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Cuba Denounces Program to Stimulate its Doctors’ Brain Drain – Via Radio Reloj Cuba


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CuriosityDid you know that Radio Reloj is the only Cuban radio station that broadcasts news every minute, 24 hours a day & live ? It is also the only station in the country that transmits (at 12 noon and 12 o’clock at night) the time of more than twenty capitals of the world. LISTEN TO IT HERE


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Cuba”s President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced Saturday attempts to impose the Cuban Medical Parole Program, established by the U.S. government of George W. Bush (2001-2009) and repealed by that of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

‘They are trying to impose a perverse resource to stimulate brain drain. One more anti-Cuban campaign, which reveals imperial impotence in the face of revolutionary conquests. Its promoters cannot favor a civilized relationship, they are blinded by the arrogance #SomosCuba’, wrote the Head of State in his Twitter @DiazCanelB.

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More doctors return from #Brazil, proud of their contribution to universal healthcare – Via Granma Cuba #MoreThanDoctors

As faithful practitioners of revolutionary solidarity, more than 400 members of Cuba’s medical brigade in Brazil were welcomed at Havana’s José Martí International Airport during the dawn hours Sunday, returning on the 27th and 28th flights bringing Cuban doctors home, following the end of Cuba’s participation in the South American country’s More Doctors program.

Dr. Oralys García González speaking for the group on the second flight emphasized that the Cuban school of medicine teaches not only science, but humanism and internationalism as well, distinguishing Cuba doctors around the world.

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#Cubandoctors in #Brazil: How can conditions be placed on lives? – Via Granma #Cuba


Boticario is a town lost in the vast northeast of Brazil, in the municipality of

Santo Amaro de Brotas, close to the Aracaju coast in the State of Sergipe, more than 1,600 kilometers from the capital, Brasilia.

It is hard to say if the President-elect of the country, Jair Bolsonaro, has been here, or if he knows where this town is located on the map. It is even more unlikely that he knows the story of María, a humble, young woman, 29 years of age, to whom a Cuban doctor provided relief.

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#WednesdayMotivation #MustRead – An Open letter from a #CubanDoctor to Jair Bolsonaro / Via Cubadebate + Islamia Blog from Nocaute

yonner gonzález infante

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Bolsonaro said: “Currently, Cuba gets most of the salary of Cuban doctors and restricts the freedom of those professionals and their families, they are withdrawing from More Doctors for not accepting to review this absurd situation that violates human rights, regrettable!

I answer: Bolsonaro, my son, when you Mr. says that Cuba keeps my salary, I only think about the following questions:

  1. I accepted the terms of this contract for free and personal determination.
  2. Aware that with that money, my mother, brothers, nephews, cousins, uncles, neighbors, my whole family, is guaranteed the care of their health without paying anything.
  3. Aware that my training as a doctor is thanks to the creation of public universities throughout the national territory. Where the children of bricklayers, lawyers, peasants, service and post employees, doctors, etc., share the same classroom without discrimination based on sex, color, ideology or wealth. That, Bolsonaro, is called equality. Which you do not know, because it does not exist in a country where corruption and political privileges end with the wealth of Brazil.
  4. I have the courage to work for the Brazilian people even without receiving the salary you are talking about. Because I do not work just for an economic issue. I work because I like my profession, because I have never tried to make myself rich at the expense of the poor. Because I will never use politics as a way of life. Because I will never deceive the poor with false promises. Because I’m never going to plant hatred and discrimination in anyone’s heart. Because I’m going to think things through before I talk so I do not have to do like you (who apologizes every day for the follies he talks about).
  5. Yes, I can bring someone from my family, but I do not bring it because, Mr. Bolsonaro, the poor have to have priorities in life and for me the priority is to help my family, even more than buying an air ticket knowing that in home we have other needs and priorities.
  6. I also know that you have the support of a small number of my colleagues who, for political and economic reasons, believe that it is better to enrich oneself with money and not with love, experience, moral values, patriotism, dignity. Because I can not agree with my salary there in Cuba. I may not even agree with the political system in Cuba. But I do not have to defame my country either. I saw that also in poor Brazilians, mostly in Brazil. They like Brazil, that small town where they were born, only they would certainly like that same Brazil they have in their hearts to have equality, zero poverty, zero hunger, zero discrimination, zero violence, zero corruption, health and quality education. But still, in imperfect Brazil, they like their country.
  7. Mr. says that Cubans “are withdrawing from the Más Médicos program for not accepting to review this absurd situation that violates human rights.” No Bolsonaro, what really violates human rights is to deprive the poor of Brazil of access to health for not agreeing with other political ideologies. Because you want to change the rules without asking the beneficiaries of the program if the Cubans really do the job the way it has to be. Because here, in Brazil, we have Brazilian preceptors, we are doing a course in family medicine, all under the supervision of excellent Brazilian professionals. We are not here in any corner doing things on a whim, no. Now he comes to say that we are disguised as doctors. Here the only one disguised is the Lord and all those who support his absurd vision of reality. Mr. is only fighting for the privileges of the medical class, of the political class. Regrettable! Yes, Mr. Bolsonaro, what is regrettable is to see how a guy without knowledge of anything, only weapons, gets elected president. And even more regrettable was to see how some poor people voted for you. God take account of the poor. God takes account of Brazil.
  8. Who studied in the age of books, who studied at the time that research was done in books and not through Google or the Internet, deserves respect. Who fought for life and cried for the death of a person or a child deserves respect. Who was there, where for many is the end of the world, to take care of the sick, deserves respect. Whoever stayed away from his family to smile back at an old man or a child deserves respect. Is not it to take off your hat? It is absurd that 66 countries in the world are benefiting from our work and you come to say that we disguise ourselves as doctors. Even worse is to doubt that anyone wants to be served by Cubans.

I ask for respect for my colleagues.

I ask respect for the free choice of my people.

I ask respect from the poor and ignorant.

I ask for respect for public medicine.

I also ask you to study what it means to love one’s neighbor.

What Homeland means

What dignity means

What diplomacy means

What family medicine means

What equality means

Which means respect of thought.

What it means to be also the president of the poor Brazilians and not just that of the rich and powerful.

Health and long life for you Mr.

God bless you and your people.

Yonner González Infante
Cuban Doctor form Mais Medicos Program in Brazil



Bolsonaro Threats Provoke Withdrawal of #Cuban Docs from #Brazil’s Most #VulnerableCommunities – Via

Threats from Brazil’s far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro have prompted Cuba to withdraw nearly 10,000 doctors serving in the Mais Médicos (More Doctors) program that brought health care to some 60 million poor and indigenous Brazilians in the 2013-2015 first phase alone.

The same man who says he will abolish protected indigenous lands, mainly in the Amazon territory he wants to further open to mining companies, now not only threatens a centuries-old way of life and the entire world’s environment, but also the health care of some 45 million for whom the Cuban physicians were primarily responsible.

The Mais Médicos program, begun in 2013 during the Dilma Rousseff presidency, involved 18,000 doctors from Brazil, Cuba and other countries phase one through 2015, thanks to a tripartite accord with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). In fact, the South-South cooperation has been described by PAHO’s Cristian Morales as the“largest project that PAHO has been involved in during the last few years, perhaps in its entire history.” Of this phase’s doctors, 11,500 were Cuban.

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#FactsMatter #Cuba / Program “More Doctors for #Brazil” – #Health for the most vulnerable communities / PAHO TV

Fidel Castro spoke to Harlem 23 years ago








Report of Cuba under resolution 72/4 of the General Assembly of the United Nations – #UnBlockCuba

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“Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”

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