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Cuban Lighthouses (+ Pics)

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Several maritime signs protect navigation around the Cuban archipelago. Some of them date from the colonial period, at that time raised with stone from the quarries, operated and guarded by endowments of “torreros” (Caretakers of the towers)

Likewise, light sources flow from oilseed, whale and olive oils, passing systems fed with oil, kerosene and acetylene until reaching the electricity.

Here is a sample of the most emblematic

The “Morro” Lighthouse

el-morro de noche








Identifies the Cuban capital and distinguishes its port, was first lit at 7.30 pm on July 24, 1845, a century after its opening was electrified. It is center today of a historical-military park and included in the title of Patrimony of the Humanity granted by the UNESCO to Old Havana

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«There is a universe of culinary art and adventure inhabiting the skin of the island» via @alamesacuba

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An original way of showing us the last days of the life of Jose Marti from the gastronomy and the feeding + the history of Cuba culinary culture.

Original post: Tasajo with roasted banana (ROUTE OF GLORY)

Gomez (Maximo Gomez Baez (Bani, Dominican Republic, November 18, 1836 – Havana, Cuba, June 17, 1905- was a general in the Ten Years War and the General-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolutionary Troops in the War of 95. Example of internationalist and military genius.) leaves, with 30 men to harass a convoy that leaves of Palma, Soriano for the Sale. Unfortunately, at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon when he finally makes contact with the convoy, Remanganagua’s strong escort and Spanish fort combine to dissuade him from attacking this force from his position.

Meanwhile, Jose Marti, in the camp, receives a group from Santiago de Cuba with whom he shares a meal based on roasted bananas and tasajo.

Tasajo refers to a cut of smoked meat over low heat, usually with firewood. The purpose is to dehydrate the meat to preserve it, but the process also gives it a peculiar flavor.

The procedure for turning a juicy beef cut into beefsteak varies from country to country, as does the food with which it is accompanied and the way of serving it, including rituals.

Little has transcended the procedures used by the “mambises” for the preparation of tasajo and much less of the customs that could have been erected around its consumption, although the accompaniment with foods, in particular plantain and “chopo” (similar to the “malanga” also known as yautia, big taro root, cocoyam, Japanese potato, tannia, and eddo, malanga coco is a large, dense root vegetable in the same family as taro root. The mottled exterior is brown to reddish, while inside the flesh can be cream, pale yellow, or grayish purple) is a recurrent element.

To see every day of the Route (A la Mesa: Below is a list of what we will discover each day, starting today we will live almost in real time what Martí, Gómez and his companions in 1895)




Two excellent readings for this Tuesday via

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The Tireless women of Standing Rock – Read the full post HERE  


President Trump’s Policies and the Caribbean – Read the full post HERE

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United States occupation of Cuba (Part III)/ Neocolonialism does not mean independence

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Summary & Translation from the original post published on the Radio Rebelde Cuba site

Trump’s misconceptions about Cuba

US President Donald Trump was mistaken in the lines of his message about Cuba. He issued a brief statement this May 20, where the first error: evokes the date as Cuba’s Independence Day.

Is it necessary to review the story?
Why is not his speech stale not surprising?
And is that for decades, every year the Government of the United States of America commemorates that day, hiding the true reality.
In that date of 1902, the Island exhibited for the first time its condition of neo colonial territory . (Related United States occupation of Cuba (Part II) / The true meaning of May 20 )

The country remained at the disposal of powerful American economic interests, and its national and foreign political life would be administered essentially from the US Embassy in the Cuban capital.

The implantation of a government with a Cuban face that thought, spoke and acted in English, was an indispensable piece to complete the hieroglyph from which the neocolonial model conceived in Washington would emerge.

The 20 of May of 1902 a neocolonial country was born.

Therefore, we also do not accept that President Trump invokes the thought of Jose Marti.

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Tribute to Jose Marti with cuban coffee aroma


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Looking for information about this day that marks the 122 year anniversary of the fall in combat of the national hero of Cuba, we have stumbled upon this original tribute, which devoid of repeated phrases carries an immense burden of respect and Cuban flavor.

Here we let you the translation of what has published A La Mesa, required web site for anyone who is looking for a good place to eat on the island.

 A last coffee with Marti

Sunset over the shared table, coffee, laughter, verse, overturned stool, guest diner, one of “hair, very curly, dark chestnut, with an incipient baldness on the crown and very steep entries in the temples Which showed a broad and clear front.

At the sight of the last ray of the sun that disappears by the horizon we raise the glass (old rum and macerated yerbabuena) in honor of the one who accompanies us: passenger of our adventure, guest of our feast, inhabitant of our imaginary, reference and compass.

Giving Hugs

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 “The socialist government must pay special attention to children and youth, therefore welcomes children who lack family care, nutritious and appropriate clothing” Cuban Constitution / art. 40

A national network for children without parenthood protection were created in Cuba in 1984 by the State Council. In the island are centers of social assistance where children, adolescents and young people are provided with living conditions similar to those of a home.

These institutions have several rooms, rooms for individual or collective study, rooms and areas for sports, cultural or recreational activities and service areas.

As long as these under-18-age remain in the  institutions, in conjunction with medical care and education, they receive accommodation, food, school uniform, clothing and footwear. In addition they receive an amount of money each month  for their personal expenses.

Generally arrive to those centers because are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents, 100% of these children, adolescents and young people are incorporated into different schools and jobs. The principal in each institution hold the legal representation of these children.

Children living in these homes are also known as “children of the motherland”

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Elder Speaks: 8 Native American father code and ethics every dad needs to follow via

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A father is a man who takes responsibility for the children in his life. Many men grow up without a positive, healthy role model of fatherhood.

It is often when men are holding their baby for the first time that they take a good hard look at what it means to raise a child

1- Provide the necessities of life: Most fathers want to provide for their children. This includes things like a home, food and education. It also includes things like love, security and attention. Think of it as providing a safe place to grow. When their needs are met, children learn to trust that their father has their best interests in mind at all times.

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Climbing lies to reach the top


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Marco Rubio (Republican, senator for the state of Florida) long narrated a misrepresented story about the arrival of his parents to these lands and thanks to the means that enhanced his shameless told everyone that his parents had been forced to leave the island as “political exiles” (definition hung by the extreme-right-wing to qualify those who left Cuba after the triumph of the revolution in 1959), when they actually abandoned the “green cayman” 2 years before that date, receiving permanent residence in this “earthly paradise” that we sell to the world as a promised land , as it appears in several official documents including naturalization papers (Original: Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show)


Nothing good we can expect from a subject who resorts to lies to reach the top, and even less a political environment that wipes out the accumulated lies to get close to the

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All about #FITCuba2017 from May 3 to 6: the celebration of tourism in Cuba, has begun !!!

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gives as the protagonist in the map of the travel agencies and major tour operators in the world

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