experts had registered a total 253 suicide cases, the highest rate since 2013. The majority of victims, roughly 86 percent, were men aged between 55 and 69.

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Let nothing affect the sweet taste of honey – Via Granma


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Given its healing properties, different uses in food or as a raw material in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, honey is a product in high demand internationally.

Its consolidation as an exportable item has determined increasing efforts in Cuba to improve knowledge and training among beekeepers, in pursuit of more efficient handling of this product. In this sense, the Cuban Apiculture Company has drawn up strategies that are based, above all, on direct contact with producers.

It is under such premises that work is undertaken in the Las Tunas Apiculture Basic Enterprise Unit (UEB). The distribution of manuals of good practice for individual and collective training and manufacturing, as well as “honey plenaries,” are among the tools available to beekeepers to ensure three essential elements: productivity, quality, and safety.

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Cuba Educational Travel: 99.13 percent of said they were “very safe” or “safe” in Cuba.



The US organization Cuba Educational Travel has just given strong elements on the issue of security on the island, by conducting a survey to those who traveled to the archipelago the past 14 months, from January 2017 to February 2018.

American citizens responded anonymously to eight basic questions related to their stay in the Caribbean nation and the results were clear:

  • 99.13 percent of the 462 interviewees said they were “very safe” or “safe.”
  • ” Only three said they felt “insecure” on their trip,
  • one reported not being clear about their response and
  • none described their stay as “very insecure”.



It’s #WorldWaterDay !





Havana’s Diabetic Treatment Center: diabetes + prevention + self-management



Post by Granma Cuba

Elvira, José Manuel, and Omar, face living with diabetes mellitus and receive ambulatory attention, including educational information about the disease, at Havana’s Diabetic Treatment Center, where patients from abroad and their family members are also served. 

Elvira was referred to the Center by her family doctor to re-adjust her insulin dose and learn to inject herself. José Manuel recently experienced a diabetic crisis, and after receiving treatment here, was encouraged to return for more personalized studies of his condition. Omar was diagnosed while undergoing preliminary tests prior to an unrelated surgery, and was directed to stabilize his parameters.

The three are among the 25 patients who participate in a therapeutic-instructional session at the Center every week, while having their glucose levels tested and complications checked. Treatments are adjusted, updated information is provided, and self-management strategies developed, for patients to better handle the disease, according to the institution’s Director and expert endocrinologist, Dr. Ana Ibis Conesa González, who spoke with Granma International

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