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The Blue Tank : Cuba’s largest flooded cavern

A natural site located in the municipality of Gibara, in the north of the province of Holguin, which takes its name from a cave with a collapsed roof similar to a large natural pool that allows access to the largest flooded cavern discovered in Cuba.

Its main tourist attraction is the access to the cave itself, by a sinkhole of 30 meters long by 15 wide x 7 deep, with transparent waters and bluish reflection that gives rise to its name.

It has four kilometers of explored galleries, which enjoy acceptance for cave diving, allowing the passage through various speleothems, stalactites, stalagmites, columns and mantles.

The Blue Tank is within the ecological reserve “Caletones” one of the most important in the country, crossed by one of the most important migratory bird corridors in Cuba, with a record of 86 migratory species, nine endemic species, 11 endemic subspecies and 34 resident varieties.


Jazz Plaza International Festival 2018

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Jazz Plaza Official Site – If Cuba was the only country in the world, earth would be known as the music planet.

That’s why global celebs and jazz aficionados flock to legendary Cuba like pilgrims to Mecca for the Havana International Jazz Festival.

Sensuous Cuba is a nation of intense rhythms, colors, emotions, aromas and flavors. What travelers remember most is its ubiquitous pulsating music – and the passionate friendly islanders who make and revel in it.

Cuba’s a music machine pumping out wall-to-wall sound that fuels the global music scene. Come visit Cuba with us. Jump into its audio inferno of Afro-cuban beats, Latin jazz and swirling salsa, and dizzying son and rumba.

We’ve been helping music lovers experience the richness of Cuban life and culture since 1997. Our Jazz tours follow the official Jazz Plaza programs of the Cuban Institute of Music and the Cuban Ministry of Culture.

Curiosities from Cuba X 3

The second longest woman in the world lives in Cuba

Via La Demajagua Cuba

“Mima”, so call this Mrs. whose identification card registers that she was born on January 5, 1901. And although his legs almost do not support his fragile body, his mind, on the other hand, is alert.

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How is a New Year’s Eve dinner prepared in Cuba?

By Chef Jorge Fernandez Prendes / Health and Live INFOMED Cuba

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In Cuba, Christmas holidays are considered to be those between the end of the year and the beginning of the coming year, passing through Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year and King’s Day, all with a religious connotation.

These celebrations have the characteristic of grouping the whole family and since ancient times they became a very popular custom.

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Renovated Environment at Cayo Guillermo’s Dolphinarium Via Latin Press


After recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the facility is operating at full capacity during the peak tourist season.

Owned by the Cuban extrahotel group Palmares, the Dolphinarium offers swims and interaction with dolphins.

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Magic & Tenacity made miracles: After Irma Hotels in the Keys to the North of Cuba R reborn

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beaches cuba nat geo (4)

Post by @CubanWindow WIF Cubadebate

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September 9/4  people were crying, embraced, employees and hotel managers, residents of the area, and anyone who saw how Hurricane Irma destroyed everything found in their pass, lifted some pieces of  speedway over the sea and more.


Only two and a half months ago we heard that everything was ready to receive customers.

We could not believe it.


That’s why we went to see with our own eyes, how magic, tenacity and sense of belonging made miracles.

A group of journalists visited more than 20 four and five star hotels in the keys of the north of Cuba, and we discovered that the transformation has been for the better.


The environment has been respected.


A large group of flamingos perished and now the colony of these animals tries to repopulate. They have returned butterflies and zunzuns. The dolphins continue to dance and applaud the entrance of customers. We also verified that it will be a high season of excellent occupational percentage.




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Cuba: Ready 4 High Tourist Season

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2000 private

21000 accommodation

Via Cadena Agramonte / Cuba – Despite the problems caused by meteorological events such as hurricanes, Cuban authorities reiterate that their tourist facilities are ready to start the high season (November-April) in the island.

Spokespersons from different territories affirm this statement, even in the most affected places by the passage of Hurricane Irma, as the north coast of the center of Cuba.

The Minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero, in recent television broadcasts, believes that there will be no problem to receive travelers from around the world in the aforementioned period.

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Cuba tourism sites R back after #HurricaneIrma


Post by @CubanWindow from the original post: Cuba expert reports Havana and most tourism sites are back after Irma

Cuba took a pounding from Hurricane Irma, with severe flooding in parts of Havana and some towns wrecked along the north central coast.

By now, however, most areas of the capital and other key cities that are frequented by foreign travelers are ready to receive visitors, according to a US-based Cuba expert who just returned from a three-day inspection tour with his team on the island.

Places open for business include Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Viñales and the cities of Camagüey and Holguín, said Collin Laverty, an expert on Cuba and US-Cuba relations and the founder and president of Cuba Educational Travel.All these cities are ‘almost untouched and fully functional,’ according to Laverty, whose company runs trips focused on art, culture, history, politics and economics. He has crafted highly specialized programs for individuals arriving by cruise, and works with lines on market assessment, entry and operations.Even Varadero, a major resort area east of the capital that was hit hard by Irma, has some hotels that were unaffected.

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