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Cubans say to the #UnitedStates: “We understand in English … But not with threats, against our homeland, we do not understand each other” / #LeyGarrote #HelmsBurton – #UnblockCuba


#ThursdayMotivation – #FidelCastro: “1 day I said that we could never, we would never make preventive & surprise attacks V.S any dark corner of the world, but instead our country would b able 2 send doctors 2 the darkest corners of the world #DoctorsAndNotBombs” #CubaIsSolidarity / (Part II)


ThursdayMotivation – “A doctor is only a slave to his humanistic vocation”, letter from a #Cuban doctor in #Venezuela – Via Cubadebate / the images were taken in #Venezuela, #Pakistan, #Haiti, #SierraLeona, #Brazil / (Part I)

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As a health professional formed by the revolution in the teachings of Martí, Che and Fidel, I believe in altruism, in humanism and  internationalism, which constitute the essence of medical education in my country, asserting what it will express Jose Marti: “Helping the one who needs it is not only part of duty, but of happiness”.

Thousands of collaborators fulfill the internationalist duty in all the Venezuelan geography and the difficulties do not prevent the fulfillment of our mission, having the involuntariness as a principle.

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Hugs vs the blockade #UnblockCuba #RomeriasdeMayo

“The Fiesta de los Abrazos” was an initiative of foreign students in Cuba in 2004 with the aim of achieving an exchange on their customs and experiences.

The real #Cuban “troops” that save lives in #Venezuela – Via Granma Cuba #heberprotp #healthworkers

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U.S. President Donald Trump recently threatened Cuba with a “full and complete” blockade, coupled with the “highest-level sanctions,” while John Bolton accused the island of “controlling” the government of Nicolás Maduro.

That lie is repeated without an ounce of shame by the highest officials of the Yankee government, and Donald Trump has ordered Cuba to withdraw “20,000 Cuban soldiers from Venezuela,” even promising a new opening in relations if the island takes its “hands off” Caracas.

Cubans are truly committed to the principle of sovereignty, we are protective of our independence, and we would never do to others what we would not allow to be done to ourselves. Our banner “has never been mercenary.” Venezuela, the land of the clarion call, of Bolívar’s brave soldiers, the same that made an empire tremble, needs no one other than Venezuelans themselves to safeguard its honor, courage and dignity.

The only Cuban “troops” to be found across Venezuela, working alongside its brave people, are those fulfilling what they consider a duty. Thousands of Cuban specialists in health, sports, culture, education, communications, agriculture, food, industry, science, energy and transport, share this task in the Bolivarian Republic.

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Getting up to date / #Cuba in the last week (II)

Cecmed: Thirty years protecting the Cuban people’s health

Cuba: International Solidarity Meeting in Session


Young People from all Over the World Attend Romerias de Mayo in Cuba



Image of the day: More than 7 thousand #patients attended in a #Cuban campaign hospital in #Mozambique Via Cubadebate / #MoreThanDoctors



#Solidarity #Idai – The field hospital sent by #Cuba to #Mozambique #Beira

#Cuba Contributes a Field #Hospital to Help #Mozambique #Aftermath #Hurricane #Idai Via Radio Cadena Agramonte


Cuba will send a field hospital to Mozambique to reinforce health care there with Cuban doctors deployed in that African country …

The aid will be sent in the coming hours and the hospital has the necessary logistics and personnel to support Mozambicans …

Last week, several regions of Mozambique were hit by cyclone Idai, with winds packing 170 kilometers per hour and heavy rains that left so far over 400 deaths, 110,000 homeless people and significant material losses.

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