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Bolsonaro Threats Provoke Withdrawal of #Cuban Docs from #Brazil’s Most #VulnerableCommunities – Via

Threats from Brazil’s far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro have prompted Cuba to withdraw nearly 10,000 doctors serving in the Mais Médicos (More Doctors) program that brought health care to some 60 million poor and indigenous Brazilians in the 2013-2015 first phase alone.

The same man who says he will abolish protected indigenous lands, mainly in the Amazon territory he wants to further open to mining companies, now not only threatens a centuries-old way of life and the entire world’s environment, but also the health care of some 45 million for whom the Cuban physicians were primarily responsible.

The Mais Médicos program, begun in 2013 during the Dilma Rousseff presidency, involved 18,000 doctors from Brazil, Cuba and other countries phase one through 2015, thanks to a tripartite accord with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). In fact, the South-South cooperation has been described by PAHO’s Cristian Morales as the“largest project that PAHO has been involved in during the last few years, perhaps in its entire history.” Of this phase’s doctors, 11,500 were Cuban.

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#FactsMatter #Cuba / Program “More Doctors for #Brazil” – #Health for the most vulnerable communities / PAHO TV

Fidel Castro spoke to Harlem 23 years ago








Report of Cuba under resolution 72/4 of the General Assembly of the United Nations – #UnBlockCuba

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“Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”

A hostile policy more harmful than a hurricane – Via Granma Cuba


The main obstacle to the development of the Cuban economy’s potential is not related to nature but to an immoral way of doing politics: the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba.

When a hurricane is identified as a threat to the island, all Cubans begin to worry. Despite measures adopted by our Civil Defense system to protect human life and material resources, it is well known that the powerful winds and rain show no mercy.

Every natural phenomenon that strikes leaves damage that must be repaired as soon as possible. Thus, some plans are put on hold to free resources for the recovery, and the state cannot move forward as fast as it would like.

Damages caused by Hurricane Irma, for example, were estimated at more than  13 billion pesos, mostly to housing, healthcare facilities, schools, agriculture, hotel infrastructure, as well as roads.

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#UnitedStates threatens #LatinAmerica and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace


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More than 76 military bases in Latin America, support for military and judicial coups against Presidents, the attempted assassination of Nicolás Maduro, sanctions and economic blockades are only some of the strategies being implemented by the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean in its attempt to reverse the victories achieved by progressive governments over the last few decades.

The Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) proclaimed the region a Zone of Peace in January 2014, but the U.S. is set on undermining this consensus.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson toured the region in February this year and Vice President Mike Pence in June, promoting the U.S. agenda.

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Fidel: The grateful, we meet once again … Via “La Joven Cuba”




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By René Portuondo

In the life of every human being there are moments that are never forgotten, that are always remembered as if they were fixed in our memory.

For Cubans such a moment was the night of November 25, 2016. And it could not be otherwise, because a news like the one that hit us all that night, although natural, did not stop being extremely painful.

Almost 2 years have passed, and the grateful we meet again, not to mourn death, but to honor life. For the men who carry within themselves the decorum of an unjust people and dedicate all their existence to the dignity of that people never die.

A man like that was Fidel.

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Socialism in Cuba is deeply rooted – Via Granma International


” Our socialism is not an arbitrary imposition, accepted by a docile people, but rather the result of a conscious, popular decision, upheld for generations, and reaffirmed forcefully in 2002 when more than nine million people signed a petition to include its irrevocable nature in the Constitution” From the Author:  |

Constitutions can also tell the story of a country – a history that takes into account every right won, and the struggles waged to gain them. The letter and spirit of all such texts are a clear reflection of the society they govern, through what is included in their articles and what is not.

The evolution of Cuban constitutional history is an inseparable part of our revolutionary tradition, of the legacy of our independence struggles that have brought us thus far, and that in a January almost sixty years ago, opened the way to take the socialist route with a Revolution “with all and for the good of all,” deeply tied to the thought of Martí and Fidel.

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Cuban Government invites #CubanCitizens abroad to participate in the debate on the #ConstitutionProject / UPDATE

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The project of the new Cuban Constitution represents a total reform of the Magna Carta enacted since 1976, on the issue of citizenship as one of the conditions that change.

The present law of laws does not admit double citizenship, while the initiative that goes to popular debate from August 13 to November 15, proposes the principle of effective citizenship.

Article 32 of the present Constitution says: ‘Double citizenship will not be admitted. In consequence, when a foreign citizenship is acquired, Cuban citizenship will be lost(…)’.

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