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Cuba Educational Travel: People 2 People experience

Cuba People to people

Post by @CubanWindow From the Original  By Danny King / June 27, 2017 – Cuba Educational Travel’s Collin Laverty / Travel Weekly

Run by Collin Laverty, a leading expert on Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations, Cuba Educational Travel organizes educational exchange programs and people-to-people travel for U.S. citizens and residents to Cuba. We believe our two countries have much to learn from each other and meaningful exchanges that foster dialogue can be highly beneficial to strengthening the artistic, environmental, medical, scientific, and social science communities in the U.S. and Cuba. Most importantly, increased travel and people-to-people contact will strengthen ties between ordinary Americans and – Cubans.

The Original post:

Collin Laverty is the president of Cuba Educational Travel, which specializes in arranging exchange programs and people-to-people travel for Americans to Cuba. Laverty has visited the island more than 100 times, and his company has taken more than 12,000 travelers to Cuba since 2013. Laverty spoke with senior editor Danny King.

Q: What is the potential impact of President Trump’s intention to reverse the Obama administration’s decision to allow individual people-to-people travel to Cuba?

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Excellent Read – Sterling cuban actor responds to Trump Theatrical Speech: I do not want Trump to come and direct the choreography in my house … he has no “Clave” (Cuban musical instrument)


Post by @CubanWindow from the original – Soy un mambí incómodo, irredento / actor Luis Alberto García • Cuba

I am an uncomfortable “mambí”. Insurgent.
Those who love me very much, those who love me less, those who hate me and even those who do not trust me know that I am right and wrong, always out of conviction and not out of compulsion.
It is what makes it daily put your head on the pillow without internal wrinkles.

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Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 6)

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A sick civilization

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Havana: Impossible to imagine the city without its “Malecon”

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Original post – The Havana Malecón: The longest bench in the world ? | / Granma Cuba

Imagine, just for a minute, if Havana didn’t have a Malecon. Try to picture the city without this wide six-lane avenue and long wall which stretches for eight kilometers along the capital’s northern coastline.

The Havana Malecon, with its bare concrete wall, construction on which began in 1901 and was completed 50 years later in 1952, protects the city from the onslaught of the Gulf Stream. It is Cuba’s most famous coastal avenue, crowned by a long wall which serves as a place for thousands of people to contemplate the city, the sea or the ships sailing by.

It is a place where early risers come to run, where loved-up couples watch the sunset, where friends share an afternoon together, and where others dive down to the reefs to fish.

The Malecón belongs to everyone. Cubans from all over the island feel like it’s theirs, while tourists enjoy the perfect mix of the breeze, sun, warmth, architecture, history, tranquility and the sea.

Imagine, just for a minute, if Havana didn’t have its Malecón. Impossible, right? After all, the longest bench in the world is the Cuban capital’s most emblematic landmark.

Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 5)

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APK @libreriavirtualcuba share Cuban content


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Online sales of Cuba content for all devices 📚Books, 🎥documentals games 💻 @libreriavcuba

The content of the works on display is aimed at people of any age and are in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

They accept payments via Visa and Mastercard

4 More Information Check in here:



Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 4)

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Through The Lens: #CUBA via @adorama (episode 3)

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